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Review | Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges

 I recently mentioned how it took me a long time to get on the Beautyblender bandwagon and now that I'm on it, I don't particularly want to get off it. I can't believe how well one little tear-shaped sponge can expertly blend out foundation seamlessly without the streakiness that foundation brushes can give you. They may be expensive at £16 a pop but boy, are they worth it.

Whilst a Beautyblender is perfect at blending foundation all over the face, I find that it doesn't work as well in certain areas such as underneath the eyes or round the nose. This is because the Beautyblender works wonders on large areas but perhaps something smaller would be better for smaller, more delicate areas. I know Beautyblender themselves offer a Beautyblender Micro Mini Duo set for the smaller areas, although they are slightly pricey at £14.50 for two so fortunately, the wonders that is Real Techniques have created their Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges which do exactly the same job, plus a hell of a lot more, at a third of the price.

About the Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges:
"Erase makeup mishaps with the 2 pack of Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges from Real Techniques. The mini purple sponges can be used damp or dry and boast flat edges, which are designed to help erase, rounded sides to buff and blend out makeup and a precision tip for a targeted sweep.
The Miracle sponges are an essential tool for your makeup bag, with the ability to sweep away eyeshadow that falls under the eye, erase eyeliner gone wrong, wipe away mascara smudges and blend away over applied blush or highlighter, resulting in a more professional finish to each of your makeup looks."

The Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges look just like the Real Techniques Complexion Sponges, only smaller, and not orange. They work in the same way as a Beautyblender in that you have to wet the sponges first so they double in size in order to really get the most out of the product, although one difference is that this product promises to do more than the Beautyblender claims. The Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges claim to sweep away fallen-out eyeshadow, erase eyeliner which has gone wrong and blend out blusher which has been applied a little too heavy-handedly. For a little sponge duo, they claim an awful lot - but do they actually work?

The first time I used the Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges, I used it to blend out the concealer underneath my eyes and around the nose area. I usually use my Beautyblender to do this but I find that it can really irritate my eyes so I thought something smaller and more delicate would do the job without the irritation. I found the Mini Eraser Sponge worked really well on this area as it did the same job as the Beautyblender and it blended the concealer out seamlessly, although I didn't find it worked as well around the nose so for that I used the Beautyblender, which blended everything out straight away.

Other than using the Mini Eraser Sponges for blending in concealer, they are perfect for erasing fallout underneath the eyes. In fact, I use one of the two sponges for this purpose entirely. I use my Morphe 35OS Eyeshadow Palette every day and I find that I get quite a lot of pigment fallout so these little Eraser Sponge work wonderfully well at wiping everything away. Another great use for this little product is wiping away uneven winged eyeliner. I will admit that some days it takes me a few attempts to get it perfect so I would usually wipe it away with a damp cotton bud but now I use a damp Eraser Sponge which does exactly the job you would want it to do but without tugging and pulling. They are also great for dipping into your loose powder and using to bake underneath the eye area. They have so many uses making them a make-up bag essential!

I really like these little Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges and because they have so many uses to them, I think they are handy little tools to keep in your make-up bag. Not only are they great for blending out concealer underneath the eyes and other delicate areas but they are also great for erasing make-up mistakes and sweeping away any make-up fallout. Forget the Beautyblender Micro Mini Duo set and get these instead.



  1. These looks awesome! But I think I still prefer my beauty blender XD

    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

  2. Definitely going to add these into my wishlist.


  3. I haven't tried the Real Techniques sponges before so after this I may have to give them a go!

    Danielle xx