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I can proudly say that after about 19 years of living in the box room in my Mum's house I have finally moved! - To my sisters bedroom. I have been upgraded and I finally have a room big enough to turn around in which is just mind-boggling after years of having a room just with a bed in. Whilst I don't have the bedroom measurements on me, it was roughly similar to that of Harry Potter and his little cupboard under the stairs but beggars can't be choosers, can they?!

With a new bedroom comes a little bit of interior design and I literally could not wait to re-arrange the bedroom to how I wanted it, to paint it the colour I wanted it and to make the bedroom feel more like my own rather than to remember it as my sisters old room. I immediately knew I wanted the walls to be white rather than the deep yellow it originally was so that was an easy choice but finding a colour scheme and decorations to match was slightly more difficult. I decided to go shopping and see if I could see any decorative items that I liked which I could then set the colour scheme around rather than choosing a colour scheme and struggling to find items to match.

I went to Next and immediately found a bunch of pale pink faux peonies in a vase which quickly made my mind up in terms of colour scheme. I'm not a pink kinda girl so choosing a pink colour scheme wasn't what I was expecting to go for but what can I say, I am a sucker for pink peonies! Since then I have found two more bunches of pink faux flowers to use decoratively in my room, as well as a really cute quote within a frame which I bought from the Card Factory for about £3. It says "the secret of being happy is simply being nice" and I try to remember that every day. 

Once I had chosen the colour scheme I decided I wanted two big pink and fluffy cushions for the bed and I just could not find any anywhere. I looked everywhere and eventually saw two in TKMaxx which were about £30 each. I loved them. They were so soft and cosy but far too expensive so I decided against them. In the end I managed to find these two lovely cushions from Matalan for just £8 each! I really regretted not buying the ones from TKMaxx but the cushions from Matalan are just as soft and great quality for a fraction of the price. When I was waiting to pay I saw this mustard yellow cushion for £6 which I thought would look lovely in between them on the bed and I feel like they really finish the room off. I only ever have white bed sheets on my bed now to make the cushions stand out even further but I would love one of those really big, chunky knitted pink blankets to throw across the end of the bed.

Here is a little bit of bedroom inspo for you all!

What do you think? What is your bedroom like?



  1. Uau! Stunning! I love all these cute details ;)
    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

  2. Love these! Those fluffy pillows are everything!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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