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Other | My Favourite Makeup Brushes

At the moment I can't stop buying make-up brushes, which is actually pretty great as the more eyeshadow brushes I buy, the less I need to wash. Or something like that. At the moment I seem to buy a whole set of makeup brushes each month and because of this, I can't remember the last time I washed my old brushes which is really bad but I will try harder, I promise.

I was sat organising my makeup brushes the other day and realised that all of my favourite makeup brushes aren't high-end or expensive at all. In fact, most of them cost less than £5 each. Don't get me wrong, I am sure the Artis brushes are incredible, as are the likes of MAC and Zoeva but as they are quite a lot of money per brush (eye-watering when it comes to the likes of Artis), I thought it would be helpful to show you that not all incredible brushes have to be expensive. I firmly believe in the saying 'you get what you pay for' but sometimes you don't have to spend out a lot to get high quality products in return. Which leads me onto today's post - my favourite makeup brushes.

"Expertly blends multiple eye shades while softening dramatic edges and fine lines."
ELF makeup brushes were the first brushes I bought post crappy brushes which come free with makeup sets etc. When they arrived I was absolutely thrilled to own some "proper make-up brushes!" and to be fair, they have served me well. This brush blends wonderfully, is incredibly soft and I have never encountered it to shed its bristles which is incredible considering it only costs £2.

"Morphe Brushes Tapered Crease Brush is a pointed eye shadow brush for defining the crease."
I only bought this brush recently but I think I have used it every day since. It is the perfect brush for applying a shadow into the crease of the eye and whilst I have noticed some shredding of the bristles, it is now a brush I could not live without!

"Morphe Brushes Large Pointed Crease Brush is a pointed brush exclusively shaped for defining the delicate lash line and for blending eyeshadow."
Another great blending brush from Morphe. I tend to use the M139 a little more because of the tapered bristles which gives a more precise application but the M322 is excellent for blending out shades and I find I use it a lot to apply eyeshadow to the outer corners before blending out.

This Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush stands out in my brush holders because of its violet handle and its soft but firm and dense bristles. I would say this brush is an all-rounder. I use it to apply my base shadows, as well as applying colour to the crease. For £1.99 I wasn't expecting the world out of this brush (nor the rest of them if I am honest!) but it's a great and handy little brush to have in your collection.

"This beautiful brush is the perfect tool for applying powder or cream eyeshadow around the lower lash line, to get a soft & smudgy effect."
I use this brush every day for applying eyeshadow on my lower lash line and blending it out. Its short and stubby bristles makes blending a dream and its bristles don't irritate the eyes either. If you were looking for a brush to use on the lower lash line for smudging colour out then this is the best I have tried so far!

"The bristles on this brush are still soft and fluffy for blending, but the stubby shape means you can really pack on the colour."
This brush and the Morphe B77 brush are my current favourites to use for applying base eyeshadows. The Spectrum Stubby Shader Brush is perfect for packing on the colour onto the lid because of its packed, flat bristles. I couldn't really choose between the Spectrum A07 or the Morphe B77 as they are both wonderful and you can't really have too many.

"A soft, round tipped brush for applying eyeshadow. Soft, natural bristles are packed into a round topped, tapered design which is ideal for applying a highly pigmented wash of colour to the eyelids."
Like above, the B77 Oval Shadow Brush is perfect for packing the colour onto the eyes and is a brush that everyone needs one or two of in their collection.

"Zoeva 142 Brush is an innovative makeup tool which flawlessly applies and blends concealer and correction makeup."
This is my one and only Zoeva brush and I love it. It has so many uses to it but I mostly use it for buffing out concealer underneath the eyes before blending out further with my beauty blender, or I use it for applying my MAC Paint Pots which it does wonderfully well due to its dense bristles.

"Use on the face to apply, blend or contour powder products evenly and flawlessly. The soft rounded corners deliver a light blend of color on the face."
I use this brush everyday to apply my blusher with and whilst it may not be the best quality out of the bunch, it does the job well and blends the product out evenly. The bristles have shed a little since I bought it but overall, I don't have many complaints about it and it has served me well for a very long time.

Earlier on in the year I bought a Real Techniques Bold Metals set dupe on eBay for £4.89 for a 7-piece set. It came all the way from China and was so much better than I ever could have expected! My sister bought me a Real Techniques Bold Metals Triangle Foundation Brush and I really did not like it at all. For the price of it - over £20, I thought the bristles felt like plastic, it was scratchy on the face and it applied my foundation streaky. Well, somewhat surprisingly, the dupe version is 10x better. It is softer that its original which, to me, makes it more useable. The tapered blush brush is my favourite out of the set and it is the brush I use for applying my highlighters each day. If I ever lost this brush I would buy the whole set all over again which I think is saying something.

And finally, there is no foundation or base brush featured in this post, purely because nothing can beat a beauty blender. I was really slow on the beauty blender hype and didn't really understand why everyone was going mad over an expensive bit of sponge but wow - I totally get it now. With each use of the beauty blender, I get beautifully flawless foundation applied each time - something which no brush has ever given me!

So, those are all of my favourite brushes, which are yours?



  1. I actually love elf brushes, I used to think that they were terrible because of how cheap they were but the powder brush has become a daily brush for me too!
    Kathy x

  2. Great range for all budgets! And I agree with you about the beauty blender. I haven't found a brush that I like more than a BB for my face.