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Review | Beautyblender Nude

The Beautyblender. An expensive piece of tear-shaped sponge which blends your make-up in like a dream. I was so slow on the uptake of the Beautyblender. I knew they were good as everyone kept raving about them but I was so reluctant to spend £16 on what is essentially a piece of sponge. Instead, I bought a couple of dupes to see what it was like to use a damp sponge to apply and blend foundation in with and I found the finish to be much better than that of an application with a normal foundation brush. Gone is the streaky finish; instead everything is blended in wonderfully - all from the help of a little sponge.

Because I enjoyed using the dupes so much I thought it was time for me to finally buy a Beautyblender. I really wanted to see if there was a difference between the original and the duplicates and if the original Beautyblender is worth the money or not, so I ended up buying the Beautyblender Nude.

About the Beautyblender Nude:
"With the same elliptical shape of the original, Beautyblender Nude hugs every contour of the face to effortlessly blend and blur your base, concealing and illuminating products - eliminating instances of tell-tale tidelines to achieve a seamless, 'no make up' effect."

The Beautyblender Nude is exactly the same as the original Beautyblender with the only difference being down to just the colour. It still works in exactly the same way as the original, the difference is that unlike the bright pink original, you probably won't end up with foundation staining it! Which is exactly why I bought the Beautyblender Nude. My foundation is pretty much the same colour as the nude shade on the blender so everything just blends in together, thus giving the look that it is brand spanking new and has never been touched before.

The idea of the Beautyblender, is that you run it under warm water until it doubles in size, squeeze out all of the excess then use it to dab your foundation into the skin. Because the Beautyblender doesn't have bristles to it, it means that with each use your foundation just blends straight into the skin without leaving a streaky or uneven finish. One of the reasons why I didn't want to buy a Beautyblender originally is because I was worried my foundation would be soaked up by the sponge, meaning that there would be a lot of waste but fortunately I was completely wrong. When I apply my foundation I dab it onto my skin first using either my fingers or with a foundation brush then I blend it in with my damp Beautyblender and each time I have used it my foundation has been blended in perfectly with no streaks whatsoever. The Beautyblender really helps to give off the appearance of airbrushed skin and for that, I absolutely love it.

I know Beautyblenders have been around for a while and I am sure everyone is a little bored about hearing about them now but goodness me, are they worth the money. It isn't just a sponge like I first thought. Instead, it is a wonderful little magical item which makes your foundation look completely natural and leaves your skin almost looking airbrushed. I can't believe it took me so long to buy a Beautyblender and since using mine, I haven't looked twice at a foundation brush!



  1. I honestly could live without a beautyblender, they are just magical!

    Parie x

  2. I love my BB. I'll have to look into a nude one; those foundation stains really bug me when they don't come out!

    Sara | www.saraspoke.com

  3. I wish I had gotten the nude instead of the pink since the staining just makes it look a lil bit gross which puts me off from using it, I still use it though haha!
    Kathy x

  4. I probably would invest in my first beautyblender nude because like you, i hate staining on makeup sponges x


  5. I've just ordered the Nude version - I binned my pink one recently & have really missed it! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxuryFragranceBundleGiveaway

  6. The beautyblender is one of my favourite beauty tools of all time! I've just about had it in every colour, haha. Great post :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  7. I really need to get myself an original beauty blender! I only have doupes at the moment and just feel like I am really missing something there! Thank you for the review lovely, you may have just convinced me to go get one!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  8. I just got my first beauty blender dupe. I'm still not ready for the real deal
    The Color Palette

  9. I love that they've started making nude ones so you won't be able to see the foundation as easily left on the sponge like on the other colours


  10. I really have to try Beautyblender one day. I very like this nude color <3

  11. I really love my Beautyblenders! They totally changed my makeup game! I bought a limited edition package with a pink, a black and a small green and I couldn't be happier. I will definitely try the nude in the future!

    Lot's of love,



  12. I've never tried any of the original beauty blenders, all I have is a Real Techniques beauty sponge. Should I jump to the beauty blender or stay to the sponge I have?

    Karolina Žalaitė