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Travel | Afternoon Tea at Ossiano Restaurant in Atlantis The Palm Hotel, Dubai

I recently went on holiday to Dubai, which, if you follow me on Twitter or Snapchat, you would know all about as you would have seen me gloating. I tried not to post too many photos of my beach view and share it to Facebook with the caption "Monday mornings don't get any better than this!!" but we all knew a week later I would be stood at Heathrow Airport in the pouring rain waiting for a taxi to take my jet-lagged ass back to my car before I could wearily drive 2 hours home, with my holiday a mere distant memory. 

This will be my first Dubai holiday post, with another coming soon sharing the real 'hard-hitting' facts about travelling to a very religious country in the middle east when you are a tourist and seem to stick out like a sore thumb, as well as a few other tips such as which Sephora store to go to, which hotel not to stay at and what sort of clothes to pack when again, travelling to a very religious country. But first, please let me share with you the highlight of my holiday - Afternoon Tea at Ossiano Restaurant in Alantis The Palm Hotel in Dubai.

All about the Atlantis:
The Atlantis The Palm Hotel situated on the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai is a 5 star hotel which has its own water park, it's own nightclub and most importantly, its own aquarium. I knew the Atlantis The Palm Hotel was very luxurious so I didn't even bother looking up the price of a 7-night stay as I knew I would end up feeling not only disappointed, but also very poor indeed. That said, I still wanted to go there and visit the resort so I looked up the restaurants within the hotel (all 20 of them!) which is where I saw Ossiano. Ossiano is a seafood restaurant which overlooks the hotels Ambassador's Lagoon which holds up to 65,000 marine life. From just seeing the photos on their website, I knew I wanted to go there and as my friend and I are partial to afternoon tea, we hedged our bets, sent a quick tweet and before we knew it, they had booked us a table. It is worth noting that they only hold Afternoon Tea at Ossiano once a week on a Saturday for just 2 hours so if you want to go, make sure you book!

Dressing to the dress code which was reiterated in the confirmation email, my friend and I made our way from our hotel in Ajman to the Atlantis Hotel. It was a rather hellish journey due to a non-English speaking taxi driver unable to understand our destination, despite being told twice in the drivers native language, but hey, we got there. I knew the hotel would be beautiful but wow, it is eye-opening. Walking into the lobby and seeing the multi-coloured sculpture, the polished marble floor and porters rushing around to take new visitors luggage up to their rooms, as well as seeing the row of Bentley's and Ferrari's parked up outside... well, it wasn't like entering a Travelodge, that's for sure. We were nearly an hour early for our reservation so we walked down to the restaurant on the off-chance of them being open and ended up getting distracted by posing in front of the Ambassador's Lagoon viewing pane for photographs by the Poseidon Cafe. (Hint: for the best photographs, stand on the balcony above and try and snap your friend quickly before another load of sticky-fingered children run up to the window and ruin a perfectly fine Instagram photo).

We were still far too early after our photo session and after asking a member of staff, we were kindly shown to a cocktail lounge where we were asked if we wanted a complimentary drink due to having to wait, which was entirely our own fault but still, how kind. We said no thank you due to being polite and British but after opening the menu and seeing the prices, we kind of wish we said yes! After a little wait and a little time trying to look as if we belonged, we were shown into the restaurant and to our table and oh my goodness! It was incredible. Talk about a table with a view! Our table was wedged between two window panes which overlooked the Ambassador's Lagoon, a view which no photo can do any justice to. With relaxing music being played softly from the speakers and fish, sharks, stingrays and goodness knows what else gently swimming past, we could have quite happily stayed there all day long. Hell, given the chance I would still be sat there now.

