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Hygge Your Living Room All Year Round With These Tips

A living room is a space in your home that can get used a lot. You might retire to it in an evening when you have had a busy day at work. You may socialise with friends or family in there when they visit. It can often be a priority on the decorating list and you want to ensure that you create a welcoming space. Hygge is one of the trends that isn’t going away anytime soon, and while it is the art of living a happy life, your surroundings have much to do with it. So here are some of the ways you can keep that Hygge trend in your living room all year round!

Create comfortable surroundings  
One of the biggest ways to incorporate Hygge into your living spaces is to think about the comfort side of things. In a living room this is easy to implement. You have your sofas, so think about your cushions and your blankets. Making the comfort side of things a priority. You could also look at textures in the room, so shaggy rugs or the addition of a carpet could also help. It might also be about the lighting and making it feel cosy and inviting. Your living room is the one place that you should be able to relax in and unwind all year round, so make it possible with the accessories that you have to hand.

Candles and scents  
The next thing to think about would be the atmosphere. Hygge is about relaxation and feeling happy, and for some people, there is no greater feeling than lighting their favourite candle, getting a whiff of their favourite scent and sitting down to enjoy the evening. Candles and scents are important, so whether you invest in a wax burner and wax melt, or love a big candle, they can both go a long way to help you create the atmosphere that you want and need to enjoy that Hygge feeling!

Natural light and dressing the window  
Natural light is an important element of Hygge. While many pictures are associated with candle light and a fire being lit, the summer months might not always lend itself to that easily. But natural light is so good for you especially to give you that burst of vitamin D that we all need. So open the windows during the day, let the light shine in and enable it to help your home glisten with the sun. Nothing could be better.  
Coffee table or a place for drinks and snacks  
A living room may not be primarily where you eat, but comfort for some people might be a warm drink, a glass of wine at night and all of the snacks. A key ingredient to the Hygge way of life when it comes to interiors might be the addition of a coffee table in your living room. The perfect place for your drinks and your snacks. If the rooms doesn't lend itself to a coffee table, then a side table next to a chair or sofa could be an ideal alternative.  
Let’s hope these tips help you to embrace the Hygge way of life all year round!

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  2. Love these tips I'm all about the comfort and I love a sunny room this time of year xx