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Review | The NYX Custom Pro Palette

As much as I love eyeshadow palettes, some of the shades within them just do nothing for me. The MUA Heaven & Earth Palette as well as the MUA Undressed Palette are my favourites and whilst I have hit the bottom of the pan on the majority of the eyeshadows, there are a few shades within each palette which have gone untouched and I hate the idea of being wasteful. Which is why I love custom palettes. You have full reign over which colours go into the palette, making it completely personal to you.

Not only do you have full creative control over the shades, but it also makes life a little easier when travelling as all of your favourite shades are held within one place, not across three or four different bulky palettes. I am very use to taking three palettes on holiday with me which is really silly when you think that I may only just need one eyeshadow out of a whole 12-shaded palette. I know there are more important troubles in this world and that it is very much a first world problem but you know, it's the little things.

My first (and only) custom palette before now was from FashionistA. Do you remember them? They were in Superdrug and sold eyeshadows and blushers purposefully for their custom palettes as well as the legendary magnetic nail polish which..less said the better. Anyway, I had a quad custom palette from FashionistA and filled it with colours I would never wear in a million years, such as a bright blue baked eyeshadow which I bought purely because it had silver and gold veins running through it. Have I used it or the other three shades since I bought it? Sadly not. Whilst I would like to say I have changed and had stopped buying things purely because they were aesthetically pleasing, I would probably be lying. Fortuntaely though, I am a little older, a little wiser, and am ready to give the custom palette another go, although this time from NYX.

The NYX Custom Pro Palette comes in two ways, either a 4 shadow palette or a 9 shadow palette, which is what I bought. The palette itself is made out of cardboard and actually feels pretty sturdy, considering. It has a magnetic lock on it, keeping the palette closed and secure and of course, the eyeshadows are held in place by magnets just like a Z-Palette. The spaces are actually a little bigger than the eyeshadows built for them which isn't too much of a bother as they aren't exactly sliding about in there what with the magnets keeping them secure but I would have thought the eyeshadows would have just slotted straight in with a perfect fit.

The NYX Hot Singles Eye Shadow in Own The Night and Sin were the first shades I bought to fit into my custom pro palette. You can either buy these in the solo version or as a refill, although I think the price stays the same for each regardless at £3.50. Sin is a pretty neutral pink which has tiny specs of glitter running throughout and Own The Night is a cool-toned, dark brown which has a purple undertone to it. Both shades are very pretty, very wearable and pretty much staples in an eyeshadow palette. I love NYX Eye Shadows as there is so many shades within the range, most of which are highly pigmented and best of all, they are incredibly cheap!

I am really looking forward to filling my NYX Custom Pro Palette up, and I would love to see if I could shove in some Makeup Geek Eye Shadows as well as some Morphe Individual Eyeshadows as there are some shades within both ranges which I have my eye on. My only niggle with this palette and eyeshadows is that I can't find neither the palette or the refills online so it's not something you can shop for easily, not unless you actually go into Boots to buy. Even then, my sister went in to our local Boots to pick up some refills and they do everything but so it's a shame they aren't so readily available. Unless you live in the USA where you can get anything!

NYX Custom Pro Palette


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