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Other // Getting Colourpop Shipped To The UK With MyMallBox

There has been numerous times where I have wanted to place online, international orders with companies just to find out at the checkout stage that they don't ship to the UK. I once spent well over an hour filling up my online shopping basket on the Bath and Body Works website with candles and other nice smelling things to find that they don't ship their products outside of the USA. I thought there wasn't a way around it - but I was wrong! 

I was recently contacted by the kind people at MyMallBox asking if I wanted to try out their shipping service* and as I have been wanting to try a Colourpop Matte Liquid Lipstick or two (you guys know me well enough by now!), I said "oh yes please." But what is MyMallBox?

About MyMallBox:
MyMallBox is a forwarding-on service which allows you to purchase and ship items from the US, albeit because due to the exchange rate the item is cheaper there then it is here or because you can't get the item shipped to the UK otherwise. MyMallBox allows you to create an account with them which, in return, you receive your own US postal address within their warehouse which is personal to you. You then get your items sent to your US address and MyMallBox does the rest! If you are making multiple orders to your US address, you can consolidate your orders into one box which keeps prices down. Once you are all done, you can choose how you want your parcel sent to you by either DHL or US Air Mail and they give you a few different variations so you can try and keep the shipping price as low as possible. Once you have chosen, sit back and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep! You can also get the people at MyMallBox buy your items on your behalf too.

My MyMallBox Experience:
I found the whole website really easy to use and once you have set up a free account and receive your US address, you are good to go. I made a big old Colourpop order and a FashionNova order where I bought some jeans after seeing them on Instagram (the advertising pays off, huh?!) and I got both orders sent to my little US address. MyMallBox kept me updated the whole time and emailed me each time to let me know when my parcels had arrived which gave me great peace of mind! I could have had both orders sent to me individually but I decided to wait until both had arrived before choosing the option on the MyMallBox website to get my orders consolidated into one package rather than two. You then have to double check the cost of your orders to make sure it is correct for customs and once it was done, I was ready to choose my shipping option and pay.

Now, because MyMallBox had asked me to test out their service they very kindly added $35 onto my account to put towards shipping costs so I decided to go for the most expensive shipping option which was with DHL. My order came within 2 days and I only had to pay about £1.31 towards the rest of the shipping cost. $35 is the equivalent £23.77 which does sound fairly pricey but when you take into consideration that is for two orders which I didn't have to pay shipping on to get sent to my US address and I chose the most expensive option, it isn't too bad. Some of the other shipping options were surprisingly cheap so it's worth bearing in mind. MyMallBox have a handy little shipping calculator on their website so you can get an estimate on the cost of the shipping before you order anything. 

Customs Charges:
Oh, the bane of my life. If you think you get away from customs charges then think again. When the kind DHL man knocked on my door to deliver my order, he said he couldn't give it to me until I paid the £21 customs and tax charges so will I be paying by cash or by cheque? I had to write the man a cheque. A cheque! It took me 10 minutes to find a cheque book! I have since found out that if your order is below £30 then you do not get charged customs or tax fees and as my Colourpop order alone was £40, I could not get away from it. In future orders I will be making sure I try and keep my orders to below £30 as I can't keep spending money out on charges like this.

I think that when you consider that some brands or websites don't ship to the UK and if they do, sometimes it is so hideously overpriced and extortionate that it puts you off, this service would suit your needs down to a tee. You have so many shipping options available to you and the whole website and process is so easy and hassle-free, I can't really fault it. The only thing I would say is that if I were to buy a product which shipped directly to the UK reasonably, then I would go for that option, only because it is quicker. That's not to say that this service isn't quick - it's just waiting for my orders to get sent to my US address which took the longest! 

I really love the idea of this service and it just makes the whole shipping process from country to country so incredibly easy. Unlike MyUs and Shipito you needn't pay a membership fee so all of the prices are clear and there are no hidden charges. I will definitely be using MyMallBox again and I can already feel another Colourpop order coming on!

(* Post sponsored by MyMallBox but all thoughts and views are entirely truthful)



  1. I really, really like Colourpop. I'm surprised to hear that they don't ship to the UK because they ship internationally, including Australia. That said, I haven't personally made an order on the CP website yet, because I have a friend in the US that likes to send me care packages, and she's making a big CP order for me soon. I can't wait to try out their shadows and highlighting products!

    When you say the order has to be below 30 pounds, does that mean the overall cost of the parcel if you've ordered from two or more sites, or is it for per order per site? Just thinking it would be pretty unfair to pay a customs fee for several orders under the benchmark...

    Stephii Mattea xx

  2. Oh the customs :( The website sounds great. Been hearing a lot of buzz about websites like these. Loved the Colorpop haul. Waiting for the reviews. I have 3 CP products as well :)

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  3. I've made 2 Colourpop orders using MyMallBox and have been pretty happy with both, they dd take about 3 weeks each to arrive as I used the cheapest shipping option, though I did get hit by customs on one, damn you Royal Mail and your £8 handling fee1!
    xxx Claire

  4. customs is such a bitch :( I hate it! such beautiful products you got though. I love it :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. Custom charges are the only thing which keep me from doing online shopping from international websites! :( I'm glad to know that you got to try the colourpop lippies, they are not easily available in India and most of the times they're fake. :/

    Gorgeously Flawed

  6. Such a lovely and informative blog post :)

  7. Those liquid lipstick colour are so lovely.
    Perfect for summer wear.


  8. BE AWARE! That company is wasting your money by simply bining some items!  I just lost $50 because they thrown my items! I received parcel wirh missing purchases although got email confirmation that items were repacked and shipped out. I emailed them to get info that shipment regulations have changed so they thrown my items. Thay called bining my $50 as inconvenience! What a rude customer service!