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Other // Beauty Organizers For Under £10

There is nothing I wish for more than having my make-up carefully organized a la Pinterest. I envisage a whole room dedicated to my make-up storage where everything will be organized to within an inch of its life. I will have pull-out double-layered drawers, cupboards filled with eyeshadows which have been organised in colour order, fresh make-up brushes on hand whenever I need them... That really is my dream. Someone who lives my dream is Shaaanxo. She posted her make-up collection video on Youtube a couple of months ago and, oh my god, it is probably one of the best videos I have ever watched. I was in awe watching it. If you love make-up then I advise you watch her video as you will watch it with your mouth hanging on the ground. Also, if someone tells you you have too much make-up then tell them to watch her video and they will quickly apologise to you.

Until recently, my make-up storage consisted of one big old Primark make-up bag and a white cardboard box from Ikea which I actually had to build myself. My make-up brushes were all shoved into a pink and white ceramic pot which was too small for my ever-growing make-up brush collection. I knew my make-up organisation needed to be, er, organized, but there was only one thing stopping me. I don't have another room to turn into my make-up room. My bedroom is the smallest room in the house - I need all of the space I can get!

Of course, Muji is the first port of call when it comes to storage of any kind and as tempting as the ever-popular Muji 5 drawer acrylic box is, I decided to have a hunt for some cheaper alternatives first. I very rarely go to TKMaxx and by rarely I mean never but oh my goodness people, we are missing out. The make-up section alone is enough to take a visit but beyond that, they have clear, acrylic make-up and cosmetic storage for under £10. We're talking brush holders, lipstick holders, sets of acrylic drawers a la Muji.. I spent two hours trying to decide what to buy and in the end, I had to buy it all.

I bought a lipstick holder which fits 24 lipsticks, a brush and tool organizer and a 'bit-of-an-everything' organizer. I was so excited to sit and organize my main make-up and brushes into their new storage, although I had to return the lipstick holder as I don't own enough traditional lipsticks to sit in the holder properly. The brush and tool organizer has made life so much easier as I can now see all of my brushes as well as organize them into sections and I have plenty of space for lots of new ones. It also means I now have space to hold cotton pads, cotton buds and my beauty blenders. If I had hundreds of make-up brushes then I would definitely pick another one of these up as they are just so handy to store everything in.

The other cosmetic organizer I picked up is where I store all of my immediate make-up items, as well as a few of my liquid lipsticks as there is deep little sections within the organizer where they stand up perfectly. In this organizer I keep my foundations, mascaras, concealers, Kylie Lip Kits, eyeliners, lip liners and a few lipsticks. I really want to try and keep everything as upright as possible so this organizer makes this much more possible compared to when everything was shoved into a make-up bag. This organizer has many uses and you can store so many items in it so it is definitely multi-purpose.

I now need to find an organizer to keep all of my eyeshadows, palettes, blushers, highlighters and everything else which currently doesn't have it's own home. I may end up having to buy a Muji 5 drawer organizer to store everything else in, although moving to a bigger house may be another option too.

I think if you were on the hunt for some really affordable cosmetic and beauty storage then definitely take a look around TKMaxx if you live near one. Everything is so inexpensive and affordable and whilst you're there, you can buy more make-up to fill the storage up with too!


Other // A Small Colourpop Giveaway!

Yippeee, a giveaway! When I made my recent Colourpop order, I decided to buy two of the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips in Midi. Midi is supposed to be a great dupe for the Kylie Lip Kit in Candy K and as I am a massive lover of Candy K, I thought it would be great to buy one for me and one for you. I actually tried out the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips in Bianca today and I actually believe it looks pretty damn similar to Candy K so I will have to see which Colourpop shade is the best dupe for the highly expensive, very hard to get hold of, Kylie version.

Like I said, I tried out one of the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips today and it definitely has the same staying power as the Kylie Lip Kits, which seem to have industrial strength. I know they are practically the same product with practically the same ingredients but I do think there are differences between the two. I will do a comparison post soon with the list of ingredients within both, then you can make your mind up as to which lip product is your best option.

