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Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks in Bachelorette, Lolita & Lolita II Review

Do you ever completely change your mind on a product? When I first tried the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, I was really disappointed in them. At the time I was well and truly on the Kylie Lip Kit bandwagon so I found it hard not to compare the two but at the time, I much preferred Kylie's offering as I believed the shades I bought were more suited to my skintone rather than the shades I bought from Kat Von D which I didn't think suited me as much. Because of that the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks haven't really seen light of day since then.

When I originally tried out the Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks, I believed them to be quite thin in consistency which made the colour apply fairly sheer so I would need to build up the colour on the lips slightly. I believed they didn't last long at all on the lips - instead, they would transfer onto everything and fade away after an hour or two and I firmly believed that the colours didn't suit me so I never used them. Well, how wrong I was! I recently decided to give the shade Lolita II another go and I was so impressed. It managed to stay on my lips all day long without needing to reapply and that was with eating, drinking and working in 25 degree heat. All of my make-up practically melted away, all except for my lipstick. I didn't find it to be drying on the lips or uncomfortable to wear all day so I have definitely changed my opinion on them, which is just great. I love rediscovering products I forgot I had or even just giving products I originally didn't like another chance as the majority of the time, my opinion changes.

Because my opinion on them has changed so vastly, I thought I would revisit each shade as well as share why I now love each of them so much.

Bachelorette - The latest shade to enter my collection, Bachelorette is an absolutely gorgeous bright strawberry red, although Kat Von D likes to call it a dark reddish fuchsia. The brightest shade and most vibrant out of the three featured, this is shade which is slightly outside of my comfort zone but I love it so. If you love a bright, strawberry red matte lip then this is definitely one for you. It is really flattering on all skintones and looks lovely with very minimal, neutral make-up to make the lipstick stand out even further.

Lolita - Lolita was perhaps Kat Von D's original most popular shade, which is exactly why I bought it. I wanted it so badly that I went to nearly every Sephora in and surrounding Washington DC to find this lipstick as it was just sold out everywhere. When I finally found it, bought it and tried it, I absolutely hated it. I really believed that this shade didn't suit me at all but I can gladly say that I was wrong. Described as a chestnut rose, Lolita is a dark, muted brown nude which originally didn't impress me but now I can't get enough of it. Nude shades don't tend to suit me as I am very pale so I need to choose something a bit darker so for me, Lolita is my perfect option. It is a shade which has not yet clashed with various different eyeshadow looks I have experimented with so for that reason alone it is always in my handbag, ready to be applied as I dash out of the door. It is a really staple lipstick shade to have and I am really pleased that I have discovered a love for it.

Lolita II - Lolita II is Lolita's little sister. Described as being a terracotta nude, it is really hard not to compare Lolita with Lolita II. Lolita II is a much warmer, coral based matte which tends to look different on each skintone. On some it appears to be a warm nude but on my pale skin it appears to be more orange-toned. I wear Lolita II when I have more neutral toned eyeshadows on my eyelids as I find that it can clash with the rest of my make-up slightly if I apply eyeshadows which have a bit more colour to them. This is only because it really does apply much more orange-toned than it appears to be on first glance but it is still a really pretty, wearable matte lipstick which I can see myself wearing a lot more now that Summer is approaching.

I am so glad that I rediscovered these lipsticks and gave them another chance. They are lightweight on the lips and even though they have a matte formula to them they aren't too drying or uncomfortable and the shade range is incredibly impressive. Whilst I will probably give the neon turquoise and the bright grape shades a miss, each of the other 40 shades are unique, pretty and wearable and if you manage to come across them then they are definitely worth a chance - or in my case, two!



  1. Lolita and Bachelorette look right up my street! I only have Ophelia and it's a beautiful peachy pink nude x

    Beauty From Katie

  2. I love KVD liquid lipsticks. They're my absolute favourite! I need to pick up more shades. Lolita II looks like a good choice :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  3. I absolutely adore the one KVD ELL I have - Bow N Arrow. It's a beautiful brown nude that goes with practically everything!


  4. The colours are so beautiful! I would love to try Lolita. I will put it on my wish list!


    Ioanna | http://thecolourfulbouquet.com/