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Review | Victoria's Secret Intense Eau de Parfum Rollerball

I know, sorry, yet another Victoria's Secret perfume post but I just can't get enough of them. I really do believe that the VS Perfumes are rather underrated. Everyone goes on about their Body Mists and don't get me wrong, they are great but the perfumes are even better. Their Bombshell Perfume is perhaps my favourite perfume ever, and it is definitely the most used in my little collection. I am yet to meet a Victoria's Secret Perfume I haven't liked and the Victoria's Secret Intense Eau de Parfum is definitely no exception.

About the Victoria's Secret Intense Eau de Parfum:
"No limits. Too much is never enough with an intoxicating blend of salted praline coconut and creamy florals in a light mist. Intense features notes of salted praline coconut, sueded musks and plum noir."

The Victoria's Secret Intense Eau de Parfum smells utterly heavenly. It is fruity and musky, something ever so slightly deeper than the usual everyday perfumes I go for. I am a massive lover of soft, crisp, floral scents but this? This is right up my street. With top notes of saffron and plum, middle notes featuring apple and floral and base notes featuring coconut, praline and musk, this is a perfume everyone should try. It reminds me of a lighter version of the Marc Jacobs Decadence Perfume which I find ever so slightly too deep for my personal taste but Intense is lighter and more wearable for everyday.

I bought this perfume in the rollerball version as I find them easy to carry around with me all day, although after trying it out I would definitely consider buying a full-sized bottle for home use. Longevity wise I find that the initial Intense smell does fade away after about an hour of wear but it leaves behind a really warm, musky and dark scent which is just as lovely. I don't find that I lose the scent entirely throughout the day but as I carry the perfume around with me anyway, I do like to re-apply it again during the day, just so everyone else around me can have the pleasure of smelling it too.

Overall, I actually think I may have found a new favourite perfume. I thought I was more of a fresh, floral, clean cotton sheets kinda girl but it turns out that I'm not. This musky, plummy and fruity perfume is perfect for day and night and whilst it might not be the longest lasting perfume I own, I sure as hell don't mind re-applying it, not when it smells this good.


Other | The Liz Earle Daily Rituals Set

I know, I know. I am still going on about festive related beauty and skincare products but I just can't help myself. This is my one and only Boxing Day find. I can't remember how much it cost originally, probably around £35 but in the Boxing Day sale it was £12. £12! For Liz Earle! The Superskin Concentrate alone costs £21 so how could anyone resist that sort of price for three wonderful products, I do not know. I do, however, know that you can't buy this Liz Earle Daily Rituals Set anymore as it was released just for Christmas time but I thought this post would be useful to introduce everyone to some Liz Earle products other than the famous Cleanse and Polish. 

About the Liz Earle Daily Rituals Set:
"This festive season, discover the difference that is Liz Earle with this selection of daily skincare must-haves. This gift set features: Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 100ml pump with 2 pure muslin cloths, Superskin Concentrate for night 10ml rollerball & Instant Boost Skin Tonic 30ml spritzer.Beautifully presented in a specially-designed Christmas gift box, these three skincare heroes will help reveal radiance, no matter what skin type."

The Liz Earle Daily Rituals Set features a bottle of the famous Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, 2 pure muslin cloths, a Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate For Night and the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic. I absolutely love the Hot Cloth Cleanser, as I am sure everyone else does, but this Set is a really great way of trying out some of the other products Liz Earle has to offer as, in all honesty, I probably wouldn't have chosen the Superskin Concentrate or the Instant Skin Boost otherwise.

About the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser:
"Rich and creamy, this hot cloth cleanser quickly removes daily grime and make up (even stubborn mascara) leaving all skin types clean, soft and radiant. With purifying eucalyptus essential oil, toning rosemary plus soothing chamomile and cocoa butter."

There is no doubt that the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser is the best cleanser around. It has won over 100 awards, it does exactly what it claims to do whilst remaining pretty purse friendly. It is the creamiest cleanser I have tried which leaves the skin feeling wonderfully soft without that horrible tight feeling you are usually left with, It removes all make-up and grime and your skin feels incredibly soft and thoroughly clean after every use. I thought the Philosophy Purity Cleanser was my favourite but after using this product again there is no doubt in my mind that no, this definitely is. It is definitely worth the hype and if you are yet to try it then please, give it a go!

