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Removing Acrylic Nails At Home

In the words of James Blunt;

Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend..

After 9 weeks and one infill, it was finally time to remove my first ever set of acrylic nails. And actually? I was devastated. I am a complete acrylic nail convert. Each nail lasted the whole 9 weeks and other than the obvious growth which needed to be filled, they were but a pleasant dream. I loved them. So much. Almost too much, actually. I was constantly complimented on them and they really boosted my ego, even though they were a mere extension of my body rather than an actual piece of me but I didn't even mind. I loved them and I miss them.

But, gosh were they a pain to remove! I was really worried about getting them taken off and even though the nail salon is a short walk from where I work and it would have been really easy for me to go back in and ask them to be removed, I was terrified of how they would remove them. I did a bit of research on Google and Youtube on how they were removed and after a good half hour of watching videos of people ripping their nails off, I decided that I would be more gentle to myself than anyone else would be! Not that I ripped my nails off - Lord no. I was terrified about what my actual nails would look like underneath so I decided to gently soak them off myself. It was time consuming but it didn't hurt and my nails were absolutely fine underneath!!

I would love to say I used a whole load of fancy products but no. All you need is one bottle of pure acetone, a little bowl and some kitchen towel. I did get out some tin foil and some cotton wool but in the end it was far easier to just pour the acetone into a bowl and to soak your nails in. 

First I cut off the acrylic tips up to my natural nails underneath with nail clippers. It was quite hard as my acrylic nails were so thick but it was absolutely fine, you just have to be careful of all of the shards flying off everywhere! I then poured the acetone into a small bowl and soaked my nails in for about a minute, just to take off the nail varnish on the top of the nail. As soon as the nail varnish meets the acetone it practically dissolves which is an awful lot easier than swishing your nail around in a Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover Pot for a while. Once it had gone I wiped each nail on a bit of kitchen towel then soaked them back into the acetone for a good few minutes at a time in order to break down the acrylic. This takes quite a while but I would rather that than having someone drill, file of pull the nail off themselves. When the acrylic starts to break down it goes really gloopy and rather gross so I kept pulling my nails out, wiping them on kitchen towel and repeating. Unfortunately it isn't an instant process but my nails were in such great condition after I had finished that I really didn't mind the painstakingly slow process!

Once the acrylic had dissolved I found there were just a few little specs still stuck on to the nail so I gently filed and buffed it away before filing my nails into shape and applying a bit of cuticle oil and some thick, nourishing hand cream as my hands were quite dry afterwards. I was so shocked as to how well my own nails had grown into a healthy condition even though they had been covered in acrylic and goodness knows what else. Everyone told me my own nails would be really soft and brittle afterwards but fortunately they are really strong and really healthy, so much so that no-one would ever have guessed that I had false nails on in the first place. 

So, were the acrylic nails worth all of the hassle? Were they worth it? Abso-bloody-lutely. I love them and I miss them and I want them back ASAP. The only thing stopping me is that I work in a jewellery shop and I really struggled doing up bracelets and necklaces for customers but if I didn't have to do that then I would probably have them on more often!

How do you get your acrylic nails off?



  1. I haven't had acrylic nails (they look amazing btw) but I struggled to get my gel nails off a few weeks ago. I had to use acetone, aluminium foil and cotton balls. It was a very long process, I even had to scrape my nail with a metal file. Great post, I love your blog. Are you following me on Bloglovin'? I will leave my link below if you want to have a look but no worries if you don't xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  2. As I started reading this I though you were going to say you just ripped them off and I already had a big speech how that's wrong haha
    I finished a course in nails (acrylic) so I can tell you you did the right thing. Although I would still recommend going to the nail salon, but they should know how to remove it without breaking all of them and your natural nails... :D
    honestly, I would have them if I wasn't such a huge fan of changing my nail style (shape and nailart) all the time (as you can see on my blog). They are great!

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

  3. Then nails look so stunning!
    I always have to get mine soaked off at a salon. I hate the scrapping though, it goes through me every single time!

    Danielle xx