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My First Thoughts On Acrylic Nails

The Lord did not bless me with much but he did bless me with good nails. For years and years I have always painted them myself and had people ask me if they were my own or if they were fake. I have never been a nail biter or had a problem with growing my nails so they have always remained in a healthy condition, minus the nail varnish! I personally don't like short nails on me so if one of my long nails were to break then oh my goodness, the world would be coming to an end. You can't have one short nail and 9 so long that they appeared fake so they all get cut short and I start again. 

For the last few months my nails have been really long and strong which is just how I like them but because I work in a jewellery shop, I am constantly pulling crowns out of watches, taking links out of watches, messing around with the clasps on necklaces and bracelets... after a while I started to notice that my thumb nails were starting to constantly break and split almost halfway down my nail making it so sore that in the end I decided to just leave my nails short for a while. I was also constantly fed up with my nail varnish chipping as soon as it was applied so I couldn't be bother with that, either. A couple of weeks ago my friend suggested we go and get our nails done together and as I had never even stepped foot inside a nail salon before I immediately said yes. It would be fun! We would be like those girls in films going for lunch and getting our nails done together!

I was originally thinking of just getting a gel polish on top of my own nails but after a scroll through Instagram I decided to get a set of acrylic nails instead. I was actually really worried they would ruin my own nails underneath and whilst I am sure they will harm them slightly what with all of the drilling, filing and chemicals within the acrylic, I decided to try it just this once. Don't get me wrong, I am not looking forward to seeing what my own nails will look like when they get taken off but a little treat once a year won't be too bad, will it?

After I decided I wanted acrylics done, I then had to decide what sort of shape I was after and which colours on which designs I wanted painted on the top. I scrolled through Instagram and came across an account called Nails_by_annabel_m and oh my goodness, I have never seen such beautiful nails before. They seem to specialise in the stiletto and coffin shapes and they pack Swarovski nail crystals on top of all of their designs - they are SO beautiful and I am literally obsessed but as I don't live anywhere near their salon I decided to steer clear away from the nail gems and crystals as I didn't want to be disappointed in comparison to what another nail technician could do. In the end I decided to go for a coffin-shaped French Ombre and I am obsessed!!!

Because I had never had it done before I had no idea what would happen or what the stages were and I will be honest - I wasn't expecting that. When I went in I was armed with a photo in hope they could recreate it and after we got past the language barrier, they set to work, cutting my own nails, taking my nail varnish off, filing them, buffing them, drilling them... Then came the tips and the acrylic which I watched in awe. After they had moulded the acrylic onto the nails and it had set, they then filed the nails down to the coffin shape and oh god, I will not lie to you. It hurt. At one point I thought the nail technician was trying to file down to the bone. They do it so viciously, so much so I looked at my friend opposite and mouthed 'is it supposed to hurt??' The tears in her eyes told me yes, yes it is. Once I had managed to move myself off from the edge of my chair and relax slightly after the technician had stopped, then came more buffing, the wash of my hands and then the fun bit! They then airbrushed the white tips onto my nails and as soon as that white had hit the acrylic, I was in love. 

What do you think? I am so obsessed with them, I can't stop admiring them. In hindsight I would have liked them a little bit shorter but I couldn't bare to have them file my bones away again! For the rest of the day my nails were ever so sore but I put that down to the vicious filing but apart from that, the whole process was really enjoyable and I really do love the end result!



  1. They are so stunning!
    I always love having acrylic nails on, but when it comes to getting them removed or try getting them off myself it is always so painful that I vow to never get them done again... and of course I get them done straight away!

    Danielle xx

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  3. Loved this post! I got acrylic nails about a year ago and got them off about two months ago and have been painting them myself again since! It scares me that it hurt you so much as I don't think it is meant to!! And if you get them taken off properly (you may already have by now as I just saw the date of this post!) they should be fine so long as they take them off properly - that was something I was worried about too! i do love a good acrylic nail and how long they last compared to normal polish!! Yours look incredible!

    Steph xx

  4. Oh they look beautiful!!
    Little worried though - I've had coffin shaped acrylics done 8-10 times and it's never hurt! Mine always come off fine in warm water after around 6 weeks and don't damage my nails at all.
    I hope you love your acrylic nails, you chose well! Xx