About the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate For Night:
"Apply this luxurious facial oil before bedtime to visibly plump and smooth mature or very dry skin, or balance combination skin by morning. Soothing pure essential oils of neroli, lavender and chamomile also help aid a peaceful night’s sleep."

I won't lie to you, I had absolutely no idea what the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate For Night was or what it was supposed to do when I first pulled it out of the set but after just a couple of uses, it is safe to say that I love it! Not only does it smell absolutely beautiful but because of all of the natural ingredients within, it is so soothing to the skin after a tiring day at work. The rollerball application makes it incredibly easy to apply to the skin and I like to apply it just under the eyes and onto my cheekbones before gently blending it all in. The concentrate is oily in texture and consistency but it blends into the skin wonderfully and doesn't make the skin feel greasy or oily. Watch out for a full review on this beauty as I absolutely love it.

About the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic:
"This non-drying floral toner is alcohol-free and leaves a fine layer of moisture to brighten, refresh and pamper all skin types. Infused with revitalising aloe vera and skin-soothing calendula, chamomile, cucumber, it also smells heavenly with a spirit-lifting blend of rose-scented geranium, lavender and sweet orange pure essential oils."

The Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic is a wonderfully refreshing toner, and perhaps the product I was most excited about trying. I have heard such lovely things about this toner and I can understand why as it smells absolutely incredible! With a heavy floral scent, this toner is perfect for waking up the skin in the morning and it has quickly slipped into my everyday routine.

Considering I spent just £12 on this set, I am over the moon with the contents inside. You have the Hot Cloth Cleanser which should be a staple in everyone's everyday skincare routine, you have the Superskin Concentrate For Night which is an incredibly soothing night time oil which helps to soften dry skin on the face as well as an aid to help you sleep and the Instant Boost Skin Tonic which is a really refreshing mist spray which helps to perk up and wake up the skin of a morning. I am obsessed with everything and you can never have too many muslin cloths, can you?!


Review | Lush Cupid Bath Bomb

If you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife at Valentine's Day then you could possibly feel a bit down around February the 14th, where everything is either pink or red and covered with hearts. Or, like me, you could be excited about the upcoming Valentine's Day collection from Lush. With so many Limited Edition products released recently to celebrate Valentine's Day, I could happily have spent a small fortune on pink and heart shaped body products so I tried my hardest to use my self-control, although I can't promise that I won't be going back for a Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar or two....

About the Lush Cupid Bath Bomb:
"Be still your beating heart with an opulent bathtime bouquet of calming rose and bergamot. This fantastically floral fizzer is full of uplifting bergamot, rose and violet leaf absolute, and its subtle sweetness is sure to melt your heart as it melts into your bathwater."

The Lush Cupid Bath Bomb smells absolutely incredible. It smells really sweet with the rose petal powder, the violet leaf absolute and with the persian lime oil, almost making the bath bomb smell like a Refreshers sweet or a nostalgic Parma Violet. I don't usually enjoy really sweet scents but I absolutely adore this and I would go as far to say that if you could bottle Valentine's Day up as a fragrance then it would probably smell like this. 

The Lush Cupid Bath Bomb is, naturally, heart shaped with an arrow bursting through it, just like a Cupid's bow. In comparison to other Lush Bath Bombs, Cupid is slightly smaller so it is only destined for one use, although if you manage to get two uses out of a Bath Bomb then wow, well done you. I love the Intergalactic Bath Bomb but at £4.25, I try not to buy it too often as it is an expensive product to watch float down the drain. If I could easily chop it up for a few uses without the use of a power tool then I would happily do so but as the Cupid Bath Bomb is really reasonable in price, I don't mind buying a couple. 

When dipped in hot water or run under a hot tap, the middle fizzes out white foam whereas the arrow fizzes out a hot pink. Everything twirls and floats around nicely in the bath and slowly a white foam is formed, leaving the bath water a very mild shade of pink but nothing too extravagant or out of the ordinary happens in terms of performance. For me, the best part of this bath bomb is the smell. It smells so sweet and so much of old school, nostalgic childhood sweets, it instantly brings back some old memories. 

If you pop into a Lush store before Valentine's Day, I would definitely recommend you pick one or two of these Cupid Bath Bombs up. It may not be a firework display in the bath tub but the smell alone is worth a purchase!


