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Other | A Bicester Village Haul

What's a better way to spend the final day of 2016 than by spending a lot of money on things you don't really need? On New Years Eve my family and I decided to go to Bicester Village for a little look around the shops in the hope that we will be able to afford all of these expensive, lovely things this time next year. I had been once before years ago and the only thing I could afford to buy was lunch and whilst that hasn't really changed, I did get a bit carried away and buy a few little items. Including a Burberry handbag. Eeeek. In my defense, everything had extra money off and I felt like I deserved a few nice things after a particularly stressful year.

One of the reasons why I love going to Bicester Village is because I would never normally venture into any of the shops that they have there. Would I usually walk into Burberry or Prada? Absolutely not. But it is fun walking around and looking at what each brand has to offer, although the snobby security guards and sales assistants who look down on you when you walk into each store can kindly go and sit in a small room and remember what their job title is and somehow, I don't think it is to be judgemental little so and so's. Prada and Gucci in particular were incredible for this. On the other hand, the people in Burberry and Tory Burch were really nice and helpful so I guess you just have to like it and lump it.

So, let me show you what I bought! We started off in Kate Spade where I immediately went and bought a hot pink purse. It is a lot smaller and sleeker than the purses that I am used to which is great as the bigger the purse, the more crap you can shove into it. It's amazing how many old receipts you can carry around with you all year long, isn't it? There were so many gorgeous purses in Kate Spade and I was so torn between a handful but in the end I decided to choose the Kate Spade Cameron Street Stacy Purse in Pink Confetti. Inside there is space for 13 cards, notes and change although I will try not to carry too much change around with me as I don't want to make it too bulky. What drew me to this purse over a few of the others is that this is fairly sleek and streamlined so I don't want to bulk it out too much so it loses the features which drew me to it in the first place. This purse originally was £130 but the outlet price was £78. It was then in the sale at £49 and then on the day I bought it they had an extra 20% off, meaning I paid £39.20. Thank you Kate, thank you.

We then ventured into Tory Burch which had the happiest and nicest sales assistants. I immediately spotted something I have been after for a very long time - a Tory Burch For Fitbit Double Wrap Leather Bracelet. The idea of it is that you place your fitbit into the caging so you can wear something much more aesthetically pleasing than the ugly sillicone strap which is the norm of a Fitbit and still track each step you take a day. I am so pleased I manged to find one of these, and for so cheaply too. These retail at £150, it was on sale in the Tory Burch store for £32 and because they had a store promo that day, I had an extra 20% off meaning I paid £25.60 for it.

After a coffee break we then headed into Michael Kors which is just what I imagine hell to look like. Michael Kors on a Saturday afternoon is a bit like hell on earth. Don't get me wrong, it has some really beautiful handbags and purses but wow, if you hate crowds then you would not want to even step foot inside that store. I persevered and actually managed to buy the cutest luggage tag, all for a mere £6. Whenever I go on holiday for some reason in between the time it takes me to drop my suitcase off at check in, to the time it takes me to pick it back up again from baggage reclaim, I simply forget what my suitcase looks like. Was it black? Blue? Did I even bring a suitcase with me?? When I went on holiday to Dubai in September, I watched my suitcase go round the conveyor belt 6 times before a bolt of realization hit me that the last suitcase left might possibly be mine. Which is why I purchased the Michael Kors Gold Star Saffiano Leather Luggage Tag, in hope that this small star accessory will remind me which suitcase is mine. Unless I forget I even bought the luggage tag, in which case I really am screwed! I paid £6 for this luggage tag and it was originally £25.

And finally. I saved the best until last. Burberry was actually the first shop we stepped into and whilst my sister and my aunt looked at the classic trench coats, I was looking at the handbags and immediately spotted this beauty. A small, black, classic cross-body bag made out of the softest leather. I tried it on, stroked it and told myself that if it was still here at the end of our shopping day then I would come back and buy it. So I did. It is my first designer handbag purchase and whilst I am a massive lover of saving money, I really couldn't resist buying it, especially considering the price. The Burberry Langley Crossbody Bag is much smaller than what I am used to bag-wise and it may not be able to carry anything more than my phone, a credit card and a key but what more do you really need to carry around with you?? The Burberry Langley costs £525 but because it was in the sale I paid £119. £119. Seriously. £119 is still a lot of money for me to spend on a bag but considering it is my first designer handbag purchase, I think that is a pretty healthy and reasonable price to pay.

I am completely over the moon with my purchases and whilst I did not set out to buy anything, I am really happy with what I bought. I may not be able to eat again for the rest of the month but at least I have a few lovely items to show for it!



  1. Your bag is to die for! £119 was such a bargain though!

    The Crown Wings

  2. I love going to Bicester Village, I always get such good bargains!

    Danielle xx

  3. Amazing haul! These all look so pretty!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  4. Love Love Love the Kate Spade purse such a statement piece! You got some amazing deals!


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