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Ideas For Interesting And Unique Wedding Gifts

Choosing a wedding gift for friends or family can be tough. How much are you supposed to spend? Do they want something practical or something a little more thoughtful? How do you make sure that nobody else is getting the same thing? Sometimes it’s a little easier if the bride and groom have a wedding list that you can choose from. You can just find an item that is in your price range and you can be sure that nobody else is getting it. But if they don’t have a wedding list, which not many people do these days, it’s a lot harder to find that perfect gift. 
First off, how much should you be spending? This all depends on your relationship with the bride and groom and how much you can realistically afford. If it’s somebody that you aren’t that close with like a coworker or an old friend that you don’t really see anymore, you don’t need to spend any more than £50 at the most. If it’s a very close friend or family member, you can extend your budget up to £100. However, these are just basic guidelines that only apply if you can actually afford it. The bride and groom will understand if you don’t have that much spare cash at the moment and you can only afford to get something little. It’s a bit of a cliche but it really is the thought that counts so as long as you get something that you know they will enjoy, it doesn’t matter how much you spend.  

If you’re stuck for ideas and you don’t have a clue what to get as a wedding present, these are some of your best options.  

A lot of people think that money is a bit of a rubbish gift. There isn’t any thought behind it and it seems like a quick fix, which it usually is. But when it comes to weddings it can actually be a very welcome gift and a lot of couples are even requesting money now. Weddings are so expensive and a lot of people don’t have any money left to pay for a honeymoon afterwards so they’re asking for money towards that. It’s also likely that the couple will be moving into a new house if they haven’t already and they’ll need to buy furniture and anything else that they need. In that case, having the money to spend on whatever they need is actually a big help to them. Just get them a nice card and put as much as you can afford inside. Don’t worry if it isn’t a lot, they’ll still appreciate the gesture.  

Recipe Books  
Practical gifts are always a winner as well, especially if the bride and groom are moving in together for the first time. If they like cooking together then you could consider getting them some recipe books so they can start cooking their first meals as a married couple. It may also be a welcome gift if one of them is terrible in the kitchen and it always falls to the other to do all of the cooking because they can learn together and start sharing some of that responsibility.  

 Kitchen Equipment   
There isn’t much point in getting a recipe book if they don’t have any kitchen equipment to cook with in the first place. Kitchen equipment is one of the most common wedding gifts that people get because some of that stuff can be pretty expensive, especially if you’re starting from scratch. If they already have a lot of their basic kitchen stuff, you could look at getting them some kitchen gadgets that they can use to make cooking easier. Plus, everyone needs a toaster!
Wall Art   
This is a gift that most people wouldn’t think to get but it’s one that the bride and groom will likely be very pleased with. The best way to make a house feel more like your own is to decorate the walls and add a bit of your own style to the place. New houses can feel very bare when people first move in and they aren’t that homely so you could get them some nice wall art. It will be the first step toward their new family home.  
Commemorative Gifts   
Having something to remember the special day by is always nice, so you should look into getting them some kind of commemorative gift. A set of engraved champagne flutes, for example, is a great personalised gift for a bride and groom. On special occasions, they can bring them out and remember their wedding day. There are so many great personalised gifts that you can get like photo frames or engraved plaques. These kinds of thoughtful gifts aren’t that expensive but they’re always well received.  
Photo Albums  
When you’re buying a gift for a good friend, something that reminds them of all of the good times that you’ve had together is great. If you’re really struggling for money but you still want to get them a nice thoughtful gift, you could consider putting together a photo album of the two of you and include some great pictures of them and their partner as well. There are some great apps like Inkifi that let you print pictures from your social media to put into a nice photo album. You don’t necessarily have to give them the gift on the wedding day either 

Travel Gifts  
If the happy couple love to travel, you could look at getting them a gift based around that. If they already have a honeymoon planned, why not get them a travel guide for the place that they’re going so they can find more exciting places to visit on their trip? You can also get some great gifts for people that love travel like corkboard globes or scratch off maps so they can catalogue all of the places that they’ve visited together.  
These are all great ideas for an interesting wedding gift that shouldn’t cost you too much money!

