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3 Easy Ways To Get That Luxury Look In Your Home

With so many people now showcasing their homes all over social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter it’s not surprising that the want and at times the need for a luxury style has seen an increase in popularity. It’s often seen as something that’s unachievable and unrealistic for a ‘normal’ or low’ budget however that’s not the case. It can be really easy to add a bit of luxury into your home. Have a look at these ideas to help get your that luxury look in your home.  
 Thinking about the lighting in your home can be a really simple way of not only updating the look to a room but also making it feel luxurious. You can try adding centerpieces such as extravagant chandeliers (that don’t cost the earth) to your bedroom or above the dining table which is sure to create spectacular impressions. Also, have a go at adding some mood lighting such as dimmer switches or adding lamps to bedside tables or reading tables in the living areas. It’s a good idea to make sure that lamps that are featured either side of a bed are matching lamps. You’ll notice that all the top luxury hotels do this and it’s not a mistake.  
 A simple yet cost-effective way of making any room feel more luxurious is to update the flooring. Whether you upgrade to laminate and add featured floor decorations or are looking for a double whammy with some new carpets; you are sure to improve the look, feel and environment of your home. You’ll be dying to share that image of your pedicured toes on your new deep thread carpet on Instagram! Try having a look at some of the options that Carpet One have to offer. If you want to add some extra luxury to your bedroom why not try adding some faux fur rugs for either side of the bed or add a central rug under your dining table to create a focal point and interesting feature. Make sure you keep things simple though. Too many colours and too many floor decorations can be overkill and you will find yourself stepping into the cluttered territory.

Have you ever noticed that the perfect picture you see online is never cluttered? In fact, they are normally the opposite and this is for a very good reason. Having a cluttered home doesn't exactly scream the life of luxury. A life of luxury is supposed to be all about ease and perfection not cluttered and messy. This is definitely one of the easiest ways that you can create that luxury feel to your home. Try stocking up on storage that can be hidden away in cupboards and under beds and get rid of anything that hasn't been used in over a year. Yes, this does include furniture. Have a good look at all the ornaments and accessories you have around your home and try to minimise what you have on the shelf.
Do you have any other easy ways that you can get that luxury look into your home? Please share them in the comment section below!
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