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Review | NYX Wonder Pencil in Light

All the way back in February I went to America for a little holiday and bought so much make-up that I genuinely forgot what I had purchased. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I found a whole stash of un-used, un-loved make-up shoved into a bag in a cupboard in my bedroom, it was like Christmas! Inside the bag was a whole load of NYX products which I know we can get quite easily in the UK now but at the start of the year, we still had to fly to the US to get our NYX fix.

Can it be considered a gift if you bought something for yourself, forgot about it then rediscovered it again? Inside the bag of goodies was the NYX Wonder Pencil in Light. I remember buying this as there was a whole display on this product saying how wonderful it was and how whilst it was just a pencil, it had multiple uses. Because I wanted to see for myself what it was like and because I hadn't spent quite enough at that point, I bought the Wonder Pencil in the shade Light, although there were two other shades within the range.

About the NYX Wonder Pencil in Light:
"Wonder Woman meet the Wonder Pencil; the essential pencil that fulfills all of your beauty desires. Conquer 3 critical make-up tasks with one product: CONCEAL flaws and blemishes with creamy precision; LINE your lips against lipstick bleeding and fading; and BRIGHTEN your eyes along the water line. Will wonders never cease? Not with the Wonder Pencil in your bag!"

So the idea for this nude pencil is that it can brighten the eyes like an eyeliner, it can line your lips like a lip liner and it can conceal blemishes, just like a concealer. It claims to do quite a lot, but does it work for all three of those jobs?

Let's start with the packaging and what you see is what you get. It's a nude pencil and it looks like a nude pencil. You can sharpen it with a sharpener, it has a lid - what more do you want?! I first tried the NYX Wonder Pencil by using it for the job I expected to use it for, which is brightening the eyes. Gone are the days of using a stark white eyeliner within the water line to brighten the eyes, it's all about the neutral eyeliner now. The pencil is really smooth to apply and doesn't tug or pull at the skin. It is hard to describe it without saying that it feels just like the usual, standard cosmetic pencil - but that is just what it is, although maybe slightly creamier. It is easy to apply in the waterline and it does brighten the eyes considerably - perhaps even more than the white pencil we are all guilty of using!

The next role this pencil claims to fulfill is that of a lip liner. The idea is to use this pencil to sharpen up a messy lipstick application or to use it in preparation to blur away the lip line so you can overdraw the lips, if that was your thing. NYX also state you can use the pencil as a concealer to cover blemishes and whilst I can see why they say this - after all, the pencil is creamy enough - I don't think it should be used for that. Whilst is does cover very light blemishes, if you want to cover any spots or dark circles then I would recommend using your usual concealer instead. I have found another purpose for this multi-use product which is to clean up a messy eyebrow application and to highlight the brow bone.  It helps to create a clean and sharp arch underneath the eyebrow and because it is in pencil form, it means you can be much more precise with it than if you were using a brush.

I am slightly torn on this product. Whilst I like that it has multiple purposes and it could be good for travel where you have limited space, I don't know why you would want to use a nude coloured pencil to cover up your spots with - just use your usual concealer. What I do like this product for is brightening the eyes and cleaning up messy make-up applications as you can be really precise with it. Whilst I like this pencil, I don't think you really need a multi-purpose nude pencil as let's not forget - it is just a nude pencil after all!



  1. It looks like an awesome product! The first nyx store in portugal opened a few weeks ago, and I've been dying to go there! :)


  2. I think its best used as a eye brightener. True why use this when we have a concealer. Nice post :)

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  3. like your review! x

    jess x | https://wellwellgirls.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. This sounds like an amazing product however I am very skeptical as to if it would really work! Like you I am torn on the product! Lovely review! <3

    Amelia | Amelia Grace

  5. Seems like such a good product, will definitely have to try this one out! Great review and great picture!!
    Beth x


  6. This sounds really good and I like that if you need to, you can use it for multiple things. Great review and stunning photos x


  7. This looks like such a nice product, I definitely want to give it a go!

    Danielle xx

  8. I love NYX stuff and I'm so happy it's more accessible in the UK now. Will have to check this out, especially for brightening eyes. Danielle xx