Other | Beautyblender vs A Dupe

I recently wrote about how I finally bit the the bullet and splashed the cash out on a Beautyblender. Before then I had used a dupe which I thought worked really well and was a great stepping stone from a regular foundation brush to a real Beautyblender. With a dupe coming in at just a couple of pounds and an actual Beautyblender costing £16, I thought it would be useful to do a comparison post so you can see for yourself if that £16 is worth it, or if the dupe works just as well, if not better.

My first dupe for the Beautyblender was a Target's-own tear shaped latex sponge. I bought it from Target whilst on holiday in America when I was on a hunt for the original Beautyblender. I couldn't find one anywhere so I bought what was essentially a latex sponge and started using it to apply my make-up with and, well, it was terrible. Awful. It didn't do anything remotely flattering for the skin and the sponge itself just seemed to soak up the foundation without giving any positive results whatsoever. I threw it away and then bought another dupe from TJMaxx, again, in America where I ended up buying another couple of look-a-likes. I bought them home and used them alternatively and to begin with, I thought they were great. I didn't get any streaky finishes like I usually get with a foundation brush so I was happy, although I did find that they soaked up more product than necessary. I preferred one over the other, which is why the pink sponge in the photo above looks well loved, because I did love it. I thought it blended out foundation wonderfully, even if I did lose a few small chunks of sponge with each use. I thought it was so great that I wondered why people even bothered buying expensive sponges - you can't get any greater than this, surely??

And then I bought a Beautyblender and my eyes were opened. From pulling the blender itself out from the packaging and feeling the texture and consistency for the first time, I knew this would blend and apply my foundation to perfection. It was soft and smooth, but firm. It didn't feel like an actual sponge - something which my dupes were guilty of. Even running the blender under a warm tap made me realise just how bad the dupes were. The Beautyblender enlarges in size - but not doubles - when damp. When squeezed out it maintains it shape and has a light and bouncy texture to it, whereas the dupes double in size when wet - even when squeezed out, meaning it maintains a lot of water inside the sponge itself. And when squeezed, it doesn't feel light and bouncy, instead it feels quite heavy with water retention so if I were to throw it at a wall, it would act like a tennis ball and fly back violently, whereas a Beautyblender would act like foam ball and it would float to the ground. 

When it comes to application, I found my foundation applied with a dupe would apply fairly patchy due to the amount of foundation the sponge was soaking up, whereas the Beautyblender applies flawlessly. It is soft and gentle on the skin and bounces the foundation on perfectly whereas the dupe would happily soak everything up. Finish-wise, despite the cheap dupe applying fairly patchy, both products blend out perfectly well meaning no streaky finish or harsh lines. Finally, longevity. I used my dupe for just a couple of months and it appeared as if I had bitten a few chunks out of it due to hunger. It had started to shred soon after I started to use it hence why it looks slightly battered, whereas I have now been using my Beautyblender for the same amount of time and it looks as good as new. I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for and in this case, I do think that statement is true, although if you wanted to dip your toe into the world of applying your foundation with fancy sponges, a dupe is a great way to start.

To recap - you get what you pay for but Beautyblender dupes are no-way terrible. I loved my dupes and thought they were great until I tried a Beautyblender but technically you still do get the same finish, although with a dupe it may suck up your foundation and apply it slightly sheerer due to it retaining water. The Original Beautyblender's are light, bouncy sponges which are silky smooth in texture whereas the dupes I have tried have felt just like regular sponges and feel heavier in comparison due to the amount of water they seem to hold. I found my dupe shredded a lot and gave off the appearance of being well-loved over a short period of time whereas my Beautyblender has maintained its appearance of being brand new, and I have been using it for months. Cleaning wise I find the Beautyblender easier to clean but even then, it is still a pain-staking task to ensure the whole blender is clean through to the core. I can't imagine not applying my foundation with my Beautyblender now, although I will always cherish the time me and my dupes spent together. They got me on the blender bandwagon, after all.


Review | Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges

 I recently mentioned how it took me a long time to get on the Beautyblender bandwagon and now that I'm on it, I don't particularly want to get off it. I can't believe how well one little tear-shaped sponge can expertly blend out foundation seamlessly without the streakiness that foundation brushes can give you. They may be expensive at £16 a pop but boy, are they worth it.

Whilst a Beautyblender is perfect at blending foundation all over the face, I find that it doesn't work as well in certain areas such as underneath the eyes or round the nose. This is because the Beautyblender works wonders on large areas but perhaps something smaller would be better for smaller, more delicate areas. I know Beautyblender themselves offer a Beautyblender Micro Mini Duo set for the smaller areas, although they are slightly pricey at £14.50 for two so fortunately, the wonders that is Real Techniques have created their Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges which do exactly the same job, plus a hell of a lot more, at a third of the price.

