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Other | The Home Essentials Lust List

I don't know about you, but I am so over living at home. I can't wait for the time when I can finally get my own little house or flat - a place which I can decorate to my own tastes, a place where I can fall onto the sofa after a long day at work and not feel like I have to move to a position which isn't lying down as I don't want to get in the way of someone else. It's the little things, you know? Plus I'm a big girl now - I can look after myself!

My constant longing for my own home isn't helped by old school friends renting flats, buying houses, having mortgages whilst I am still in the box room in my mums house. Now don't get me wrong, if my mums house were to be on Tripadvisor I would be sure to give it a 5* review but I am definitely ready to fend for myself. I find myself at work dreaming about which shade of white I would paint my walls, this is the level I am at!

Other than the colour of my walls, I often lust over the other home essentials which will definitely be a permanent fixture within my new home. Here is a little inspiration for me, and a little inspiration for you, too.

001. Panasonic 4K TV* / In the words of Joey from Friends, if you don't have a TV then what is your furniture pointed at? I'm pretty sure when I wake up our television is on and when I go to bed, our television is on. When you buy a TV you definitely get your moneys worth so why not go for a Panasonic 4k TV? The resolution is 4 x better than that of HD, you can access the internet through it, have a personalised home screen with apps of your choice and I am pretty sure it can make you a cup of tea in the morning too ;) Oh, and you don't have to worry about the 4K not working on your favourite Netflix programmes as this very smart TV has a built-in decoder so you would be able to watch The Spice Girls Movie in 4K quality too. Sounds good to me!

002. DFS Krystal Sofa / One of the most exciting things about having my own home would be going sofa shopping. My favourite thing to do is to sit down so the sofa is v v v important. I am envisaging a comfy grey recliner sofa but again, I would definitely have to try before I buy. (Who are those people who buy a sofa online?!)

003. Sealoe Dear Guest Print I absolutely love this print! What a great idea. How often do you get people come to visit you and before they step through the door they are already hassling you for your wifi password? Just show them the way to this print and you won't need the hassle of remembering a 13-digit number off by heart again.

004. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Candle / If you are yet to smell Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone then you are in for a treat. It smells utterly divine and whilst this candle is incredibly expensive, it will be a decorative candle as there is no way I would be burning this beauty! I would buy the Pomegranate Noir Room Spray as the scent to welcome my guests in with - and if anyone even lights a match close to this candle I would be very angry indeed!

005. Peonies In A Fish Bowl Vase / Peonies are mine (and thousands of other bloggers) favourite flowers so you can expect to see a few bunches around the house. They smell so beautiful, they look so beautiful and they make a lovely Instagram photo too.
001. Willis & Gambier Bed / How comfy does this bed look?! I have only ever had a single bed before so a double bed would be rather heavenly. I like to keep my bed simple as I am not too keen on loads of decorative pillows which get pushed to the floor come bed time but I'm sure a grey pillow here and there won't affect me too much.

002. Sealoe 24K Breakfast Print / Sealoe and their prints feature quite a lot throughout this post but I am utterly obsessed with each one they have to offer. This print would look so lovely on a plain, blank canvas wall. I love this rose gold within the photo, which is why my bedroom will be a hell of a lot of white and grey with the odd rose gold accent here and there.

003. Dwell Gracias Table Lamp / Rose gold and marble in one item? Gah, heaven. It may be just a bedside lamp but it's a pretty damn attractive bedside lamp!

004. H&M Soft Blanket / I absolutely love blankets and whilst I wouldn't say I needed to use one to get to sleep, I do sleep better with one rather than without. Is there anything better than snuggling down with a blanket and watching a film? I don't think so!

005. Dwell Carter Dressing Table / One of the main plus points to me moving out is that I get to have a dressing table. I have always wanted a dressing table, somewhere where I can sit and do my make-up each morning without worrying I am getting my foundation all over my carpet. I also can't wait to organise my make-up in the little drawers and display my perfumes in a marble tray.. There's the dream people, there's the dream.
001. Dwell Madison Office Desk / I really love the look of this desk for an office. It's rather expensive and I am sure IKEA's are just as good but money is no object in this lust list! When I have my own flat/house I will definitely have an office in there - a peaceful place to send emails, write blogposts, read the Daily Mail online, that sorta thing.

002. Apple iMac / Well I will need something to read the Daily Mail online with, won't I?

003. Sealoe The World Is Your Oyster Print / Every now and then you need a motivating quote to perk yourself up with and this is definitely mine. I love the gold effect of the print, although you can get it made in just plain colour. Sealoe have such an amazing range of printed quotes, I feel like I will need one motivating speech in each room to cheer myself up with on a down day.

004. Dwell Nexus Tall Office Chair / All of the office chairs I have ever owned have been so uncomfortable. If you spend long periods of time sat in an upright position then you need to be comfortable so a really comfy office chair is most definitely an essential. Plus it should look nice.

005. Diptyque Electric Diffuser / I really want a diffuser for my home to pop oils in to make the fragrance slowly dispense into the room. Obviously you could just use a candle but diffusers are safer as you don't have a burning flame to keep an eye on, although perhaps I might not purchase this one with its eye-watering price tag!

006. Bodum Coffee Glass / I love caffeine. I couldn't go a day without having a cup of tea or a coffee and this coffee glass would be perfect. Plus it looks nicer than a mug.

Those are my home essentials, what are yours? I really can't wait to move out. I've bought a rose gold clock for my house so it's a little start. I just need to get the house now!

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  1. These are all so stunning! I'd have every single piece in my house too!
    Lexie | nailgirl.net

  2. Lovely picks! There's so many pretty things on your list. I also want an iMac, haha!

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  3. I need everything!

    Parie x

  4. I love all your picks, I have just bought myself a MacBook and love it, I swear its worth being poor for lol, I would love a dressing table too, the one you picked is STUNNING! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. I've been wanting an iMac for so long, they look so pretty! haha And I love Jo Malone candles! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  6. I agree with this post so much!
    I have my deposit ready and I can get approved for a mortgage I am just waiting for the perfect house to come up. Then I can actually start to recreate some of the pins on my Pinterest boards!

    Danielle x

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