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My Drugstore Skincare Routine

My favourite part of my day is when I take my make-up off. There is nothing I love more than walking through the door after a long shift at work, getting changed into my pajamas and taking my make-up off. The lovely feeling of taking your high heels off, your bra off and your make-up off is unbeatable in my eyes!

It has been a really long time since I shared my skincare routine so I thought I would give you an insight as to what products I use and how well they work.This is my drugstore version and every single product you can expect to find in Boots with every product except a couple costing just a couple of pounds. I'm not one to spend lots of money on high-end skincare products, although I would love to have a bathroom cabinet filled with Kiehls and Creme de La Mer facial creams.

Up until recently I used to *gasp* take all of my make-up off with make-up removing wipes. My favourite were the Garnier Micellar Water Wipes as they were so moist and just took the make-up off straight away. A dry make-up removing wipe is no good to anyone, let me tell you! I have just until recently stopped using them but if you use them and want to know my favourites then I 100% recommend those. 

So rather than take my make-up off with a wipe, I now use the Garnier Micellar Water instead, followed by a cleanser. I take my eye make-up off purely with the Micellar Water as it is so gentle on the skin and on the eyes. I tend to go for the Micellar Water in the green bottle rather than the pink as I find it to be even more gentle than the original pink version. Once my eye make-up has been removed, I then use either the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash or the Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk. I find the latter to be creamier and more nourishing than the gel wash but both do exactly the same job. I apply a couple of pumps into my hand then gently massage it into my make-up to remove it before washing it all away with a warm muslin cloth. That precise moment, when the warm muslin cloth meets my tired face is my favorite moment of my whole day.

Once my make-up has been removed, I then apply the Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Moisturiser. It is really lightweight and fresh on the skin and it is something really hydrating to apply to my face after having a thick layer of make-up on top of it all day! In the Winter I apply a thicker, even more hydrating moisturiser to my skin but as it is now Springtime I prefer to go for more lightweight and fresher products. Just before I go to bed I then apply the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate for Night. This is a product I would never have thought to have bought myself but when I bought a Liz Earle Christmas Gift Set it was included and I have loved it ever since. Full of essential oils, the Superskin Concentrate for Night is an incredibly nourishing lightweight, non-greasy product which not only plumps up and softens the skin but is also an aide for sleep. I would never have thought to buy a product like this but now that I have started to incorporate it into my skincare routine, I can't imagine not applying it every evening.

In the morning I use the Garnier Micellar Water on a cotton pad to remove any sleep and little scraps of make-up left over from the day before. I then cleanse again with the Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk when I have my shower, just so I can prep my skin before I start my day and before I apply another heavy layer of make-up! Before I apply my make-up I use my Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer which is designed to provide an even and smooth base to prep the skin with before the application of make-up. It is really lightweight in texture and it feels hydrating and lovely on the skin.The final product I use is the Liz Earle Instant Skin Boost Tonic which is essentially a toner. It brightens, refreshes and revitalizes the skin due to all of the vitamins which are crammed inside the bottle. It isn't an important step of my skincare routine and I could easily go without it but it just makes the skin feel nice and hydrated before I apply my make-up.

That's about as far as my skincare routine gets! If you were to try one product out of everything above then please let it be the Soap and Glory Cleansing Milk. It is usually on offer in Boots and it is so long-lasting it is incredible. I have had this bottle since the beginning of Feb and I still have over half of the product left. Which products do you use that you would recommend?


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  1. What's your skin type? Cause I'd like to try Nivea primer, but I have oily skin and I don't know if this would work (although I love Nivea).
    Also, these Garnier stuff are amazing :D

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