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Moving Into A New Apartment Stress Free

Finding an apartment that suits your needs (and budget!) is a task in itself, but when you finally arrive in your new empty abode, figuring out where to start when trying to transform it from house to home is a tricky business. There are so many things to remember, it’s easy to get lost in it all and forget some of the most important features and installations. However, the following information should help you prepare the basics and any necessary extras in order to create the most comfortable and functional apartment in no time at all! 

Cleaning Supplies  
When you move into a new place, the first thing you should do is clean. Whether it’s a new build or an old Victorian house that’s seen tens of different families, pull on some gloves and get the cleaning supplies out before you empty the first box of your stuff. The most important supplies to remember include window, floor, mirror and surface cleaner, bleach, antibacterial wipes and bin bags. These basics should allow you to rid your new home of any dirt or grime and ultimately make it safer for you to move into. Get some air freshener and be sure to open all of the windows whilst you’re cleaning to get a beautiful smell throughout your new apartment. Don’t forget to purchase some general cleaning products for day to day use, like washing up liquid and toilet cleaner as they always come in handy. 

Soft Goods   
If you’re moving into your first home or you just want a complete new start, think through the various different soft goods you might need to purchase. Start with your bedroom: for your bed you will need a bottom sheet, a duvet, a suitable amount of pillows and a beautiful cover to encase them. Check whether your new apartment has blinds or curtains that you like, and purchase new ones if not. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative and have a go at making your own to make your home as individual and unique as possible. Moving onto the bathroom, you’ll need at least one large towel, and a couple of smaller ones too. Invest in a new shower curtain if you require, and a thick luxurious bath mat. In the lounge, it’s a great idea to get some blankets and throws to go over your sofa. They can make the room feel much more relaxing and comfortable, and are great to pull over you for warmth for a much deserved nap after unpacking boxes. In the kitchen, you’ll need some tea towels, oven mitts as well as some table cloths to protect any hardwood or add some glass to your dinner parties.  
Your Own Stamp  
Possibly the best part of moving is getting a chance to put your own personal stamp on things. There are so many ways of expressing your creativity and individuality, so collect any decor you have already and get searching for some new additions. Hang some art or posters on your walls, bring the outside in with a few potted plants and change the mood with some orange-toned lamps and light fittings. If you’re a little strapped for cash, you can easily spruce up your old furnishings with a bit of DIY work, so don’t be afraid to get out your paint brush and start upgrading. Invest in some extra seating for when friends and family come around, along with some gorgeous cushions to help everyone get comfy. 

Utility Bills  
Not something ‘visible’ as such, but you must not forget to sort out your utility bills as they are a vital aspect of your new apartment. In the modern day, you can find broadband only deals so you do not need to shell out for a landline connection at the same time. Search around for water, gas and electric companies, as you can save a lot of money by digging around for a good price. Ensure you plan ahead with these tasks as they make take a while be installed or processed sufficiently, and the extra time will give you the chance to find the best deal you can. Switching energy providers is very simple, and you can even track your daily usage to keep your bills in check. If you are on a budget, there are a few ways you can ensure your utilities don’t break the bank - instead of turning up the thermostat grab some warm clothes and wrap up in a blanket, block any wind from entering underneath doors or through cracks in windows and try to limit your water usage by doing little things like turning off the taps whilst you brush your teeth.  
Change Of Address   
When you move into a new place, it’s easy to get caught up in the fun stuff like interior design, and forget that you have to notify all of the different businesses and departments of your changed address. This should include your bank, the relevant tax offices, any subscriptions you have and your employer. It’s best to make a list of who you receive mail from in the months leading up to your move, as you can then find out and contact as many people as you can. Reach out to your mail service if possible so you can request for any post in your name to be transferred to your new abode appropriately, as you may forget to inform some senders that could be important.  
Hopefully this guide can help to make sure your move is the most stress free and easy experience possible, and act as an aid in preventing you from forgetting anything you might need to turn your house into a home. Always plan each step as far in advance as you can, as the more time you have to consider every detail, the simpler it will be to achieve a perfectly apartment without the usual hassle. Roll up your sleeves and prepare for some hard work, don’t be afraid of DIY as it’s a real money saver. 
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