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Have You Heard Of The Derma Roller?

Pesky stretch marks, unwanted wrinkles, bothersome scars from the sun, aggravating acne marks… The list is endless. We all have parts of our skin we wish were clear. For some people, skin issues are a big problem, for others it’s really no big deal.

If you fall into the category that is affected by how your skin appears then there is something that can help; Derma roller therapy. This Derma roller blog post aims to give you a better understanding of the product which claims to help diminish skin scarring. Of course, it is important to first point out that this is not suitable for everyone. There are so many skin treatments available today, and you can click website here to find out more about these, which is why seeing a professional and getting their opinion is always the recommended first step. 
Now, back to the Derma roller; let’s start by explaining the product and procedure. The treatment consists of a practitioner using a Derma roller, which is a roller covered in tons of micro needles, he or she uses this to roll over the patient’s skin. By doing this the practitioner pierces extremely small holes into the skin, this prompts the body to produce more collagen and elastin, and consequently fade any scarring. The results are gradual, not instant, and they of course vary depending on the person and the scar in question. 

The pain is bearable and feels like small little pricks against your skin, it is certainly not excruciating like other alternative procedures and treatments. Your skin is likely to be red and rather blotchy and sore after the treatment, but that’s normal and it will calm down after a few hours. The majority of people who try Derma roller therapy are more than happy with the results they receive. And most individuals end up going back to the clinic for further Derma roller treatment.  
Another great thing about the Derma roller therapy is that it is cost effective, especially in comparison to its competitors. Most cosmetic surgeries, therapies and treatments can cause a big dent to your bank balance, but this is not the case, Derma roller treatment is something everyone can afford. In fact, you can even buy Derma rollers online to do this at home. 

The Derma roller treatment is one of the most preferred skin care treatments out there and I would highly recommend you to give it a try or at least consider giving it a go if you have any skin insecurities. I hope this Derma roller blog post is what you were looking for and that it has helped you on your way to making a decision regarding the treatment. There are a lot more bits of information regarding the Derma roller on the internet and participating clinics are always willing to answer any questions you may have! 

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  1. I really want to look into these more, I want to try them out!

    Danielle xx