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The Two Products That Cleared My Acne

For as long as I remember I have always had bad skin. Not so much as spotty, more so red, blotchy and uneven. Foundation has been a mask for many, many years and I'm ever so grateful that high-coverage foundation and concealers exist. My skin has always been red but I was very fortunate as a teenager not to get too many spots. I would get the occasional one but I never had acne, nor did it ever get me down. Until recently.

I would say the over the last couple of years my skin has become progressively worse. It was becoming even redder and blotchier than before and it was becoming harder and harder to hide with make-up. My skintone was getting more uneven and my once fairly oily complexion was becoming quite dry. I would say the beginning of last year was when it started to get worse and I put this down to stress. Whilst my skin bothered me, no-one had ever commented on it before last March, when I had my Cabin Crew training. We had to do our wet drills in the water (obviously) and we couldn't wear make-up for it. I was quite self-conscious of my skin anyway but not being able to then hide it with a few layers of Doublewear made it even harder. I wouldn't had said my skin was particularly 'bad' on this day but someone on my course did take it upon themselves to comment on how bad my skin was and that has always stuck with me.

I then flew all summer and my skin just got worse. Everyone tells you that flying makes your skin bad and whilst I do agree, I wouldn't say it was as horrendous if you were a passenger as it is compared to if you are crew on board. Being Cabin Crew you work 12+ hours a day, the majority of the time a lot more than that and for that whole time you are wearing heavy make-up. It often gets re-applied during the day so you are having layer upon layer applied and this happens 3-5 times a week. I would always try and make sure I wouldn't wear make-up on my days off but when you try and make plans and see friends on those days, it's not always possible to be make-up free. You also get that catch 22 situation where your skin is bad so you wear more make-up to cover it, but it's the make-up itself that it making your skin bad so you can't ever break free!

My skin was the worst it has ever been in January. I only fly seasonally so I haven't flown since November and I had another job from November until January and I told myself that in January I would get my skin sorted out. Why in January, do I hear you wonder? Let me paint you the scene. I had had an allergic reaction to my eyelash extensions so my left eye was incredibly swollen. I had had lip filler injected so my lips were swollen, and I walk into my house and look at my Mum and all she can say is "wow Louise, your skin is bad" - no mention of my fat eye or massive lips!! So I booked a doctors appointment the next day and was surprised when I was diagnosed with adult acne. 

We all know what acne looks like, which is why I was so surprised when the doctor took one look at my face and said "oh yes, you have acne" as to me, this doesn't really look like acne. I don't have big, deep pores or scarring. I don't have a lot of actual, sore spots typically associated with acne but the doctor explained that there are many different types of acne out there. That said, every time I get a spot now I have noticed that it lingers for a very long time under the skin even though it's not noticeable on the surface. When I explained this to the doctor he said "acne!" and signed off a prescription for me. He said that I also had rosacea which I did think I had and he said that there are tablets I can take to help control that but for now let's just sort out the acne and boy, has that prescription worked wonders!

The prescription I was given was for the tropical cream Duac. This is obviously a prescription which I now have as a repeat and I will probably continue to use it until either my doctor decides I don't need it anymore or they stop producing it! My pharmacist recommended I keep it in the fridge so when I apply it it's nice and cool on the skin. I apply a pea-sized amount to my problem areas (ie, everywhere) after I cleanse my face in the evening and between Duac Cream and the cleanser I use which I will mention in a second, my skin is pretty much cleared!! In the before and after photos above, the photos were taken less than two weeks in between them, so it basically took just under two weeks to clear a problem that I have struggled with for many, many years. Obviously my skin has reacted well to this magical cream and I know that some people aren't as lucky and have to go on Roaccutane etc, which was what my doctor said I might have had to try if this cream didn't clear my skin up but I'm so, so glad it has reacted well to it as I know the side affects to Roaccutane etc are really unpleasant. 

Along with the Duac cream, I only use one other product on my skin. These two products are literally the only thing that touches my face from now on. I even have a different towel now for my face just to make sure that nothing else touches my skin as I don't want anything to trigger it. The doctor suggested I didn't use any fancy, expensive cleansers or anything that was over-perfumed or heavily scented. He suggested Simple products but during a personal training session with my trainer Hebe who is on Roaccutane for her acne, she told me about a charcoal cleanser she had heard about which had really good reviews online. I looked it up and the reviews were amazing and as it was only £6 in Boots, I thought it was worth a try! It is called the Carbon Theory Charcoal and Tea Tree Facial Cleansing Bar and it is essentially like a black bar of soap. I use it morning and night (after I have used it at night time I then apply my cream) every single day without fail. Using a wet muslin cloth, I rub the cleansing bar onto the cloth until it has a black foam, then rub it into my face gently and leave it for about 30 seconds before washing off with warm water. It doesn't make the skin feel tight, it makes it feel lovely and fresh and considering it has tea tree within it, the scent isn't overpowering at all.

It is worth mentioning that I've tried (and pretty much failed) to drink more water since January but also and probably more worth mentioning, I haven't really worn make-up since January. I think I have worn make-up twice since the beginning of January and it's now the middle of March. I have really let my skin breathe throughout that time and it's probably a mixture between the cream, the cleanser and no make-up which has cleared my skin up. This isn't possible for everyone and I go back to work in April so I will have to start wearing make-up again but because my skin is now soooo much better than before, I don't need to wear all of the heavy foundations or concealers anymore. I will probably just buy a really lightweight tinted moisturiser and wear that to work, along with a some bronzer to give my pale skin a bit of life! 

I honestly can't believe how improved my skin is. When I show people my before photos, no-one ever believes it is me. They always say "but your skin is so clear now?" which goes to show how well those two products have helped my skin. My skin is still slightly red and I think I will have to go back to the doctors regarding that at some point but I'm so glad the acne itself is under control. I do still get days where my skin is a little spotty and if I do get spots they tend to linger for longer than usual. But even so, I can't believe how different I now feel about my skin and I don't mind being seen without make-up now which is incredible considering this time last year I wouldn't have been seen dead without it. I always used to think "oh I just have bad skin, I will have to live with it" but no, you shouldn't have to just live with it. I only wish I went to the doctors sooner!

Duac Cream - Prescribed by a Doctor

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  1. I am so glad that you found something to work for you sweetie!

    Danielle xx