Anyway, to enter the giveaway just enter your details into the widget below!


Review // Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II

Another liquid lipstick post! Sorry. I would like to say this is the last one but I have many more to come! Today's liquid lipstick offering comes from Kat Von D and her Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. The last, and first, time I had tried these was in the shade Lolita and I will have to admit, I found it pretty disappointing. Considering it has the word 'everlasting' in the title, I really expected it to last longer than an hour on the lips. I also wasn't too in love with the shade I had tried either. The first Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick I had tried was in the shade Lolita, but today I am going to show you Lolita II.

About the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks:
"A long-wear, full-coverage liquid lipstick with a smooth, matte finish. Now in 28 bold shades, Everlasting Liquid Lipstick gives lips long-lasting wear and high-pigment color. Its creamy, color-rich formula glides over lips like a gloss but dries to a true matte finish. It's infused with natural comfort-enhancing ingredients, including Vitamin E and sunflower seed so you can flaunt lasting matte color that leaves lips feeling comfortable."

Like all of the other Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, Lolita II comes housed in a 6.7 ml thin tube which comes with a doe-foot applicator which is wedged into the twist-up lid. I like the thinness of the tube as it makes it easy to store but I find the whole application process rather messy due to the applicator. It is quite long and thin, which you would expect to make the job easier but I find it makes it harder somehow! I find using a lip liner really helps with application as when used without, the lipstick is smeared all over my mouth which is strange considering I was very good at colouring in when I was younger. 

Lolita II is described as being a terracotta nude which I think is the perfect way to describe it. It is a warm, orange-based neutral matte shade which could not be more different compared to it's original sister, Lolita. I found Lolita to appear very dated and very 90's on me. It reminded me of the lipstick my great aunt wears, which she has subsequently worn everyday for the last 23 years and I can't remember ever seeing her without it. Fortunately, I like Lolita II a hell of a lot more than Lolita and I find it much easier to wear, although I still don't believe it to be a shade which I would wear everyday as I am a little unsure if the orange-toned shade suits me.

Formula wise, I find this so much easier than Lolita. I found Lolita to be very thin and not very creamy in consistency whereas Lolita II has a bit more substance to it. I also found Lolita II to be a lot more pigmented than Lolita so you could quite easily get away with just one layer on the lips whereas with Lolita I found it applied very patchy and hard to build. I also found Lolita II much more longlasting than its original, with it lasting well over 5 hours before showing signs of wear as opposed to Lolita which I found to wear off very soon after applying.

When I first bought the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks and tried Lolita for the first time, I was really disappointed and worried that I had wasted my money as I had purchased a few different shades. I really did not like Lolita but I am so glad that I bought Lolita II as I just found the formula, consistency and longevity so much better than it's original shade. Whilst I still think I prefer the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits over these Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, I definitely want to try a few other shades in the range to see if I could find my ultimate, everyday matte lipstick from Kat to rival Kylie and her industrial long-lasting liquid lipsticks. The next Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks I want to try are Bow N Arrow, Noble, Melancholia and Mother. (Because I really need more lipsticks!)


Other // A Colourpop Haul

So, I have finally received my Colourpop order from the US and MyMallBox, but what did I buy? If you missed it, I recently wrote a post about how to get Colourpop shipped to the UK but let me share with you what I bought!

I have to say, browsing the Colourpop website is just like being a kid in a sweet shop - there is just so much to choose from. I knew I wanted a few of their famous matte liquid lipsticks (ahem) but I tried to refrain from buying too many to begin with, just in case I don't like them. Then again, knowing myself as well as I do, I love a liquid lipstick so I'm sure I will love them! I also bought a couple of their eyeshadows, although looking back, I am not sure why I chose such unwearable-for-everyday shades! 

