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Review | Spascriptions Brightening Under-Eye Pads

I'm not one to exaggerate but I firmly believe you could pack the bags under my eyes and go on a 10-day, all-inclusive holiday with them. For the last few weeks I have been so tired and stressed which is really noticeable under my eyes. I look permanently tired (and feel it!) so I decided a little treatment is in order. 

Under-eye masks have been so popular recently as an aide to reduce puffiness and swelling as well as moisturising and even promising to reduce signs of ageing so I decided to hunt some down to try for myself. I actually picked this box up at TKMaxx, of all places. I hadn't heard of the brand before but I liked the results they were claiming to offer so I decided to purchase the Spascriptions Brightening Under-Eye Pads.

About the Spascriptions Brightening Under-Eye Pads:
"Spascriptions Brightening Under-Eye Pads is a powerful facial treatment designed to improve the health and appearance of your skin. Our unique blend of ingredients contains Vitamin C which is a strong antioxidant with light whitening effect. Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis and activates skin cell regeneration. Glycolic Acid helps transform dull lifeless complexions into youthful skin that radiates!"

The idea of these under-eye pads is to place them under your eyes on a cleansed face then sit back, relax and enjoy the results. The directions suggest you leave them on for 15-20 to get the best results, as well as using them 2-3 times a week. Within the pack you get 5 eye treatments, with each treatment containing a pair of under-eye masks. I was so excited to try these eye masks so I cleansed my face like usual one evening, lit a relaxing candle and got ready to apply a pair.

As soon as I ripped open one of the packets, I knew they were going to be wet as it squirted me in the face (har har). Don't get me wrong, I thought these eye pads were going to be full of moisture but in reality, they are just soggy wet. The eye pads were stuck together within the packaging to begin with so I tore the rest of the packaging open to get the other pad out but it obviously wasn't in there. When I separated the pads from one to two I saw just how thin these pads actually are. The photo on the packaging makes the look as if they are really thick, comfortable and soothing on the face but in reality, they are thin and soggy. 

I applied them like the packaging suggests and then tried to sit down and relax but they started dripping and sliding off the face after a couple of minutes of wear and I actually found it hard to relax with them on, let alone wear them for 20 minutes. I was expecting so much from these and was so excited to try them but in reality, they don't really do much, let alone brighten. I like that they don't have any noticeable smell to them but that is about as far as it goes. I didn't experience any difference in my under-eye area at all, although I do believe that might change with regular use. Overall, I am still really interested in the under-eye masks/pads as I think they can really improve the look of the under-eye area as well as be incredibly relaxing to use but I didn't find these relaxing at all. They were slimy, wet and slide off the face before you know it! 

What are your favourite under-eye masks?



  1. What a disappointment! I got a sheet face mask and it did the same, it kept sliding down my face and dripping and in the end I put it in the bin! Not very relaxing is it.

    EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin | ColourPop GIVEAWAY

  2. Oh gosh, them sliding down my face would do my head-in! Ive always wanted to try eye masks but Ive never seen any that are good and dont cost a fortune!


  3. I have them in the Retinol formula and agree they're really wet, but I squeezed off the excess into the envelope and they stayed put just fine.  I placed then back in the package and was able to use them a second time.  I smeared the excess over my entire face.  They did improve my eye bags and were quite hydrating, but they're not nearly as good as the Juice Beauty STEM CELLULAR Instant Eye Lift Algae Masks, but I save those for special occasions as they're $80 CAD/ £49 for 6.  I did get mine on sale for $49 and get 2 uses from each as the serum is in a tube.  The masks are made of marine algae and would probably stay on even when sky diving 😆.

    So far I'm a fan (esp. since I found a 5 pack at the Giant Tiger in Canada for just $5 CAD/£3).  Their full sized masks ARE too thick and only stay put if you lie down, but I like the results and at just $1.25 CAD/ £0.77 for TWO, I can put up with it : ).

  4. Enjoyed using spa ascriptions Brightening eye gel. One must have patience to achieve what they are expecting. Instructions are five pads and we should not look for a miracle in the first day use. You will see results at end of five pad uses which can spread for two and one half weeks. enjoy.