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Review | Tarte Coconut Oil Infused Lipstick in Rosy Mauve

Since liquid lipsticks came about, I can't remember the last time I applied a normal, bullet-style lipstick. I literally cannot remember the last time I boldly swiped a lipstick onto my lips rather than sat in front of a mirror with a liquid lippie and a shaky hand. I own so many liquid lipsticks now which I use nearly everyday so my other, standard lipsticks have been gathering dust on a shelf in my bedroom. That was until recently when I managed to grab a bargain on QVC and buy the Tarte Rainforest of The Sea Collection for just £35. Included in the collection was a foundation, a foundation brush, an eyeliner, an eye & cheek palette, mascara, a make-up bag and, you guessed it, a lipstick. The lipstick included was the Tarte Coconut Oil Infused Lipstick in Rosy Mauve.

The Tarte Coconut Oil Infused Lipstick in Rosy Mauve is a really pretty warm nude pink which is perhaps a little more sedated in comparison to the shades I am now fond of in the liquid formula. That said, I could not have chosen a more hydrating lipstick to go back to. Don't get me wrong, liquid lipsticks are my faves but wow, are they drying. It makes a nice little change to use a lipstick which doesn't make my lips feel like sandpaper!

The Tarte Coconut Oil Infused Lipsticks come housed in gorgeous little gold bullets which make the lipsticks appear more expensive than they actually are. I am unsure of how many shades there are in the range, or where you can buy them from in the UK as I can't find any information on them which is a shame as actually? They are a really great product. Never have I met a more pigmented and creamy lipstick which delivers a high shine finish. Literally one swipe is all you need to cover the lips and best of all you don't need a steady hand to apply it with, either. Longevity wise I found it lasts a couple of hours before wearing away and unfortunately it does transfer onto everything it touches but I find that always happens when I wear lipsticks which have a glossy, shiny finish to them.

Aside from the transferring, the only other small downside to the Tarte Coconut Oil Infused Lipsticks is, in my opinion, the smell. I expected the lipstick to smell like coconut but instead it smells very strongly of synthetic vanilla which I cannot abide. I really thought the Coconut Oil Infused Lipsticks would smell like Bounty Chocolate Bars but instead the smell like a Vanilla Yankee Candle. The smell lingers for quite a while which is great if you love the Vanilla Yankee Candle but not so much if you are more of a Fluffy Towels kinda gal! Other than that I do really love this lipstick. Rosy Mauve is such a pretty and wearable lipstick which has reminded me to switch up my everyday make-up products and to use a normal lipstick every once in a while. I have a whole collection of them, after all.


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  1. This looks like a gorgeous shade and it sounds like it wears nicely. I'll have to look into it!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge