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Other | How I Edit My Instagram Photos

I will say something rather controversial - I'm not that much of an Instagram fan. Don't get me wrong, I like seeing outfit photos and holiday snaps but the constant avocado on toast photos does get on my nerves slightly. I think another reason why I am not much of an Insta fan is that it is so hard to grow a following on there and in all honesty, my life isn't that interesting to share through imagery. I don't go out for brunch daily or go to Chanel weekly and sadly no-one would want to see my food shop in ASDA,would they?

I'm slowly trying to get into a habit of Instagramming but it is slightly tricky when you suddenly find yourself stuck in a very white & pastel theme. Remember those black boots you wanted to Instagram? Do they have a white background? Is there at least a small hint of pastel colours within the photo? No? Well you may as well forget about it then. We would all be lying if we didn't say this has come across our minds at least once! That said, I go on holiday soon and you will be sure to see my holiday photos with blue sea, blue sky, sandy beaches on Insta. Sod the theme, I've got to gloat about it somewhere!

I recently download everyone's favourite photo editing app, VSCO, to help me edit my Instagram photos. Before this I used to just use Instagram where I would change the brightness, saturation and sharpness but VSCO is completely different. It is just like Photoshop on your phone except it is free and about 100 times more interesting. There is so many different filters on there to play with, so many that I think I could just sit and play on it for hours. It can be slightly daunting when you first get the app so after a quick Pinterest search, I found so many helpful Pinterest users which shared which functions they used and to what degree in order to get a certain Instagram theme - I'm being serious. Type VSCO filters into Pinterest and there are thousands of different VSCO filters and their settings being turned into Instagram themes, so here is mine.

How I Edit My Instagram Photos on VSCO:
HB1 (+6)
Exposure (+4)
Temperature (-2)
Tint (+2)
Saturation (+3)
Then sharpen a little when on Instagram!

I think you will all agree just how cleaner, brighter and more vibrant the photos are than before, which I took just on my iPhone 6s. I am now utterly obsessed with the VSCO app and I can now fully understand the popularity of it!



  1. I'm going to download this app today! i love your edited photos!

  2. I love VSCO. Thanks for sharing! I always love getting new ideas on how I edit my photos.

    x. Cattleya


  3. Love the way you edited the pictures. For now I am happy with the inbuilt editing apps of my phone but I am surely giving this app a shot :) Thanks

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  4. I feel the same way about instragram! Without a pretty photo you're not going to get much out of it! The way you edit your photos are lovely though :)
    Kathy x

  5. I always lighten and brighten my images, it just makes them look so much prettier!
    I like to use the Facetune app and the whiten feature and then it lightens even quite grey looking areas!

    Danielle xx

  6. I've just got a new phone and this was a recommended app. I'm very much looking forward to editing my next blog photos.
    Great writing, L x

  7. Love this post! I actually use photoshop express on my phone, I haven't ever used VSCO. Danielle xx


  8. I love your instagram! Pictures look great :)

    ThatSoMonica♡ | @m.onica

  9. Photos are lovely! I use VSCO but I try not to edit them too much as I still like to see the natural colours especially in clothing and accessories - I've been in pickles before with customers who have said that the item isn't the colour they ordered because the photo was edited :')

    Tamsyn Elizabeth | www.peachesandbear.co.uk

  10. Thank you for the tips. I'm terrible at editing my photos -Hanna Lei

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  11. Such a great post! I've learned exposure is so important! I also love using saturation on vsco! xo


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  13. Excellent post! I already had the VSCO app but didn't know how to use it properly. Thank you for sharing!! Xo


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  15. Lovely post!

    Maybe you want to follow each other?
    Let me know on my blog & I'll follow back right away. 
    What makes you beautiful

  16. just come across your post, very helpful. Thanks for sharingx


  17. How nice of you to share your editing tips! Thanks so much! Love the way your photos look :) Cheers from Istanbul!

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