About the Afternoon Tea in Ossiano:
Afternoon Tea at Ossiano comes in two varities With alcohol and without alcohol. If you would like a glass of champagne with your afternoon tea then you can expect to pay 385 AED which is £80.84, or if you forgo the alcoholic beverage and go for a tea-infused mocktail instead then you can expect to pay 285 AED which works out to be £61.94. Price-wise, as Afternoon Tea goes then this is perfectly reasonable and I didn't think twice at the price given that not only was it a meal but it was also an experience and a memory but of course, a few people I have mentioned this price to have recoiled in horror. I will quickly say that it is not just little cucumber sandwiches cut into triangles with the crusts cut off, oh no. In fact, there was no cucumber in sight!

Once seated with a lovely tea-infused mocktail in one hand and a camera in the other, the waiter first served us some canapes which featured watermelon and radish - something which I would never have put together but god, it was good! Next up was a caviar course which featured a little row of caviar, shallots, cheddar cheese, creme fraiche and other little toppings, all of which to go on top of 3 little blinis, or as my friend called them 'tiny little pancakes'. We were then handed a tea menu which was a hard decision I tells ya. Do you stick with what you know (English Breakfast) or go with something outside of your comfort zone? I uhmmed and ahhed and ended up choosing a Geisha Blossom Tea which was a green tea blended with fruits. It was really fresh and light, something which I can't see myself drinking at home but in that setting it was perfect. Then came the main attraction - the wheel of cake..

When the stand of sandwiches and cakes arrives, you think to yourself "wow, I am going to demolish each and every single one" but when it comes down to it, those little mini sandwiches are more filling than they appear. The savoury options were.. Arctic King Crab and Avocado Brioche, a Mushroom, Asparagus and Gruyere Profiterole, Lobster Eclair, Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Saffron Pancake and a Roast Chicken Caesar & Seaweed Baguette. They all looked so good! I loved each one of the above except from the mushroom profiterole as mushrooms are my most hated food and whilst I still tried it and gave it a go, it did nothing for me. 

Once we had eaten most of the above, we then moved on to sweet. The sweet options were Lollipop Carrot Cake, Opera Cake, Linzer Tart, Caramelized Apple Cake and a Vanilla Mille Feuille. Each and every one was utterly heavenly and I am ashamed to admit that I simply could not finish them all. If I had space in my teeny tiny handbag which looks good but holds no use whatsoever, I would most definitely have rolled them up in the finest cotton napkin and taken them home with me but sadly I watched them get taken away, presumably to be dumped in the bin. If that all was not enough, every now and then a waiter bought round warm scones with clotted cream, jam and marmalade. You can't have afternoon tea without scones and jam, can you?!

Finally, if we were not full enough already, a sweet trolley came round which was filled with tiny macaroons, biscuits, cookies, truffles, pralines, chocolate covered dates.. By this point I was ready to unzip my tight dress, get into my pyjamas and not move for a week but hey, I'm not a quitter so I ate a quarter of my body weight in chocolates. Not because I needed to consume more calories or because I was hungry, mostly because I had paid for it and I wanted my moneys worth! I was quite the little piglet but gosh, what a beautiful setting to be a right greedy cow. 

Afternoon Tea at Ossiano was worth every single penny. Everything was perfect, the food, the service, the setting.. It was so lovely just to sit and eat scones and sip tea whilst watching all of the fish swim by without feeling rushed to give up your seat. Bearing in mind it was 2pm on a Saturday afternoon and they only do Afternoon Tea once a week for two hours, I really expected it to be a lot busier than it was. That said, I am really glad we booked in advance as I would have hated to have gone all that way to be turned away at the door. 

I simply cannot recommend this Underwater Afternoon Tea experience enough and if you ever find yourselves on holiday in Dubai, this is most definitely a place you must go to. It is expensive but you're paying for a memory and an experience and it has been the one part of my holiday which I have not stopped raving about! Definitely the highlight of my holiday and sadly, the photos can do it no justice whatsoever.



  1. I love the Atlantis hotel!
    I stayed there 2 years ago for a friends wedding. As incredible as it was it has ruined every hotel I have been to since because I compare everything to that place!

    Danielle xx

  2. Your photos are amazing and this place looks so nice :)
    Kathy x

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