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Review | Victoria's Secret Intense Eau de Parfum Rollerball

I know, sorry, yet another Victoria's Secret perfume post but I just can't get enough of them. I really do believe that the VS Perfumes are rather underrated. Everyone goes on about their Body Mists and don't get me wrong, they are great but the perfumes are even better. Their Bombshell Perfume is perhaps my favourite perfume ever, and it is definitely the most used in my little collection. I am yet to meet a Victoria's Secret Perfume I haven't liked and the Victoria's Secret Intense Eau de Parfum is definitely no exception.

About the Victoria's Secret Intense Eau de Parfum:
"No limits. Too much is never enough with an intoxicating blend of salted praline coconut and creamy florals in a light mist. Intense features notes of salted praline coconut, sueded musks and plum noir."

The Victoria's Secret Intense Eau de Parfum smells utterly heavenly. It is fruity and musky, something ever so slightly deeper than the usual everyday perfumes I go for. I am a massive lover of soft, crisp, floral scents but this? This is right up my street. With top notes of saffron and plum, middle notes featuring apple and floral and base notes featuring coconut, praline and musk, this is a perfume everyone should try. It reminds me of a lighter version of the Marc Jacobs Decadence Perfume which I find ever so slightly too deep for my personal taste but Intense is lighter and more wearable for everyday.

I bought this perfume in the rollerball version as I find them easy to carry around with me all day, although after trying it out I would definitely consider buying a full-sized bottle for home use. Longevity wise I find that the initial Intense smell does fade away after about an hour of wear but it leaves behind a really warm, musky and dark scent which is just as lovely. I don't find that I lose the scent entirely throughout the day but as I carry the perfume around with me anyway, I do like to re-apply it again during the day, just so everyone else around me can have the pleasure of smelling it too.

Overall, I actually think I may have found a new favourite perfume. I thought I was more of a fresh, floral, clean cotton sheets kinda girl but it turns out that I'm not. This musky, plummy and fruity perfume is perfect for day and night and whilst it might not be the longest lasting perfume I own, I sure as hell don't mind re-applying it, not when it smells this good.


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