About the Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges:
"Erase makeup mishaps with the 2 pack of Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges from Real Techniques. The mini purple sponges can be used damp or dry and boast flat edges, which are designed to help erase, rounded sides to buff and blend out makeup and a precision tip for a targeted sweep.
The Miracle sponges are an essential tool for your makeup bag, with the ability to sweep away eyeshadow that falls under the eye, erase eyeliner gone wrong, wipe away mascara smudges and blend away over applied blush or highlighter, resulting in a more professional finish to each of your makeup looks."

The Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges look just like the Real Techniques Complexion Sponges, only smaller, and not orange. They work in the same way as a Beautyblender in that you have to wet the sponges first so they double in size in order to really get the most out of the product, although one difference is that this product promises to do more than the Beautyblender claims. The Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges claim to sweep away fallen-out eyeshadow, erase eyeliner which has gone wrong and blend out blusher which has been applied a little too heavy-handedly. For a little sponge duo, they claim an awful lot - but do they actually work?

The first time I used the Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges, I used it to blend out the concealer underneath my eyes and around the nose area. I usually use my Beautyblender to do this but I find that it can really irritate my eyes so I thought something smaller and more delicate would do the job without the irritation. I found the Mini Eraser Sponge worked really well on this area as it did the same job as the Beautyblender and it blended the concealer out seamlessly, although I didn't find it worked as well around the nose so for that I used the Beautyblender, which blended everything out straight away.

Other than using the Mini Eraser Sponges for blending in concealer, they are perfect for erasing fallout underneath the eyes. In fact, I use one of the two sponges for this purpose entirely. I use my Morphe 35OS Eyeshadow Palette every day and I find that I get quite a lot of pigment fallout so these little Eraser Sponge work wonderfully well at wiping everything away. Another great use for this little product is wiping away uneven winged eyeliner. I will admit that some days it takes me a few attempts to get it perfect so I would usually wipe it away with a damp cotton bud but now I use a damp Eraser Sponge which does exactly the job you would want it to do but without tugging and pulling. They are also great for dipping into your loose powder and using to bake underneath the eye area. They have so many uses making them a make-up bag essential!

I really like these little Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges and because they have so many uses to them, I think they are handy little tools to keep in your make-up bag. Not only are they great for blending out concealer underneath the eyes and other delicate areas but they are also great for erasing make-up mistakes and sweeping away any make-up fallout. Forget the Beautyblender Micro Mini Duo set and get these instead.


Review | NYX Face & Body Glitter in Rose

Following on from my last post where I raved about the NYX Glitter Primer, I think it is time to rave about the accompanying product - the glitter! I said in my most recent post that when I am laying in bed unable to sleep at night the one thing I do is look through Instagram at either nail art or eyeshadow to try and find some inspiration for the next day and the most popular looks I have seen time and time again is either a cut crease or glitter which has been tightly packed onto the eyelids then finished off with jet black eyeliner. I absolutely love these looks and wanted to create my own so I thought I would try out some glitter pigments myself and see if they are as much hassle as they first appear to be!

After picking up the NYX Glitter Primer, I then browsed their glitter pigments. With 12 shades available, there is a reasonable selection to choose from, ranging from bright violet to gunmental grey. As the copper shade was sold out, which would have been my initial first choice, I then decided to go for the NYX Face & Body Glitter in Rose.

About the NYX Face & Body Glitters:
"NYX Face & Body Glitter is a vibrant glitter makeup for the face and body that instantly infuses sparkle and style to any look, day or night. Available in 12 light-catching shades, ranging from ruby red and multi-coloured purple, to bronzy brown and yellow gold. Pair with our Glitter Primer for a sparkle-perfect look."

The NYX Face & Body Glitter comes housed in a small 2.5 g pot which has a shaker style dispenser at the top of it meaning that the glitter doesn't come gushing out when you are trying to apply it. This is great as it means that you don't waste any product but I do find it slightly tedious trying to shake out a decent sized amount into the lid to get enough product out to cover both eyelids. Let's face it, glitter pigments aren't the tidiest or neatest of products to use but I'm not sure if I would prefer just an open twist up lid like on the MAC Pigments. Although if I knocked the whole pot over onto my carpet I would be devastated so I am not sure which style I would prefer best! 