The first items I popped into my basket were the Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows in Luckfully and Liberty. Luckfully is the deep blue shade which is described on the website as being a bright cobalt blue which has a pearlized finish. At the time of buying this I had become obsessed with wearing blue eyeshadow but please trust me when I say it did not look as bad as it sounds! If I were to buy a blue eyeshadow, I want it to be really dark and intense and not a chalky pale blue shade like what you get when you are 9 and receive a below-standard in quality eyeshadow palette from a long-lost relative for Christmas!

Liberty is the metallic silver eyeshadow which is described as being an intense ultra-metallic true silver which apparently, is 'legit the most silver' Colourpop have ever seen. Again, Luckfully and Liberty aren't particularly everyday, neutral eyeshadows but fortunately, because I made my order within Colourpop's birthday, they included a limited edition eyeshadow within my order in the shade Birthday Boy. Birthday Boy is a much more wearable taupe coloured eyeshadow which has a multi-coloured sparkle running throughout. I think if this shade were available to buy then I probably would have bought it, purely because it is such a 'me' colour. I'm really looking forward to trying all three eyeshadows out, although I can see myself wearing Birthday Boy quite a lot.

Let's move onto my favourite - matte liquid lipsticks. I managed to restrain myself and only buy 4 of the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips although I could have quite literally bought them all. At only $6, they are so much cheaper than the Kylie Lip Kits and the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks so I really hope that I love the Colourpop versions more than the more expensive brands as they really would be a much cheaper dupe!

The Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips which I bought are Midi, Are n Be, 1st Base and Bianca. Midi is considered as a dupe for my favourite Kylie Lip Kit in Candy K so I couldn't not buy it to see how they compare. Midi is described as being a soft neutral beige but it does look very nude in the tube. As I am very pale I am slightly unsure as to how this will look on me but as I wear Candy K all the time and love it so much, I am hoping I will love Midi just as much too. I actually bought two of Midi for a blog giveaway which will be up soon so keep checking back!

The other shades I bought are Are n Be, 1st Base and Bianca. Are n Be is described as being a rich mauve plum - a shade which is completely unique to my make-up collection. I think out of all the lipsticks I bought, this is the one I am looking forward to trying the most! 1st Base is, again, a shade unique to my make-up collection as it is a mid-tone true pink. It looks really pretty and wearable in swatches so I am hoping I will be wearing this lipstick a lot over the summer. Finally, Bianca is another shade which I really wanted to try as I have heard so much about it. It is described as being a soft mauve pink and I think out of all 4 shades I have bought, this will be the shade I can see myself wearing and suiting me the most. 

I am really looking forward to trying everything I bought and if they go down well then I may just have to make another order! Remember to check back in a couple of days as the giveaway to win an Ultra Matte Lip in Midi will be up!


Other // Getting Colourpop Shipped To The UK With MyMallBox

There has been numerous times where I have wanted to place online, international orders with companies just to find out at the checkout stage that they don't ship to the UK. I once spent well over an hour filling up my online shopping basket on the Bath and Body Works website with candles and other nice smelling things to find that they don't ship their products outside of the USA. I thought there wasn't a way around it - but I was wrong! 

I was recently contacted by the kind people at MyMallBox asking if I wanted to try out their shipping service* and as I have been wanting to try a Colourpop Matte Liquid Lipstick or two (you guys know me well enough by now!), I said "oh yes please." But what is MyMallBox?

About MyMallBox:
MyMallBox is a forwarding-on service which allows you to purchase and ship items from the US, albeit because due to the exchange rate the item is cheaper there then it is here or because you can't get the item shipped to the UK otherwise. MyMallBox allows you to create an account with them which, in return, you receive your own US postal address within their warehouse which is personal to you. You then get your items sent to your US address and MyMallBox does the rest! If you are making multiple orders to your US address, you can consolidate your orders into one box which keeps prices down. Once you are all done, you can choose how you want your parcel sent to you by either DHL or US Air Mail and they give you a few different variations so you can try and keep the shipping price as low as possible. Once you have chosen, sit back and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep! You can also get the people at MyMallBox buy your items on your behalf too.

