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Top 6 Garden Trends

If you have not upgraded your garden yet for the summer months ahead, then you better do so quickly before you run out of time! The sun has already shown its face and the last thing you want to do is have an untidy garden or one absent of any furniture for the months that are ahead. In order to give you a helping hand regarding where to start this article will reveal the current top six trends in outdoor furniture at the moment. From a relaxing rattan garden sofa to a taste for tangerine; you are bound to find something that appeals to you, fits in with the style of your outdoor space, and is in keeping with your budget.  

Here we go; the top six outdoor furniture trends of today…

Rattan garden sofa
Let’s begin with the top trend for the summer ahead; the rattan garden sofa. Rattan is a material that has long been popular for garden furniture because it is durable and weather resistant. Not only this, but you cannot deny how stylish and inviting the material looks as well. The rattan garden sofa is set to soar to the height of popularity throughout the months ahead. This is because not only does it provide all the fantastic qualities associated with rattan, but it gives people the perfect place to sit down, unwind, and enjoy a glass of juice in the sunshine. 

A taste for tangerine
Every year there is one colour that seems to stand out in comparison to the rest. This year that colour is tangerine. And it is hardly any surprise considering how vibrant, refreshing, and vivid the shade is. Tangerine offers a fantastic way of introducing energy, liveliness, and personality to your outdoor space. Not only this, but it offers a cheap way of doing so too. All you need to do is buy some tangerine colour cushions in order to find a starting point for implementing this trend. Alternatively, you can also go for orange candles and candle holders to act as a table decoration as well.

Outdoor Artificial Flower Hanging Baskets  
It goes without saying that you need to plan your purchases more carefully when looking for things to put in your garden, be it a table and chair set or flower arrangements and other types of decoration. This is especially the case in the UK where the weather is unpredictable, and can often be unpleasant. This is why you are advised to purchase outdoor artificial flowers in hanging baskets for outside use. Unfortunately, fresh flowers, be it potted plants, hanging baskets, or something different, cannot cope with the fluctuating weather in the UK. It has a serious impact on their growth. For example, during the summer, when there is no rain, these plants miss out on much-needed water, and not everyone has the time to water their plants whenever required. On the other hand, when the clouds cover the sun, the flowers are devoid of photosynthesis. It seems like a lose-lose situation, which is why gardening can take up a considerable amount of people’s time. This is something you do not need to worry about if you buy outdoor artificial flowers. Artificial flowers are made to withstand the dreaded British weather. As they are made from the likes of silk, they are not going to need any of nature’s elements to keep them alive. Moreover, they require very little upkeep, and thus you can be confident that your garden will look beautiful all year round. This is especially important for those of us who lead busy lives! 

Take it back to basics 
You will be pleased to know that you do not have to be the most creative person in the world in order to implement this outdoor trend effectively. This year it is all about keeping it simple. You don’t need to go for intricate patterns or lots of accessories in order to make your garden stand out from the crowd. The taste for minimalism is well and truly in town. Let the beauty of the furniture speak for itself and do not try to overcomplicate things by adding too much colour, pattern, materials, shapes or textures. This is the perfect trend for those who want to make life as easy as possible yet still enjoy a beautiful garden space! 

Add one show stopping focal point 
The previous home and garden trend talked about keeping it simple, and adding one show stopping focal point plays towards this trend. After all, you don’t need to worry about trying to combine an array of exciting furniture pieces. Just go for the big punch with one wow piece of furniture or structure. Daybeds are a fantastic example of this. They ooze luxury, class, and comfort, and no matter what else is in your garden they are assured to capture the attention of anybody who walks in. 

Wide weaved furniture 
This trend can actually coincide beautifully with the first one about the rattan garden sofa. After all, rattan is a material that is weaved when a piece of furniture is created. Thus, if you want to go for something a little bit different this year, why not go for a rattan garden sofa or another piece of furniture whereby the weave is thicker? This is more unusual and it allows the structure of the furniture to be the main attraction rather than the fabric that goes with it.  

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