The NYX Face & Body Glitter in Rose is a really pretty metallic pink shade, although when I do hear rose as a colour I immediately think of rose gold, a shade it most certainly isn't! Instead it is a really pretty and wearable pink which is perfect for parties, evenings our and even day-to-day use. I wouldn't shy away from wearing this shade to work although I do like to experiment with my make-up on a day-to-day basis, regardless of if I have to go to work or not. 

Application of glitter pigments looks like an awful lot of faff and mess but actually it is so incredibly easy! I wouldn't use this product without the NYX Glitter Primer. It is a godsend. I first apply my eye bases and eyeshadows like usual, then I pat on the NYX Glitter Primer using a flat eyeshadow brush. Then, I shake out some of the Rose glitter into the product lid then using the same brush as before, I dip it into the glitter then press it onto the eyelid. It sticks instantly like glue as the primer is really tacky in consistency and it dries clear, meaning it is really easy to build up the glitter on the eyelid so you can really pack it on to get one shimmering, sparkling, glittering eyelid. I am obsessed.

Throughout the day I received so many compliments on the glitter which was rather flattering and best of all, with the use of the primer it meant that the NYX Face & Body Glitter stayed put all day long without budging, moving, fading or creasing. Another worry I had when it came to wearing glitter on the eyelids was that it would be uncomfortable but that is absolutely not the case. Because the glitter is pretty finely milled and there isn't great big massive chunks of glitter thrown in there, it doesn't feel as if you are wearing anything at all. I absolutely love the NYX Face & Body Glitters and I can't wait to get some more!


Review | NYX Glitter Primer

Sometimes all you need is a bit of glitter. How can you be unhappy when your eyelids are sparkling rose gold? When I can't sleep at night I scroll through make-up looks on Instagram for hours on end and I realised that I really needed to try out some glitter pigments, especially rose gold and coppery tones as they look so pretty with black sharp-as-a-knife winged eyeliner. After a long time searching, I finally came across glitter pigments in Boots and not only did they offer a whole shade range of pigments, but also a glue-like product to keep everything in place on the eyes. The product? The NYX Glitter Primer.

About the NYX Glitter Primer:
"A lightweight, easy-to-use glitter primer specially formulated to keep all of the 12 NYX Face & Body Glitters in place. Minimize glitter fallout and help keep each and every sparkle in its place with our Glitter Primer - a light and creamy formula that sets and then holds on tight to NYX Face & Body Glitter."

The NYX Glitter Primer is designed to keep hold of and set glitter in place on to the face and the body. It is a really lightweight and creamy product which has the same tackiness to it as lash glue does, although not as thin. As it is a primer, it is designed to be applied before glitters and other pigments, meaning that it dries down completely invisible and acts as a glue to keep everything in place and it does absolutely everything you would expect it to do.

The primer itself comes in a 10ml squeezy tube which has a really small hole at the end so you never squeeze out more than what you need. The product itself is almost a pale yellow in colour which is really creamy in consistency and has a tacky feel to it which gives the glitter something to grip hold onto. When it comes to application I was a little unsure as to how it is best to apply it so I applied my base eyeshadows and colours in the way I usually do, then I squeezed out the tiniest spec of product onto the back of my hand. I then grabbed a flat eyeshadow brush, dipped it into the primer then patted it all over my eyelid or where I want the glitter to go. I then dipped the same brush into my glitter and pressed the pigment all over the eyelid where it stuck immediately. I had to apply quite a few layers in order to really build up a fully opaque block of glitter onto my eyelids before applying my eyeliner on top.

The glitter stayed put all. day. long. It did not budge once, nor did I experience fall out or the glitter moving throughout the day. The NYX Glitter Primer keeps everything in place all day long and acts as a glue to keep everything together - I really cannot fault it!


Other | The Burberry Langley Crossbody Bag

My new pride and joy. Apparently money can't buy you happiness but I really beg to differ. Whilst a new bag or a new pair of shoes won't cure the common cold or heartache, they sure do make me happy. Besides, I would rather be miserable with a new bag on my shoulder or with a new pair of shoes on my feet!

