My name is Louise, I am 22 and I am from the South West of England. I currently work in a jewellery shop but I am currently searching for my goal in life.

My blog, Hello Teddy, used to be Just An Extra. I, shamefully, got the name Just An Extra after hearing it in a sentence on TOWIE and it stuck! I changed my blog name in August 2015 to Hello Teddy as I preferred it slightly and it is named after the love of my life, my dog.

My blog started as a little hobby on a rainy day back in 2011 and whilst I have slipped in and out of love with it, I am very much dedicated to my little slice of the internet and it is now a hobby I very much enjoy and spend a lot of time on.

On my blog you will find a mixture of everything. A little bit of beauty, reviews, fashion, recipes, lifestyle and advice. 

If you would like to contact me then feel free to do so in the Contact page. xx

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