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Review | NYX Glitter Primer

Sometimes all you need is a bit of glitter. How can you be unhappy when your eyelids are sparkling rose gold? When I can't sleep at night I scroll through make-up looks on Instagram for hours on end and I realised that I really needed to try out some glitter pigments, especially rose gold and coppery tones as they look so pretty with black sharp-as-a-knife winged eyeliner. After a long time searching, I finally came across glitter pigments in Boots and not only did they offer a whole shade range of pigments, but also a glue-like product to keep everything in place on the eyes. The product? The NYX Glitter Primer.

About the NYX Glitter Primer:
"A lightweight, easy-to-use glitter primer specially formulated to keep all of the 12 NYX Face & Body Glitters in place. Minimize glitter fallout and help keep each and every sparkle in its place with our Glitter Primer - a light and creamy formula that sets and then holds on tight to NYX Face & Body Glitter."

The NYX Glitter Primer is designed to keep hold of and set glitter in place on to the face and the body. It is a really lightweight and creamy product which has the same tackiness to it as lash glue does, although not as thin. As it is a primer, it is designed to be applied before glitters and other pigments, meaning that it dries down completely invisible and acts as a glue to keep everything in place and it does absolutely everything you would expect it to do.

The primer itself comes in a 10ml squeezy tube which has a really small hole at the end so you never squeeze out more than what you need. The product itself is almost a pale yellow in colour which is really creamy in consistency and has a tacky feel to it which gives the glitter something to grip hold onto. When it comes to application I was a little unsure as to how it is best to apply it so I applied my base eyeshadows and colours in the way I usually do, then I squeezed out the tiniest spec of product onto the back of my hand. I then grabbed a flat eyeshadow brush, dipped it into the primer then patted it all over my eyelid or where I want the glitter to go. I then dipped the same brush into my glitter and pressed the pigment all over the eyelid where it stuck immediately. I had to apply quite a few layers in order to really build up a fully opaque block of glitter onto my eyelids before applying my eyeliner on top.

The glitter stayed put all. day. long. It did not budge once, nor did I experience fall out or the glitter moving throughout the day. The NYX Glitter Primer keeps everything in place all day long and acts as a glue to keep everything together - I really cannot fault it!



  1. oh I haven't seen this before but it looks and sounds great!

    Nicole xx | www.nicolesbeautybabble.com

  2. I love it, made my life so much easier!

  3. This sounds amazing! I have an Elf glitter primer but it doesn't keep it in place all day, although I haven't tried applying it with a brush x


  4. Thank you for the review, I have always wondered if the NYX glitter primer is any good... now it is in my wishlist!

  5. I haven't seen this before but it looks really good!

    Danielle xx

  6. Oh I want to try this so badly! Ever since I watched Jamie Genevieve's half cut crease tuto when she used this! I hope I can find a NZ stockist x


  7. I don't use glitter so much but I heard about this product and it works well.
    If I would use glitters in my makeup I'll absolutely buy this NYX primer :)

    Silvia | www.andoutcomesthegirl.com