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Sephora Collection Bright Future Color Corrector in Green Review

If you were to ask me what shade my face was, rather than replying with Ivory or Porcelain, I would simply reply with 'red'. I suffer from rosacea which means my face is constantly red or pink toned which is why I always reach for a heavy-duty, camouflaging foundation to blur out the pink tones on my skin as I simply can't stand having a pink face all the time. If I could blur my skintone down to just one neutral colour then I would try my hardest to do so but for now, I have had to rely on colour correcting concealers to counteract the red tones by applying some green ones instead!

I have tried a few green colour correcting concealers in the past but none of them have really worked with my skin. Strangely most of the green concealers I have tried in the past have been in bullet form making them quite chalky on the skin so when I saw this one in Sephora a couple of months ago and it was in liquid form, I couldn't resist giving this one a try too. I love the concealer from this range and now I love the Sephora Collection Bright Future Color Corrector in Green too!

About the Sephora Collection Bright Future Color Correctors:
"Ideal for the under-eye area, blemishes, and areas around the nose and mouth, these gel-serum color correctors are feather light and buildable depending on your concern. Pineapple ceramide helps to improve the appearance of skin texture and add brightness, while the cotton swab-like applicator provides the perfect amount of product every time. Just dip, dot, and blend to neutralize before you conceal."

The Sephora Collecion Bright Future Color Correctors come in 7 different shades, all of which help to balance the tones on your skin. Ranging from lavender to neutralize sallowness and yellow to combat dullness, I probably could have required the use of all 7 to combat something or other on my skin but I thought for now, let's focus on the main area I want to change. The green color corrector really does help to neutralize and balance out red tones on the skin with even just a small dot of the product applied to the face. You really don't need much at all to notice a difference on the skin and it's almost as if it is helping to create a blank canvas to apply the rest of your make-up on.

This colour corrector comes in liquid form and it is housed in the typical see-through tube with a doe-foot applicator within the lid. I actually expected the applicator to be the same in this product as it is in the Sephora Collection Bright Future Concealer which makes application a dream but this is slightly different. Rather than the applicator being slanted to make application easier, it is rounded, almost like a cotton bud and if you've ever tried applying make-up with a cotton bud then you know it isn't a pleasant experience! I like to apply the green corrector underneath my eyes, across my cheeks, on my chin and on my forehead before blending it all out with a Beauty Blender but because of the applicator I find it to be quite dry with the applicator almost uncomfortable on the skin. That said, the product itself really does just what it claims to do so and because of that I can't complain!

I really love color correctors as they can hide a multitude of sins within moments. This product neutralizes every red tone on my skin and helps to create a neutral, blank canvas before I apply my foundation. The applicator is a bit of a pain but the product itself makes up for it so if you were after a color corrector to neutralize a problem area then I would definitely recommend this range!


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  1. I've seen so many things on colour correctors but never tried one myself, I love the look of this though it seems like a creamy texture that would work well on my skin x

    S x