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Topshop Highlighter in Crescent Moon Review

I love doing my make-up. I take a lot of time doing it and I forgo an extra hour in bed just so I have time to put my make-up on before I go to work in the morning and most of the time, I am happy with it. That is until I scroll through Instagram and see all of these amazing, pretty Instagram girls with their chiselled cheeks, false eyelashes and blinding highlighter and I suddenly feel disheartened. Of course I know that a few filters have been used and everyone takes selfies with a ring light now but it can be so disheartening thinking you look nice and have made an effort then you look at Instagram and realise you are a bit of a chubby mouldy potato.

Slight body issues aside, I choose these few mind-numbing moments of liking pretty photos on Instagram to work out what I can do to change my make-up rather than to use it in an angry, self-hate sort of way. What is it that I like about their appearance that I can try and incorporate into my own? The first point of envy that I wanted to try and recreate on my face was the blindingly bright, glowy highlighter that is so bright it is almost as if it is beaming up to space. I know highlighter is usually supposed to be soft and subtle rather than bright and obvious - some days I want it to be subtle but right now all I want is it to be seen from miles away! 

Obviously I want Becca's Champagne Pop as much as the next person and I have added it to my online basket so many times and at the last minute I have changed my mind as £32 for a highlighter does seem a bit of an extravagance so before I splashed the cash, I really want to see what the highlighters were like on the high street. I searched Boots and Superdrug but couldn't find any highlighting powder which was buttery soft as well as hella shimmery. Everything seemed to be rather gritty and dull in terms of shimmer. In fact, the only place I managed to find what I was looking for was in Topshop, of all places. 

I have heard lots about Topshop's own brand of make-up and I know a while ago it was really popular but since then I haven't really heard much about it. What caught my eye was a gorgeous selection of highlighters and I was completely sold after just one swatch. With three shades on offer, I was completely torn between all three - they were all so soft, pigmented and shimmery, just what I have been after! I eventually went for the Topshop Highlight in Crescent Moon and you know what? I love it.

About the Topshop Highlighter in Crescent Moon:
"Shimmering silky pearl highlighter to add radiance to the face and body. Swirl with kabuki or powder brush and apply directly to face and body."

With the Topshop Highlighters available in three shades, you would almost believe that there wasn't enough choice but boy, it is hard to choose between just three, let me tell you. The shades to choose from are Sunbeam, a bright gold, Horizon, a bronzey rose gold and finally Crescent Moon, a beautiful champagne with an iridescent, almost metallic pink finish to it. Crescent Moon is not a shade I have ever seen before which was why I was so drawn to it. It looks pretty basic in the pan but as soon as you swipe your finger across the domed highlighter, you are really in for a treat. It looked so beautiful on the back of my hand that I just could not wait to apply it to my face!

Housed in a pretty generous compact, you get 6.5 g of product for your money. I love the domed effect to the highlighter itself, as well as the pretty star outer packaging. It feels pretty sturdy but I can't say that it would survive a fall and because of that I probably wouldn't want to travel with it. The texture of the highlighter is very soft and finely milled without being gritty which makes application incredibly easy. It applies and blends like a dream and whilst it could be easy to go a little overboard with the highlighter as it is very pigmented, I don't think there is such a thing as too much! It is easy to apply a light layer for a subtle glow if applied with a light hand but I like to pack it all on with a small face brush then blend it out afterwards. 

I'm obsessed with this highlighter and I am so pleased that I discovered it. I was not expecting to find a highlighter I would love from Topshop but I am completely converted. Crescent Moon is like no other. In the pan it looks like a basic and pretty champagne shade but when blended out it has a gorgeous metallic, almost pink iridescence to it which looks so lovely on the cheekbones. I still really want Becca's Champagne Pop but for now, Crescent Moon will do for me!



  1. This looks really pretty! I have a bit of a weakness for highlighters. Currently I'm using a liquid one from MUA but it's a little chunky rather than the glowy sheen I'm looking for. This one seems perfect so I'll have to keep an eye out for it whenever I'm next by a Topshop!

    Beccah xx

  2. This looks really pretty!

    xo, Liz

  3. really enjoyed this post and i will definitely try to get my hands on it:) i would just love to see swatches or a photo of how it applies on the cheeks which would make this post even better:) have a good day xx


  4. This looks really pretty and soft! x

    Beauty From Katie

  5. This looks and sounds so pretty! Topshop highlighters are always raved about, so I'll have to go in store and swatch it for myself xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

  6. Looks nice, but I'd like to see the swatch of it, cuz I think it's totally my shade :D