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My Completed NYX Eyeshadow Palette

NYX is quickly becoming one of my favourite make-up brands. I am absolutely obsessed with their Vivid Liquid Eyeliners as well as their Glitter Pigments and their Hot Singles Eyeshadows. Everything is such great quality considering the purse-friendly prices and just because the products are cheap doesn't mean the quality is any less in comparison to a different brand. Whenever I am in Boots now I walk straight past L'oreal and Maybelline and head straight for the NYX stand and quite rightly so!

A while ago now I bought the NYX Custom Pro Palette which has 9 spaces to fill. At the time I only bought two eyeshadows and it has actually taken me a little while to fill it up as my local Boots stores don't sell the refills but after a few trips out of town, I can finally share my completed palette with you!

About the NYX Eye Shadows:
"NYX's Hot Singles are intense! Powerfully loaded with pigments this versatile formula lets you make a statement for any occasion. Whether your looks is edgy or natural NYX's unique formulation is easy to blend and build on."

I absolutely love the NYX eyeshadows. They are pigmented, easy to blend and when used on top of my beloved MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, they stay put all day without creasing or fading away and for £3.50 each, they definitely hold their own up against the likes of MAC. When it came to choosing the shades within my palette I wanted a mix of satin, pearl and neutral mattes. I have also really loved matte oranges since buying the Morphe 35OS Palette so I knew I wanted to include one of those as well. Here are the shades I filled my palette with!

Heat - Heat is a really beautiful metallic red with a satin finish. It is very pigmented shade which reminds me a hell of a lot like MAC Cranberry but without all of the fallout.

Flustered - Flustered is another metallic shade which is very similar to Heat but instead of a metallic red it is a metallic maroon with a satin finish. Again, Flustered is very pigmented and doesn't have any fallout whatsoever.

LOL - LOL is a bright orange eyeshadow with a matte finish. Incredibly pigmented, this shade is the perfect transition shade and looks lovely in the crease of the eye. If I was brave enough to wear it all over the eyelid for a wash of colour then I would do!

Sin - Sin is a pretty neutral champagne coloured shade which has tiny specs of gold glitter running throughout. I find it has a very tiny amount of fallout but it is a beautiful neutral shade. I have recently been wearing it underneath the eye and I find that it makes the eyes look a lot brighter.

Cupcake - Cupcake is a lovely soft, baby pink in a matte finish. I don't usually wear pink eyeshadow but as it is a very soft baby pink I think it looks lovely all over the eye with my favourite shade, Frostbite in the inner corner of the eye with Sin underneath. Not a vibrant and in your face look but perfect for when you want a softer day.

Gold Lust - Gold Lust is a very shimmery gold eyeshadow with gold specs running throughout. I think it is the shade I haven't used as much in comparison to the others which is a shame as it is a very pigmented gold and looks lovely on the inner corners of the eye, as well as all over the lid.

Frostbite - Frostbite is my favourite eyeshadow within this palette. A pale blue with a pearl finish, in certain lights this shade can look almost purple and it is absolutely beautiful. I love to wear Frostbite in the inner corners of the eye with a wash of a neutral matte shade across the lid. If you were to try one shade out of all of the eyeshadows I have mentioned then please make it be this one!!

Lace - Lace is neutral beige in a matte finish and it is perhaps the most used shade within my palette. I use this everyday as my base shade then layer all of the other eyeshadows on top. I find that it is a little powdery in comparison to the other shades but it makes for a lovely neutral base.

Own The Night - Finally, Own The Night is a deep and rich purple with a matte finish. It is very pigmented so you only need to use a little amount then blend blend blend! I haven't used this shade too much as I find it isn't a colour I would reach for everyday but it is a handy eyeshadow to have within the palette.

So there is my completed NYX Custom Pro Palette! What do you think? There are so many more NYX Eyeshadows I would love to try that I am thinking of buying another empty palette to fill. At £3.50 each the eyeshadows are great value for money and I haven't used a single MAC eyeshadow since!



  1. I don't think I've ever seen their custom palettes around otherwise I definitely would've purchased this a long time ago! Nyx is one of my fav brands too, and I love their eyeshadows
    Kathy x

  2. I am loving NYX just now, so affordable and great quality. I didn't know they did custom palettes, definitly going to look at these. Love the shades you've picked, so wearable x

    Emma | Reverie de Paris

  3. I've only recently started using NYX. Love the idea of creating a custom palette. I love the combination you've chosen...LOL and Gold Lust are gorgeous! xo