My MyMallBox Experience:
I found the whole website really easy to use and once you have set up a free account and receive your US address, you are good to go. I made a big old Colourpop order and a FashionNova order where I bought some jeans after seeing them on Instagram (the advertising pays off, huh?!) and I got both orders sent to my little US address. MyMallBox kept me updated the whole time and emailed me each time to let me know when my parcels had arrived which gave me great peace of mind! I could have had both orders sent to me individually but I decided to wait until both had arrived before choosing the option on the MyMallBox website to get my orders consolidated into one package rather than two. You then have to double check the cost of your orders to make sure it is correct for customs and once it was done, I was ready to choose my shipping option and pay.

Now, because MyMallBox had asked me to test out their service they very kindly added $35 onto my account to put towards shipping costs so I decided to go for the most expensive shipping option which was with DHL. My order came within 2 days and I only had to pay about £1.31 towards the rest of the shipping cost. $35 is the equivalent £23.77 which does sound fairly pricey but when you take into consideration that is for two orders which I didn't have to pay shipping on to get sent to my US address and I chose the most expensive option, it isn't too bad. Some of the other shipping options were surprisingly cheap so it's worth bearing in mind. MyMallBox have a handy little shipping calculator on their website so you can get an estimate on the cost of the shipping before you order anything. 

Customs Charges:
Oh, the bane of my life. If you think you get away from customs charges then think again. When the kind DHL man knocked on my door to deliver my order, he said he couldn't give it to me until I paid the £21 customs and tax charges so will I be paying by cash or by cheque? I had to write the man a cheque. A cheque! It took me 10 minutes to find a cheque book! I have since found out that if your order is below £30 then you do not get charged customs or tax fees and as my Colourpop order alone was £40, I could not get away from it. In future orders I will be making sure I try and keep my orders to below £30 as I can't keep spending money out on charges like this.

I think that when you consider that some brands or websites don't ship to the UK and if they do, sometimes it is so hideously overpriced and extortionate that it puts you off, this service would suit your needs down to a tee. You have so many shipping options available to you and the whole website and process is so easy and hassle-free, I can't really fault it. The only thing I would say is that if I were to buy a product which shipped directly to the UK reasonably, then I would go for that option, only because it is quicker. That's not to say that this service isn't quick - it's just waiting for my orders to get sent to my US address which took the longest! 

I really love the idea of this service and it just makes the whole shipping process from country to country so incredibly easy. Unlike MyUs and Shipito you needn't pay a membership fee so all of the prices are clear and there are no hidden charges. I will definitely be using MyMallBox again and I can already feel another Colourpop order coming on!

(* Post sponsored by MyMallBox but all thoughts and views are entirely truthful)


Review // NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder

When I was in America back in February, I was feeling a little spendy on NYX products as they weren't as easily accessible in the UK as they are in the US. Little did I know that as soon as I got home NYX stands would be popping up left, right and centre. Everything I bought in America I can now find in my local Boots which is wonderful, as well as being slightly annoying! At least I will know that if I find something I really like I won't have to travel to another part of the world to get it.

Alongside a few NYX Matte Lip Creams, I also bought the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finish Powder. Looking back, I am not sure why I purchased this as I am not a massive 'powder' person but I think I was drawn to it because it is white in colour, rather than because I desperately needed another powder product. That's not to say it isn't good, though.

About the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder:
"Don't let the white colour turn you off. This powder is a miracle in a jar. 100% pure mineral silica finish powder that is perfect for setting foundation or wearing alone. This powder leaves your skin looking radiant and luminous, while absorbing oil for that flawless matte finished look. A colourless shade that can be used for all skintones."

The NYX Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder comes housed in a 6 g pot which is see-through at the bottom so you can see how much product you have left. Because the powder is of a loose variety, inside the pot you have the little open holes to shake the powder out of. I personally, find this very messy as I just find it goes everywhere so I have to make sure I am very careful as I don't want all of the powder to come out from the bottom and into the top as it would just be wasteful. I also don't find the packaging to be very sturdy so it is just as well the powder is already loose!

