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Other // The BBC Good Food Show

If I was a Youtuber, the title of this would be 'OMG! Mary Berry walked past me!!' but I'm not. Although she did. And Paul Hollywood. Ie, my faves. They were touching distance and it was rather overwhelming. I love Bake Off as much as the next person so seeing two 'people off the telly' in real life was probably the highlight of my week/year. If there is one thing I love just as much as make-up then it's cake and baked goods so attending the BBC Good Food Show with The Blogger Programme is like a lil' dream come true.

The tickets were complimentary in collaboration with The Blogger Programme and I cannot tell you what fun my friend and I had. This is the first real opportunity this little blog has gotten me and I was rather overwhelmed when I received a little pass with my name on which had 'Press' written underneath. I will treasure that piece of plastic until I am a very old lady and it will probably shown to all of my grandchildren! 

If you don't know what The BBC Good Food Show is then it is like a big food festival hosted across a few weekends in various locations across the country twice a year. I attended the Good Food Summer Show but they also host a Winter show later on in the year too. There are a few celebrity chefs each day and today's pick was Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood although there are a few other chefs featuring across the other days, such as James Martin and Tom Kerridge. You get the opportunity to watch the chefs cook a few recipes and interact with the audience in the Supertheatre, watch demos and enter masterclasses, have your recipe books signed by the chefs themselves or simply walk around the hundreds of little stalls all set up by little businesses trying to showcase their goods. Fortunately the latter involves samples. And, oh, how I sampled. Biscuits, cake, chocolate, macarons, breads, alcohol.. You name it, someone is offering you it to sample. Although I will say, to the lady I saw grabbing handfuls of cakes and breads and stuffing them into your handbag, you were a little greedy. Although I guess it can be easy to get carried away. (Ahem.)

After my friend and I had sampled and eaten nearly everything there was to offer, we went to watch Paul Hollywood in the Supertheatre. I have to say a really massive thank you to the lovely, kind lady in the Press & Sales Lounge at the NEC who helped my friend and I get tickets to watch him after he had sold out. It's little things like that which really mean a lot to a person so thank you. :)

I think even if you didn't have a love for cooking then you would still love the Good Food Show. It was honestly the most enjoyable day and I drove home feeling very full indeed. It is surprising at how much those little samples can fill you up! My friend and I were in total agreement when we said we would definitely go again, although I may have to find out which day Paul Hollywood is attending... *swoon*

The BBC Good Food Show - £24.00 per person
(I was kindly allowed to attend in collaboration with The Blogger Programme but all thoughts are entirely truthful and my own. Yes, I do really get this excited over cake. And Paul Hollywood.)


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  1. What a fun even you attended. Them Macrons *_* I would totally keep the badge too :D

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