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3 Great Things to Get Started on When You Are Still Young

You know how the stereotype goes, right? When you’re young, you feel convinced that you’re going to live forever, that the world is your oyster, that you can do anything you want, get away with anything you want, achieve anything you want, and can take as long as you want to do it. 

It’s hard to deny that there is a lot of truth to that stereotype, for most of us. People in their early 20’s tend to be pretty starry-eyed.  The thing is, even though it can be helpful to believe in your ability to meet the challenges of life head-on and achieve great things, the simple fact is that none of us are actually going to live forever, and if we think we are, we are setting ourselves up for some pretty heavy disappointment at some point in the future. 

Partying too hard through your 20s and not planning or working enough for the future can leave you in a deeply unfortunate situation, and can cause you a lot of trouble down the line. Of course, there are always things you can do, at any age, to move things more in the right directionBut, it is a great idea to get started on certain things when you are still young. 

Here are a few examples of some of those things!

Planning and saving to own your own home 
You may not necessarily think much about owning your own home when you are in your early 20s. But, even if you’re pretty content to rent and stay mobile for the time being, it could be a really good idea to start planning and saving up for future home ownership. Putting aside a certain proportion of your income for a mortgage at some point in the future is a good idea, not least of all because that money can add up pretty dramatically over the years, especially as your income rises, as well!  

In any case, it’s a lot better to find yourself in a situation where you have the money to seriously consider getting your own home, than to find yourself in a situation where you really want to buy your own home, but can’t.  

Getting a sense of the market, and planning for the future is pretty straightforward these days thanks to services such as the Redrow website. So, get started!
Developing the ability to become comfortable with boredom, and do deep, focused work  
No one likes being bored. That’s a big part of the reason why the entertainment industry is so massive and profitable, and why we now virtually all have advanced smartphones in our pockets that we can pull out at a moment’s notice, whenever a queue lasts a bit too long. 
The thing is, there’s a good deal of evidence that developing the ability to become comfortable with boredom, and to do deep, focused work without needing distraction, is actually extremely important if you want to get the most out of your life. The book “Deep Work,” makes a pretty solid case that surrounding yourself with too much distraction – especially in the form of social media, and constant web browsing – dulls your ability to do your best work, and to really chase your goals in an effective way. 
And then, there’s the book “The Molecule of More,” that looks at the way the neurotransmitter dopamine works in the body. To cut a long story short, the more obsessively you distract and entertain yourself throughout the day, the more impatient you become, and the less able you are to take things slow, and appreciate the simple things in life. 
You don’t have to become a hermit monk, but getting a bit more comfortable with boredom is probably a good idea. 
Clarifying your goals for your life  
Ask most people around the age of 20 or so what their major goals for life are, and you’re probably not going to get a lot of clear answers – at least not beyond things like “I want to own a yacht, be really rich and famous, have seven homes…” 
The thing is, if you don’t specify what it is you want in your life, and then work hard to turn those ambitions into reality, the odds are pretty slim that you’re going to be very happy with where you end up. You don’t need to be a cutthroat business tycoon in order to live a fulfilling life, but everyone should get into the habit of clarifying their life goals at an early age, and then working towards them. Of course, it’s fine to update your goals as you go along. Important to, even. It’s not like you have to hold yourself to a particular target you set before you even knew what it really meant, for the rest of your existence. 
But, you should always be moving toward something!
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