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Review | Lush Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face & Body Scrub

Always on a look out for a new face scrub which will delicately scrub away the top few layers of skin from my face, I recently turned to Lush to try out their famous Lush Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face & Body Scrub. I love Lush for cramming all of their products with (mostly) healthy and natural ingredients, and whilst their products may be slightly pricier than what you would find on the shelf in ASDA, they are so much better for your skin. I recently tried out the Lush Ultrabland Facial Cleanser which I loved, but the product I tried before that I literally could not abide. The Lush Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask was truly horrible. Don't get me wrong, it made my face feel lovely afterwards but the smell, texture and overall look really turned my stomach so much that I just couldn't use it. Fortunately I definitely don't feel the same way about this face & body scrub which comes in so many different formulas that it's bound to be a winner for everyone!

About the Lush Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face & Body Scrub:
"Limes steeped in vodka, fresh grapefruit juice, and lashings of salt go into this invigorating face and body scrub - now in a self preserving formula. The salty, citrus fragrance is refreshing for the skin and mind, like diving into the cool blue ocean. Sea salt is rich in minerals and excellent for scrubbing and buffing skin. We also added rich, silky avocado butter, coconut oil and seaweed absolute to keep your skin soft, smooth and conditioned.

The Lush Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub comes in four different ways - self-preserving, alcohol free,  self-preserving & alcohol free or the original which is preserved. Unsure as to which to pick, I chose the self-preserving option which means it doesn't contain certain ingredients which are synthetic preservatives which is supposed to keep the product fresher for longer. Instead, the ingredients have changed to get rid of the synthetic preservatives which in turn have been replaced with ingredients which are naturally self-preserving without interfering with the product itself or shelf-life.

Why choose self-preserving?
"This formula contains only natural preservatives to keep itself clean and safe to use. Salt, as well as being a kick-ass cleanser and exfoliator, is an age-old preservative, which prevents bacteria from growing and reproducing if used in high enough concentrations. What’s more, this exotic scrub is vegan, thanks to the silken tofu and japan wax that help bind the mixture together. The added butters and oils in this self preserving formula help to make it feel a tad more delicate on the skin than its preserved counterpart. You may prefer to use this on your face, and Ocean Salt Preserved on the rest of your body - the choice is yours."

At first I kind of wish I looked more into the preserved/self-preserved options when it came to this product before diving straight in and picking up the self-preserving option because, as much as I love the natural preservatives within this formula, I was sure I would have preferred the preserved formula which is a little harsher on the skin. I am sure I have mentioned it a dozen of times before but when I use a face scrub or an exfoliator, I want it to be harsh. I want something so strong that gets rid of half a dozen layers of skin in one sitting. That may sound strange but I am fed up with using face scrubs which don't even touch the dry skin on my cheeks. I'm not saying I want an acid peel, I just want to find an affordable face scrub which has a bit of substance to it which gives me noticeable, immediate results without having to constantly use it every other day for a week.

Lush Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub smells very much like citrus with the smell from the limes becoming really apparent within the formula. I can't say from first appearance that it looks too appetizing in the tub but the pale green, gritty but firm consistency still feels lovely when it is slapped onto the skin and rubbed in using circular motions. I love the salt within the scrub as it really feels as if it is scrubbing away any dead skin cells from the face, although if you have sensitive skin then I imagine this would be too harsh for you. I also wouldn't advise you use this scrub on your face if you had any red and sore spots as it really, really stings and irritates them. I was really expecting this scrub to be a bit meh after reading about how this scrub was a milder version of the original but boy, if this is mild then I would love to try the harsher version!

I bought this scrub purely to use for the face so I can't say what it is like when applied to the body but for the face it works wonderfully well. It lathers up really well and gives the face a really thorough scrub before leaving it feeling soft and fresh without making the skin feel sore. Another thing I love about this Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face & Body Scrub is that it is entirely vegan whereas the original, preserved version is not. The original contains lanolin which is a fatty substance found in sheep - this ingredient has been replaced by japan wax and mango butter in the self-preserving option, making it perfect for those of you who are vegan.

Overall, I really like the Lush Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face & Body Scrub, especially since a little goes a long way. It does everything it claims to by scrubbing away any dead skin cells without irritating or hurting the skin and it makes it feel incredibly soft after one use. With 4 different versions of this scrub, you are bound to find one variation which would be better suited to your tastes. The self-preserving variation is entirely vegan which is a massive bonus, although it is said to be a milder version of the original, which is preserved.



  1. Great review - I love this stuff! I use this mainly on my legs, so I didn't get the self-preserving version. The employee helping me said it would be less harsh, so I went with the other one. It works really well!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

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