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Ecru Sea Clean Shampoo

Do you look into shampoos and conditioners when buying them? Or do you go to the shelf in ASDA and pick up whatever is on offer, albeit Tresemme, Head & Shoulders or L'oreal? Because I used to do the latter - as long as it cleaned my flat and greasy limp hair then I didn't care what it was. That was until I got my very expensive mistake - hair extensions. It turns out you can't just put any old shampoo on hair extensions, oh no. The more expensive the shampoo the better - or that is what it would appear like, anyway. You can read about my hair extension disaster here but for now, let me tell you about the shampoo which became a must-have, the Ecru Sea Clean Shampoo.

About the Ecru Sea Clean Shampoo:
"Protect your locks against split ends and UV damage with Ecru Sea Clean Shampoo. This mild, gentle shampoo is suitable for all hair types and is composed of panthenol, oat amino acids and wheat proteins that work to increase moisture retention, keeping your hair looking at its best all day, every day. Life is your runway; don’t leave the house unprepared. No parabens, no sulfates."

I will be honest and say I only bought the Ecru Sea Clean Shampoo because it is what the hairdresser recommended to me after spending 4 hours fixing my hair extensions. It is what they use in the salon and after a fresh wash and blow-dry, it made my hair feel nice and soft, it smelt nice so I thought I would give it a try. Another important factor in why I bought it is because it doesn't contain parabens and sulfates but why are they bad for hair extensions? 

Why parabens and sulfates are bad for hair extensions:
If you were wondering what sulfates actually were then, to put it simply, it is the chemical in your shampoo which produces the lovely white, foamy lather. When you wash your hair your wash it because you want your hair to be clean and sulfates do exactly that, perhaps even a little too well in fact. Your scalp produces natural oils which is great for the hair but when you use shampoos featuring sulfates, the sulfates wash the hair so well that it takes away all the good natural oils as well. This leaves the hair really dry and because hair extensions are essentially 'dead' in the fact that they aren't attached to the head so they aren't getting any nourishment from the scalp, meaning as soon as sulfates touch hair extensions, they strip all of the oils away making them even drier after every use, as well as stripping the colour away. No-one wants dry, crispy hair extensions, do they? 

So in order to help my hair extensions survive and not become drier than hands on a cold day, I decided to buy the Ecru Sea Clean Shampoo in hope it would become a little savior. Which it is, kind of. I will admit that I went the 3 months after getting my hair extensions put in going back to the hair salon for a wash and a blow dry every week because I just could not be bothered with the hassle of washing and drying it myself. Looking back, this was really lazy of me and a big old waste of money but at the time I thought it was better than washing it myself. One week the salon couldn't fit me in so I washed and dried it myself and actually? I was pretty damn good! Yes it may have taken me 2 hours to dry my hair extensions but I did it myself and saved myself money, before making me realise that "wow, why didn't I even try to do it myself?" From then on I have washed my hair extensions myself, although I still only wash them once a week. I wash the top part of my own hair every couple of days with regular off-the-shelf shampoo but then once a week I wash all of my hair with the Ecru Sea Clean Shampoo before blow-drying it with the Babyliss Big Hair Dryer which has become a life savior!

If I am truthfully honest, when using the Ecru Sea Clean Shampoo I don't see a massive difference between that and normal shampoo. The only small difference is that it doesn't lather up as much. It still washes and cleans my hair but without stripping away the oils from the extensions. They are left feeling really soft and I really look forward to my weekly hair wash! Ha ha. If I am honest, if I didn't have hair extensions in then I would still carry on using off-the-shelf shampoo. But because I do have strips of someone else's hair stuck into my head then I want to help maintain them as much as possible and if that means buying a special shampoo then so be it! 



  1. I've tried sulfate free shampoos and I don't find much of a difference in my hair either! I actually prefer quite foamy shampoos as I feel like my hair is getting more clean x


  2. I never knew I could find a beauty review so fascinating. Slightly confused on how it can take 2 hours to dry hair?!? How do you do it?