If you read my recent Bicester Village haul then you would have seen this little beauty. I have always wanted an expensive nicer handbag. Whilst the bags from New Look, Topshop and River Island are nice and all, they aren't luxurious or something which I will cherish and look after. Don't get me wrong, I don't throw money around like there's no tomorrow or buy one Gucci handbag after another, but I don't feel like I would be upset if the strap broke on my £19.99 New Look handbag. Sure, I would be annoyed but I wouldn't sob over it like I would if I had saved up for a long time and bought the bag of my dreams. I want to work hard, save up for a long time and be able to purchase something which I will keep and be able to look back at and say "that is the result of my hard work." I would never buy anything for the sake of wearing a name tag on my arm but I do believe in treating yourself to nice items occasionally.

The Burberry Langley Crossbody Bag is a sweet little black leather bag which is to be worn across the body. It is made of the softest leather and has wonderful gold hardwear throughout the bag with a really secure little lock on the front. Size wise it is quite small so it isn't an everyday bag but it is perfect for a nice occasion where you don't need to carry around lots of rubbish with you. It holds my phone comfortably but it probably wouldn't fit an iPhone 7 Plus. It fits my credit card, ID, phone and house key comfortably, although I do have to take my house key off of my usual set of keys as there is no way my fluffy pom pom key ring is fitting in there!

I bought this bag for a real bargain at £119 which was down from its RRP price of £525, meaning I saved £406 which is pretty remarkable. I really cannot recommend taking a little trip out to Bicester Village if you were thinking of making a designer purchase. They might not have all of the bags in the current season out on sale for half price but you can find some real gems in there.

The next bag on my 'to-save-for' list? The Chanel Boy Bag in Gunmetal Grey. Each week I take all of the change from my purse into a jar to save up for it. So far I have saved £13.48. If I carry on at this rate I will be able to afford it in about 13 years time!


Review | Versace Woman Eau de Parfum

I will always remember my first bottle of 'grown up' perfume. I had outgrown the Charlie Red Body Spray, I had had enough of the Mary-Kate and Ashley EDT, it was time for me to get a 'real' perfume. Although perhaps Versace Red Jeans was a mistake. My Mum bought it for me as she thought I would like it and wow, was she wrong. So sweet. So sickly! I remember spraying it all over my body and it was so sweet that I had to have a lie down, thus potentially ruining my Christmas Day '07. Needless to say the bottle didn't see much sunlight from the tin it came in after that.

I had steered clear of Versace perfumes and fragrances for a good few years, until I recently smelt a scent on someone which smelt so beautiful, I had to ask what it was and no surprises, it comes from Versace. Let's call the Versace Woman Eau de Parfum Red Jeans' older, more sophisticated sister.

About the Versace Woman Eau de Parfum:
"Versace Woman is for woman who has individuality, intelligence and inner confidence. A floral-fruit fragrance with top notes of frangipani blossoms, jasmine, bergamot, eglantine flower; middle notes of padpardscha lotus, prune, raspberry and base notes of lebanon, amber, musk and inoki wood."

The Versace Woman Eau de Parfum is a really light, sweet perfume which instantly reminded me of Versace Red Jeans. Because of this, I like to think Versace Woman is Red Jeans' older, more sophisticated sister. I don't usually like sweet scents as I am much more of a cotton, light and floral sort of girl but I can definitely get on board with them if they were all like this. Don't get me wrong, I won't be rushing out to purchase another bottle of Red Jeans, the perfume that nearly made me pass out it was so god-damn overpowering but I am definitely willing to try more sweeter perfumes rather than ignore them completely like usual.

Versace Woman initially smells quite woody but then after a little while you get sweeter smelling notes coming across, with the raspberry, amber and musk quite prominent. When sprayed onto the skin and left a little while, I find the woodiness to fade away, leaving behind the sweeter notes. It is a really beautiful, sweet but fresh fragrance which isn't overpowering but it still holds its longevity. If I apply this perfume in the morning, I can still smell it well into the late afternoon. I love finding and trying new perfumes upon recommendation from others so this is me, telling you that you should definitely try this perfume the next time you are in a department store.


Other | A Bicester Village Haul

What's a better way to spend the final day of 2016 than by spending a lot of money on things you don't really need? On New Years Eve my family and I decided to go to Bicester Village for a little look around the shops in the hope that we will be able to afford all of these expensive, lovely things this time next year. I had been once before years ago and the only thing I could afford to buy was lunch and whilst that hasn't really changed, I did get a bit carried away and buy a few little items. Including a Burberry handbag. Eeeek. In my defense, everything had extra money off and I felt like I deserved a few nice things after a particularly stressful year.

