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Review | Morphe 35 Colour Taupe Eye Shadow Palette (35T)

I think I may speak on behalf of everyone when I say that we are all guilty of owning too many eyeshadow palettes. Out of all of those palettes, how many eyeshadows within them do you actually use? Sometimes when I am doing my make-up, I will take a shade out of one palette before using another shade from a different palette in the crease before then taking a different eyeshadow from a third palette to use underneath the eye. That's 3 different palettes for just one pretty basic eye makeup look - don't get me started on how many different palettes I would need if I wanted anything bolder than that. If I stuck to that one look for a while and stuck to those three shades within those three different palettes, it will be pretty annoying travelling with three big palettes just for the sake of 3 eyeshadows within them. We all have one or two eyeshadow palettes floating around where, if we were honest with ourselves, we only really like one or two eyeshadows within so you have goodness knows how many eyeshadows sat there never to be used, which is why creating your own eyeshadow palettes using Z Palettes is such a fantastic idea. Creating a personalised eyeshadow palette filled with eyeshadows you know you will love and wear - because you picked them yourself. However, if you love neutral, taupe eyeshadows then I may have found the palette for you - and you will never have to reach for a different palette ever again.

Morphe 35 Colour Eye Shadow Palettes have suddenly become very, very popular. They sell out quickly, have a massive following and are, in my opinion, worth every penny. There are currently lots of different Morphe Eye Shadow Palettes out there, most of which are completely sold out and if you want the chance to purchase one, you've gotta join the end of a pretty long waiting list. I often used to wonder about the names to all of the Morphe Palettes. 35T? 35O? 35OM? What do these mean? Well, the 35 stands for how many shades are within the palette and the lettering stands for the shades within. For example, 35T is 35 Taupe (eye shadows), so 35O is 35 Orange (eye shadows) where 35OM is 35 Orange Matte (eye shadows). I have just signed up to the waiting list to purchase the oh so popular 35O and the 35F, which is the Fall into Frost Palette where all of the eyeshadows have a frost finish to them. Today, however is all about the Morphe 35 Colour Taupe Eye Shadow Palette aka, the 35T.

About the Morphe 35T Eyeshadow Palette:
"Astonishingly good value, Morphe Brushes’ 35-pan palette (35T) contains an array of dazzling shades for creating a spectrum of make up effects – from subtle eye-enhancement to dramatic, after-hours smoulder. The sleek, slimline palette is a favourite of professional make up artists (perfect for taking on travels), while the buttery powders blend together beautifully to achieve a seamlessy, photo-ready finish. With an array of matte, satin and shimmering shadows – from pink-toned taupe to blackberry, via gold, bronze, copper and rust – this is a whole wardrobe of beauty looks in one, convenient case."

The Morphe 35T Palette is filled with 35 gorgeous matte, satin and shimmery eyeshadows with each shade varying from deep plum to beautiful copper. There is not a shade within this palette that is not well suited to the shade next to it. Each eyeshadow compliments the rest wonderfully well and surprisingly, there is not a shade within the 35T palette which I would not wear. There is no rogue colours which have been dropped in there merely to make up the numbers, each eyeshadow is very pretty and most importantly, very wearable.

Before I divulge into the shades a little bit more, I just want to mention the packaging. The packaging to this eyeshadow palette feels so unbelievably cheap. Don't get me wrong, when I am paying just over £20 for 35 eyeshadows I would rather the eyeshadows would be the best they could be rather than lose quality down to having better packaging but even so, this packaging is lousy. I am pretty sure my £1.99 Natural Collection eyeshadow has more quality packaging-wise than this palette has. If you fall in love with the eyeshadows then you can see past the packaging but it is certainly a shocker when you first open the box and pull the palette out.

None of the 35 eyeshadows have a name to them so it is hard to talk about a specific eyeshadow but each shade is so pigmented, it is hard to believe that each eyeshadow costs just 62p. I thought that because this a taupe eyeshadow palette that all of the shades would be cool toned but there is a great array of colours within the palette, each with an array of different finish. Each eyeshadow is really easy to apply, easy to blend and stay put all day long when used with an eyeshadow primer.

Other than the pacakaging, I don't have a bad word to say about this Morphe palette. It is worth every single penny. For just over £21, you get 35 incredibly wearable eyeshadows, with eye shade within the palette holding its own against the other shades. Usually in a palette of this size there will be a few dud eyeshadows which have been placed in there purely to make up the numbers but not with this palette - each eyeshadow is perfect. I cannot recommend the Morphe Palettes enough. When your turn at the front of the waiting lists arises, make sure you get one!



  1. This pallet looks so pretty. It has so many shades that I would use on a daily basis, I might have to give this a go!

    Danielle xx

  2. I would definitely use all of the shades in this palette, too! I just bought the 35OS so I'd really like to pick up another Morphe palette with some mattes in it x


  3. This palette has such pretty shades! I need to get more palettes from Morphe! Although they don't have the best packaging, I'd still purchase because the shadows are amazing! :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  4. I've never tried a palette from Morphe before but definitely want to try them- they have such a nice shade range and are quite affordable!

    Gabija | everylittlethingblog.weebly.com

  5. I've got this palette and I'm in love. I actually paid £18 something off Beauty Bay which means I saved even more money which is brilliant! The list of morphe palettes that I want is a little long haha!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

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  7. I have this palette and while I do love it, I kinda think it's missing something - a decent highlight shade or two - there isn't a single one that works on me! :(