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My Summer Style

I'm going to share a personal opinion with you - I'm not crazy about summer. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the warmer weather and the longer days but as a hayfever sufferer, summer for me is just 3 months of absolute misery. My eyes sting and water as soon as I open a window, my chest hurts so I can't breathe properly, I can't stop sniffing, people constantly ask why I am crying and to top it off, I am yet to meet any medication to help me in any possible way. In fact, I wear more eye make-up in the summer to stop myself from itching my eyes as as soon as I will start, I will not be able to stop! 

Aside from spending the entire summer with a permanent cold, I also struggle to find summer clothes that I like. I can dress for Autumn and Winter no problem but I really struggle with my summer style, especially given the infamous Great British Summer. What do you wear when it is pouring with rain outside but still 22 degrees?? One piece of clothing I have worn a lot so far this summer is my trench coat. Perfect for the warmer seasons, a trench coat is effortlessly stylish. I used to wonder how to style a trench coat but actually, they style themselves. You create your outfit around the trench coat as they go with everything whilst remaining an outerwear essential. Quintessentially British, the trench coat is a summer essential, especially with the festival season coming up. You won't catch me in a cagoule or plastic poncho in the pouring rain this summer, but you will catch me in a trench!

Alongside the classic women's trench coat, this summer you will also find me wearing a hell of a lot of bardot tops, bardot dresses, clean, crisp white cotton shirts and floral midi dresses. I dress lazily in the summer. I like to pull something on quickly and not have to spend ages in the mirror trying to work out if my outfit goes or not. This is my summer style!
Jack Wills Dollyhill Trench / Jack Wills Duncombe Trench / Jack Wills Dollyhill Trench
Jack Wills Woolscott Broderie Shirt Dress / Jack Wills Downswood Floral Short / Jack Wills Mazza Floral Dress
Zara Shimmery Jacket / Zara Textured Tweed Jacket / Zara Suede Jacket
Zara Floral Dress / Zara Faux Leather Dress / Zara Suede Effect Dress
Zara Off The Shoulder Dress / Zara Frilly Dress / Zara Frilled Sleeve Dress

You really cannot beat the classic stone trench coat, can you? That's my summer style, what is yours? I have lost count of how many summer sales I have participated in so far this year and we haven't even reached July yet!

(Post in collaboration with Jack Wills)



  1. i'm not crazy about summer either! I suffer a lot with the heat.. great choices! ;)
    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

  2. I'm not a huge fan of summer cloths, I am rock chick at heart. For me when it is warm, I like to go for pencil skirts and band t-shirts!

    Danielle xx

  3. I find there are heaps of pros and cons to summer. I definitely can't stand the hay fever either but the clothes you've picked have made me want it to be summer! I recently did a Winter wishlist and although winter clothes are just so warm and snuggly, summer clothes are just cuter!
    Kathy x