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Can't Afford to Move? Here's How to Transform Your Existing Home

Not everyone is lucky enough to finance moving home every couple of years when their circumstances change. That is why you might want to think about renovating instead of paying too much in charges and relocation costs. No matter if it is the dated look, the lack of functionality, style, or space that makes you unhappy with your home, you will be able to transform your home for less than it would cost you to relocate. Find out more below!

Less Clutter  
If you are short of space in your home, chances are that you will need to consider decluttering before you would start a home improvement project. There are plenty of ways you can start, but it is better to have a friend with you. They will not have the same level of emotional connection with the objects as you do so it will be easier for them to make logical decisions about what to keep and what you should part ways with. No more keeping that jumper you bought when you were 14 which is 5 sizes too small!

While extensions are not cheap, they are still going to cost you less than moving home, remortgaging, and buying new furniture. If you simply cannot create more space you need in your home, you can extend your kitchen or living room, or even get a two-story extension, so you can finally have that en-suite room you have been dreaming of for a long time.  

Added Privacy  
If your living environment is making you unhappy, you will have to think about improvements before you move. To get more privacy, you can install a new fence, or even add soundproofing to your walls if you are living in a terraced or semi detached house. You might plant fast growing hedges that will prevent people on the street from peeking through your front window!

Technology and Practicality 
It is also important that your home works around you and not the other way around. Investing in a smart home system will make it easier to monitor the performance of your appliances and keep an eye on your garden when you are away. You can also improve your kitchen appliances, so you can set them on a timer, saving time doing the household chores. Check out Buddy Loans to find out how you can improve your life on a budget.  

Updated Look  
If your home looks tired and dated, you might want to look for inspiration on Pinterest. There are great ideas you can save on your pin board, so you can create that hotel feeling at home. Even changing the color of the walls and upcycling some of the furniture will make a huge difference. The main areas you should focus on are the soft furnishings, carpets, and the seating, if you have a limited budget.  
Moving house is not an option for everyone. If you have a limited budget to improve your life, you might consider upgrading your current accommodation and making it more enjoyable and practical long term, while increasing its value.  
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