One of the reasons why I love going to Bicester Village is because I would never normally venture into any of the shops that they have there. Would I usually walk into Burberry or Prada? Absolutely not. But it is fun walking around and looking at what each brand has to offer, although the snobby security guards and sales assistants who look down on you when you walk into each store can kindly go and sit in a small room and remember what their job title is and somehow, I don't think it is to be judgemental little so and so's. Prada and Gucci in particular were incredible for this. On the other hand, the people in Burberry and Tory Burch were really nice and helpful so I guess you just have to like it and lump it.

So, let me show you what I bought! We started off in Kate Spade where I immediately went and bought a hot pink purse. It is a lot smaller and sleeker than the purses that I am used to which is great as the bigger the purse, the more crap you can shove into it. It's amazing how many old receipts you can carry around with you all year long, isn't it? There were so many gorgeous purses in Kate Spade and I was so torn between a handful but in the end I decided to choose the Kate Spade Cameron Street Stacy Purse in Pink Confetti. Inside there is space for 13 cards, notes and change although I will try not to carry too much change around with me as I don't want to make it too bulky. What drew me to this purse over a few of the others is that this is fairly sleek and streamlined so I don't want to bulk it out too much so it loses the features which drew me to it in the first place. This purse originally was £130 but the outlet price was £78. It was then in the sale at £49 and then on the day I bought it they had an extra 20% off, meaning I paid £39.20. Thank you Kate, thank you.

We then ventured into Tory Burch which had the happiest and nicest sales assistants. I immediately spotted something I have been after for a very long time - a Tory Burch For Fitbit Double Wrap Leather Bracelet. The idea of it is that you place your fitbit into the caging so you can wear something much more aesthetically pleasing than the ugly sillicone strap which is the norm of a Fitbit and still track each step you take a day. I am so pleased I manged to find one of these, and for so cheaply too. These retail at £150, it was on sale in the Tory Burch store for £32 and because they had a store promo that day, I had an extra 20% off meaning I paid £25.60 for it.

After a coffee break we then headed into Michael Kors which is just what I imagine hell to look like. Michael Kors on a Saturday afternoon is a bit like hell on earth. Don't get me wrong, it has some really beautiful handbags and purses but wow, if you hate crowds then you would not want to even step foot inside that store. I persevered and actually managed to buy the cutest luggage tag, all for a mere £6. Whenever I go on holiday for some reason in between the time it takes me to drop my suitcase off at check in, to the time it takes me to pick it back up again from baggage reclaim, I simply forget what my suitcase looks like. Was it black? Blue? Did I even bring a suitcase with me?? When I went on holiday to Dubai in September, I watched my suitcase go round the conveyor belt 6 times before a bolt of realization hit me that the last suitcase left might possibly be mine. Which is why I purchased the Michael Kors Gold Star Saffiano Leather Luggage Tag, in hope that this small star accessory will remind me which suitcase is mine. Unless I forget I even bought the luggage tag, in which case I really am screwed! I paid £6 for this luggage tag and it was originally £25.

And finally. I saved the best until last. Burberry was actually the first shop we stepped into and whilst my sister and my aunt looked at the classic trench coats, I was looking at the handbags and immediately spotted this beauty. A small, black, classic cross-body bag made out of the softest leather. I tried it on, stroked it and told myself that if it was still here at the end of our shopping day then I would come back and buy it. So I did. It is my first designer handbag purchase and whilst I am a massive lover of saving money, I really couldn't resist buying it, especially considering the price. The Burberry Langley Crossbody Bag is much smaller than what I am used to bag-wise and it may not be able to carry anything more than my phone, a credit card and a key but what more do you really need to carry around with you?? The Burberry Langley costs £525 but because it was in the sale I paid £119. £119. Seriously. £119 is still a lot of money for me to spend on a bag but considering it is my first designer handbag purchase, I think that is a pretty healthy and reasonable price to pay.

I am completely over the moon with my purchases and whilst I did not set out to buy anything, I am really happy with what I bought. I may not be able to eat again for the rest of the month but at least I have a few lovely items to show for it!


Review | Beautyblender Nude

The Beautyblender. An expensive piece of tear-shaped sponge which blends your make-up in like a dream. I was so slow on the uptake of the Beautyblender. I knew they were good as everyone kept raving about them but I was so reluctant to spend £16 on what is essentially a piece of sponge. Instead, I bought a couple of dupes to see what it was like to use a damp sponge to apply and blend foundation in with and I found the finish to be much better than that of an application with a normal foundation brush. Gone is the streaky finish; instead everything is blended in wonderfully - all from the help of a little sponge.