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Can't Afford to Move? Here's How to Transform Your Existing Home

Not everyone is lucky enough to finance moving home every couple of years when their circumstances change. That is why you might want to think about renovating instead of paying too much in charges and relocation costs. No matter if it is the dated look, the lack of functionality, style, or space that makes you unhappy with your home, you will be able to transform your home for less than it would cost you to relocate. Find out more below!

Less Clutter  
If you are short of space in your home, chances are that you will need to consider decluttering before you would start a home improvement project. There are plenty of ways you can start, but it is better to have a friend with you. They will not have the same level of emotional connection with the objects as you do so it will be easier for them to make logical decisions about what to keep and what you should part ways with. No more keeping that jumper you bought when you were 14 which is 5 sizes too small!

While extensions are not cheap, they are still going to cost you less than moving home, remortgaging, and buying new furniture. If you simply cannot create more space you need in your home, you can extend your kitchen or living room, or even get a two-story extension, so you can finally have that en-suite room you have been dreaming of for a long time.  

Added Privacy  
If your living environment is making you unhappy, you will have to think about improvements before you move. To get more privacy, you can install a new fence, or even add soundproofing to your walls if you are living in a terraced or semi detached house. You might plant fast growing hedges that will prevent people on the street from peeking through your front window!

Technology and Practicality 
It is also important that your home works around you and not the other way around. Investing in a smart home system will make it easier to monitor the performance of your appliances and keep an eye on your garden when you are away. You can also improve your kitchen appliances, so you can set them on a timer, saving time doing the household chores. Check out Buddy Loans to find out how you can improve your life on a budget.  

Updated Look  
If your home looks tired and dated, you might want to look for inspiration on Pinterest. There are great ideas you can save on your pin board, so you can create that hotel feeling at home. Even changing the color of the walls and upcycling some of the furniture will make a huge difference. The main areas you should focus on are the soft furnishings, carpets, and the seating, if you have a limited budget.  
Moving house is not an option for everyone. If you have a limited budget to improve your life, you might consider upgrading your current accommodation and making it more enjoyable and practical long term, while increasing its value.  
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Guide to Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is exceptionally popular in the UK. It is an effective method of insulation that will ensure less energy leaves your home, which in turn means that you will make some exceptional savings on your utility bills. However, before delving deeper into the benefits associated with this type of insulation, it is first vital to explain what it actually is and how it functions.

Spray foam is a mixture of polyurethane foam insulation and water. It is then sprayed onto walls or into tiny places that are difficult to reach. The water dries when it mixes with oxygen from the air, which in turn causes the foam to expand, harden and cure. By understanding how foam insulation works, you get a glimpse into the reasons why it is so popular. After all, it has the ability to fill up crevices and reach areas that no other type of insulation can. When spray foam dries it can increase in volume by five to ten times as much, which ensures it fits to the shape of the area you are insulating. 

In addition to this, another reason why many people view spray foam as the best insulator is that it is both airtight and watertight. These are again qualities that most other insulating materials do not boast. Keeping that in mind, in this post we are going to explore this insulation method in further detail. So continue reading to discover everything you need to know!

One of the main reasons why expanding foam insulation is preferred over other methods is because it generates an airtight seal. This is something a lot of people praise in icynene reviews and other company reviews. Other common insulation materials, such as fibreglass and polystyrene, do not seal small holes. They merely cover them. However, when sprayed, spray foam expands to completely fill up any hole, gap or area. By doing this, it creates an airtight seal, which means that no air can come in or out of your property via that area.

This is beneficial for a number of reasons. Of course, it will make your home more energy efficient, which in turn means cost savings for you. But, another benefit to think about is that it will protect the longevity of your property. Without this method of insulation, your walls will rot much quicker and so you will find yourself needing to pay for treatments and repairs.

This is because when cold and hot air mixes, condensation is created inside the walls. This causes the walls to rot. However, this is something you no longer need to worry about if you go for expanding foam insulation. Not only will the spray foam stop the entry and exit of hot and cold air, but it will also prevent the following from entering your property – water, vermin, rodents, and insects. You will struggle to find another insulating material that is as effective as this one!

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