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How To Recreate The Hotel Feeling At Home

Being a member of Cabin Crew, I am no stranger to hotels. I love hotels. Being alone in a hotel on your own in a foreign country might not be as fun as being in a hotel with a loved one but I still love hotels. Although travelling can be an incredibly tiring experience, one of the best things about going from hotel to hotel is that you get to experience that incredible night sleep a hotel normally brings. There's something about staying in a hotel that not only helps you feel more relaxed, but it instantly puts you in a better mood - whether it's the joy of travelling or the excitement of being somewhere new. 

Although you can't recreate the excitement of travelling, there are lots of small changes you can do to help create that ultimate hotel feel. To help you get started, here are 6 small changes you can make to your own bedroom!

Consider Your Comfort
One of the best things you can do when trying to recreate that hotel feel is to consider what aspects of the hotel make you feel comfortable. Is it the cosy sofa, the TV on the wall or the giant bed with incredibly comfortable bedding? Once you have pinpointed exactly what it is you love about staying in a hotel, you can start to make the changes needed to your bedroom. For more information on cosy hotel bedding and where you can buy your own, you can visit this site here

Keep Things Minimal
When you arrive at a hotel, one of the things most places will have in common is that they're simple, minimalistic designs. Whilst you can stay in some boutique hotels with incredible design features, the majority of places have a modern feel that is easy to replicate. For amazing bedroom renovation inspiration, you can visit Pinterest here

Remember, It's All About The Mattress 
One of the best things about staying in a good hotel is that you know you're going to be sleeping on a really comfortable mattress. Although budget hotels don't often have this feature, those people that stay in 4 or 5-star hotels will know exactly how comfy a hotel mattress can be. This is what makes all the difference to your sleep and really sums up a hotel stay! Visit your local furniture store to test out the mattresses until you find one similar. If you're really struggling, reach out to some of your favourite hotels to see if you can find out the specific brand they use. 

Set Up Black Out Blinds For Light Mornings
Being cabin crew you have an unnatural sleeping pattern so being able to sleep at any time of the day is something I now consider a skill. Because of this, I need my room to be as dark as possible which is where blackout blinds come in! A lot of hotels now feature blackout blinds that help keep that unwanted sunlight out during light mornings. To do this at home, you will need to purchase your own blackout blinds for your bedroom. 

Think About The Accessories And Details
Another way in which a hotel makes you feel comfortable is the fact that it has absolutely everything you need. From the little set up of tea and coffee to enough towels for your stay, everything you need is laid out ready and waiting for you. Not only do I enjoy going to hotel and getting into a luxurious bed, I love seeing what the bathrooms are like. A big waterfall walk-in-shower gets a massive thumbs up from me and trust me when I say there is nothing better than getting off a flight, having a nice hot relaxing shower then wrapping yourself up in a big fluffy hotel quality bath towel!

Keep Things Clean At All Times
Finally, a hotel is always relaxing because you don't have to sit there and think about everything that needs cleaning because it is done for you! Whilst you probably don't want to hire a maid service to do this for you every single day, ensuring you keep on top of cleaning will really help you feel relaxed at home. Luckily I have a Mum that does that for me!

Do you love the feeling of staying in a hotel, and want to recreate that at home? What changes can you make? Let me know in the comments section below. 

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