Because I enjoyed using the dupes so much I thought it was time for me to finally buy a Beautyblender. I really wanted to see if there was a difference between the original and the duplicates and if the original Beautyblender is worth the money or not, so I ended up buying the Beautyblender Nude.

About the Beautyblender Nude:
"With the same elliptical shape of the original, Beautyblender Nude hugs every contour of the face to effortlessly blend and blur your base, concealing and illuminating products - eliminating instances of tell-tale tidelines to achieve a seamless, 'no make up' effect."

The Beautyblender Nude is exactly the same as the original Beautyblender with the only difference being down to just the colour. It still works in exactly the same way as the original, the difference is that unlike the bright pink original, you probably won't end up with foundation staining it! Which is exactly why I bought the Beautyblender Nude. My foundation is pretty much the same colour as the nude shade on the blender so everything just blends in together, thus giving the look that it is brand spanking new and has never been touched before.

The idea of the Beautyblender, is that you run it under warm water until it doubles in size, squeeze out all of the excess then use it to dab your foundation into the skin. Because the Beautyblender doesn't have bristles to it, it means that with each use your foundation just blends straight into the skin without leaving a streaky or uneven finish. One of the reasons why I didn't want to buy a Beautyblender originally is because I was worried my foundation would be soaked up by the sponge, meaning that there would be a lot of waste but fortunately I was completely wrong. When I apply my foundation I dab it onto my skin first using either my fingers or with a foundation brush then I blend it in with my damp Beautyblender and each time I have used it my foundation has been blended in perfectly with no streaks whatsoever. The Beautyblender really helps to give off the appearance of airbrushed skin and for that, I absolutely love it.

I know Beautyblenders have been around for a while and I am sure everyone is a little bored about hearing about them now but goodness me, are they worth the money. It isn't just a sponge like I first thought. Instead, it is a wonderful little magical item which makes your foundation look completely natural and leaves your skin almost looking airbrushed. I can't believe it took me so long to buy a Beautyblender and since using mine, I haven't looked twice at a foundation brush!


Other | Daniel Wellington Rose Gold Cuff

I really love jewellery, even more so now that I actually work in a jewellery shop. I've treated myself to a few pieces of jewellery throughout the years I have worked there but one thing I haven't bought myself are bracelets or bangles, purely because I can never find one to fit me. I have really tiny wrists so whenever I try on a bracelet at work/in a different jewellery shop/in New Look, everything I try on is far too big for me so it just slips off and falls onto the floor. Defeated and finally getting used to the fact that I can only wear bracelets designed for 8 year old girls, I have finally found a bracelet to fit my child-sized wrists and it comes in form of the Daniel Wellington Rose Gold Cuff in Small.

About the Daniel Wellington Rose Gold Cuff:
"The Classic Cuff was designed to reflect the captivating beauty of our minimalist watches. With its casual yet tasteful allure, the aesthetics of the cuff is a true celebration to the impeccable craftsmanship behind all of Daniel Wellington's timeless designs. The rose gold cuff is crafted from refined and polished 3I6L stainless steel core with a rose gold plating. The Small size measures 6 inches in circumference."

The Daniel Wellington Rose Gold Cuff is so simple, which is why I love it. I already own the Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield watch which has rose gold hard-wear to it, so it made sense to get a matching cuff too. Available in rose gold and silver, the Daniel Wellington cuffs come in either Small or Large sizes, with the Small measuring 6 inches in circumference and the Large measuring in 7. The cuffs themselves aren't made out of either silver or rose gold - in fact they are made out of stainless steel. They feel really solid and hard-wearing so I have no worries about it snapping or breaking easily - something which may happen more readily on a bracelet or cuff made out of hollow silver. 

I will be honest and say that when I pulled the cuff out of the box when it arrived, I couldn't help but laugh. It looked tiny! So much so that I wondered if it were actually made for a child but it actually fits like a dream. It fits me perfectly and it compliments my watch wonderfully too. If it were a little too big or a little too small, you can ever so gently widen or tighten the cuff by squeezing or pulling on either open end but fortunately I didn't need to do either. I'm utterly obsessed with this bangle, not only because it is simple and classic, but because it fits!