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Other | Beautyblender vs A Dupe

I recently wrote about how I finally bit the the bullet and splashed the cash out on a Beautyblender. Before then I had used a dupe which I thought worked really well and was a great stepping stone from a regular foundation brush to a real Beautyblender. With a dupe coming in at just a couple of pounds and an actual Beautyblender costing £16, I thought it would be useful to do a comparison post so you can see for yourself if that £16 is worth it, or if the dupe works just as well, if not better.

My first dupe for the Beautyblender was a Target's-own tear shaped latex sponge. I bought it from Target whilst on holiday in America when I was on a hunt for the original Beautyblender. I couldn't find one anywhere so I bought what was essentially a latex sponge and started using it to apply my make-up with and, well, it was terrible. Awful. It didn't do anything remotely flattering for the skin and the sponge itself just seemed to soak up the foundation without giving any positive results whatsoever. I threw it away and then bought another dupe from TJMaxx, again, in America where I ended up buying another couple of look-a-likes. I bought them home and used them alternatively and to begin with, I thought they were great. I didn't get any streaky finishes like I usually get with a foundation brush so I was happy, although I did find that they soaked up more product than necessary. I preferred one over the other, which is why the pink sponge in the photo above looks well loved, because I did love it. I thought it blended out foundation wonderfully, even if I did lose a few small chunks of sponge with each use. I thought it was so great that I wondered why people even bothered buying expensive sponges - you can't get any greater than this, surely??

And then I bought a Beautyblender and my eyes were opened. From pulling the blender itself out from the packaging and feeling the texture and consistency for the first time, I knew this would blend and apply my foundation to perfection. It was soft and smooth, but firm. It didn't feel like an actual sponge - something which my dupes were guilty of. Even running the blender under a warm tap made me realise just how bad the dupes were. The Beautyblender enlarges in size - but not doubles - when damp. When squeezed out it maintains it shape and has a light and bouncy texture to it, whereas the dupes double in size when wet - even when squeezed out, meaning it maintains a lot of water inside the sponge itself. And when squeezed, it doesn't feel light and bouncy, instead it feels quite heavy with water retention so if I were to throw it at a wall, it would act like a tennis ball and fly back violently, whereas a Beautyblender would act like foam ball and it would float to the ground. 

When it comes to application, I found my foundation applied with a dupe would apply fairly patchy due to the amount of foundation the sponge was soaking up, whereas the Beautyblender applies flawlessly. It is soft and gentle on the skin and bounces the foundation on perfectly whereas the dupe would happily soak everything up. Finish-wise, despite the cheap dupe applying fairly patchy, both products blend out perfectly well meaning no streaky finish or harsh lines. Finally, longevity. I used my dupe for just a couple of months and it appeared as if I had bitten a few chunks out of it due to hunger. It had started to shred soon after I started to use it hence why it looks slightly battered, whereas I have now been using my Beautyblender for the same amount of time and it looks as good as new. I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for and in this case, I do think that statement is true, although if you wanted to dip your toe into the world of applying your foundation with fancy sponges, a dupe is a great way to start.

To recap - you get what you pay for but Beautyblender dupes are no-way terrible. I loved my dupes and thought they were great until I tried a Beautyblender but technically you still do get the same finish, although with a dupe it may suck up your foundation and apply it slightly sheerer due to it retaining water. The Original Beautyblender's are light, bouncy sponges which are silky smooth in texture whereas the dupes I have tried have felt just like regular sponges and feel heavier in comparison due to the amount of water they seem to hold. I found my dupe shredded a lot and gave off the appearance of being well-loved over a short period of time whereas my Beautyblender has maintained its appearance of being brand new, and I have been using it for months. Cleaning wise I find the Beautyblender easier to clean but even then, it is still a pain-staking task to ensure the whole blender is clean through to the core. I can't imagine not applying my foundation with my Beautyblender now, although I will always cherish the time me and my dupes spent together. They got me on the blender bandwagon, after all.



  1. I really want to try the bb but the price always draws me back, but definitely gonna try it some day haha. I'm now using the real techniques one

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  2. I prefer kabuki brushes or stippling brushes for my foundations but if I were to go for a sponge I would get a Beauty Blender, so many people say that it performs better than the dupes!

    Beauty From Katie

  3. I'm definitely on the beauty blender bandwagon too. I hate seeing it slowly get dirtier dirtier as I use it which sucks because then I need to actually buy a new one!
    Kathy x

  4. I have the beauty blender and I love it! I never tried any dupe but I would love to try the Real Techniques one!

    Lots of love,



  5. It's so funny that sometimes when I apply foundation, I feel like with some foundations the Beautyblender doesn't work and my kabuki brush works better.


  6. I'm actually afraid of getting a BB and not being able to go back to the affordable dupes! I do find the dupes that I currently use are really lightweight, but I have tried some awful ones that felt like you were punching yourself in the face while using it.