Like I said before, I am not a massive powder person but I do get a fairly oily T-zone so whilst I don't use it everyday, it is something I should probably use more of. This powder is white in colour which can look a little daunting but it does apply translucent although you do have to make sure you only apply a small amount, otherwise it can appear white on the skin. It can also make your skin look bright white when photographed with it on so that is something to be mindful of.

I apply a very small amount with a powder brush then apply it very lightly to my T-zone and just under my eyes to set my concealer in place. If you wanted a translucent, mineral powder to 'bake' your make-up with then this would be perfect for you. It keeps everything in place and matte all day long without giving the skin the impression of appearing cakey. A little goes a very long way with this mineral powder so I am sure the 6 g pot will last you quite a while.

Overall, I really like this finishing powder a lot more than I though I would. It sets everything in place whilst absorbing all of the oil from your skin, giving you a matte finish. You only need to apply just a small amount, otherwise the white in colour powder loses its translucence. You also have to be careful when being photographed whilst wearing this powder as it can make areas of your face look ghostly white. I think for £8 this NYX Finishing Powder is very reasonably priced and I think if you were after a new loose powder then you should try and find a NYX stand quickly!


Other // The BBC Good Food Show

If I was a Youtuber, the title of this would be 'OMG! Mary Berry walked past me!!' but I'm not. Although she did. And Paul Hollywood. Ie, my faves. They were touching distance and it was rather overwhelming. I love Bake Off as much as the next person so seeing two 'people off the telly' in real life was probably the highlight of my week/year. If there is one thing I love just as much as make-up then it's cake and baked goods so attending the BBC Good Food Show with The Blogger Programme is like a lil' dream come true.

The tickets were complimentary in collaboration with The Blogger Programme and I cannot tell you what fun my friend and I had. This is the first real opportunity this little blog has gotten me and I was rather overwhelmed when I received a little pass with my name on which had 'Press' written underneath. I will treasure that piece of plastic until I am a very old lady and it will probably shown to all of my grandchildren! 

If you don't know what The BBC Good Food Show is then it is like a big food festival hosted across a few weekends in various locations across the country twice a year. I attended the Good Food Summer Show but they also host a Winter show later on in the year too. There are a few celebrity chefs each day and today's pick was Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood although there are a few other chefs featuring across the other days, such as James Martin and Tom Kerridge. You get the opportunity to watch the chefs cook a few recipes and interact with the audience in the Supertheatre, watch demos and enter masterclasses, have your recipe books signed by the chefs themselves or simply walk around the hundreds of little stalls all set up by little businesses trying to showcase their goods. Fortunately the latter involves samples. And, oh, how I sampled. Biscuits, cake, chocolate, macarons, breads, alcohol.. You name it, someone is offering you it to sample. Although I will say, to the lady I saw grabbing handfuls of cakes and breads and stuffing them into your handbag, you were a little greedy. Although I guess it can be easy to get carried away. (Ahem.)

After my friend and I had sampled and eaten nearly everything there was to offer, we went to watch Paul Hollywood in the Supertheatre. I have to say a really massive thank you to the lovely, kind lady in the Press & Sales Lounge at the NEC who helped my friend and I get tickets to watch him after he had sold out. It's little things like that which really mean a lot to a person so thank you. :)

I think even if you didn't have a love for cooking then you would still love the Good Food Show. It was honestly the most enjoyable day and I drove home feeling very full indeed. It is surprising at how much those little samples can fill you up! My friend and I were in total agreement when we said we would definitely go again, although I may have to find out which day Paul Hollywood is attending... *swoon*

The BBC Good Food Show - £24.00 per person
(I was kindly allowed to attend in collaboration with The Blogger Programme but all thoughts are entirely truthful and my own. Yes, I do really get this excited over cake. And Paul Hollywood.)


Review // MiN New York Chef's Table Eau de Parfum

On Friday I am attending the BBC Good Food Show with The Blogger Programme and I am so excited about it. I can't think of a nicer day out, or something which I would enjoy more. There is something called a "Lindt Tasting Experince" which I do believe has my name written all over it. There is also something called a Cakes & Bakes Village which sounds utterly wonderful. I'm so happy to have been asked to attend and I will definitely be posting about it on here, twitter and snapchat throughout the day so if you want to watch me eat copious amounts of baked goods then do check back on Friday for an update or two!

Because of this, I was sent the MiN New York Chef's Table Eau de Parfum* in the little sample sized bottles. The scent is derived around food, hence the name and the involvement with the BBC Good Food Show. The perfume is exclusive to Selfridges and whilst I had never heard of the brand before, I was interested to find out what it smelt like, considering the scent is supposed to 'evoke a tableside gazpacho'.

About the MiN New York Chef's Table Eau de Parfum:
"Lose yourself in MiN New York's conceptual storytelling, Chapter Three, Chef's Table eau de parfum evokes a tableside gazpacho prepared with fresh fruits and herbs al fresco en Provence. The Recipe: Peel and muddle a bergamot with fresh sprigs of basil and clary sage from the garden. Pour a generous dose of the most precious Turkish rose oil in the world into a gazpacho of tomato and cassis. Garnish with a tonka bean pod. Serve in a chilled glass bowl."

Chef's Table is Chapter Three within Volume Two of MiN New York's Scent Stories, which from what I gather is a conceptual storytelling within each of its perfumes which is supposed to evoke memories within its scents. I really love this idea as it does make each perfume, each scent, each chapter and each volume a real well thought out masterpiece.

Top: Tomato Leaf, Bergamot & Basil
Heart: Turkish Rose, Iris & Clary Sage 
Base: Tonka Bean, Ambergris & Musk

I recieved the little sample sized bottles so I can't comment on packaging, although the full sized 75 ml bottle is black, clean and sleek. One thing I can comment on is the scent which I have been thinking about how to put into words for hours. I have never smelt anything like it. There is nothing to compare it to. It is incredibly unique and once again, I really could not describe it no matter how hard I tried. I would say it smells quite herby and high-end. It reminds me of going into Jo Malone and layering some of their fragrances up to create a unique smell just for you. Do I like it? I am really not sure. When I first applied it I found it to be rather overwhelming whereas my Mum really liked it when it was first applied. Towards the end of the day when it had faded slightly, I then started to like it as it smelt a lot lighter but as someone who likes light, clean, floral scents, I am really unsure about this one. 

I think if you love herby, unique scents then you will love this perfume. It's fairly light but completely unique - there is literally no other fragrance I could compare this to. I would really like to try another perfume within Volume Two, which is made up of five fragrances, although they are high-end. A 75 ml bottle of Chef's Table costs £200, with Selfridges holding exclusivity.

(*Product sent for an honest review via The Blogger Programme)


First Impressions // Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Nude Flush & Electric Pink

Another day, another liquid lipstick. I know I keep going on about them and I am aware that if I continue to purchase them then I will be bordering on the obsessive but who cares? I like em'. Today's post is all about the Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Nude Flush and Electric Pink. I first saw these matte lipsticks in America back in Feb and I really wanted to try them but after swatching every single shade on the back of my hand, I wasn't really drawn to any of them so I decided to buy a few from NYX instead. That was 4 months ago and now they have reached the UK, I decided to buy a couple to see how they compare to all of the other matte liquid lipsticks I own and trust me when I say there is a lot to be compared to!

Available in 8 different shades, these Maybelline Matte Liquid Lipsticks come housed in a 8 ml little clear tube which, like all of the other liquid lipsticks I own, has the doe-foot applicator within the twist-up lid. The applicator included with these products is really long and thin compared to the standard doe-foot which is slightly thicker in width. So far I have actually found this applicator slightly easier to use, especially in comparison to the applicator within the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams which I find to be too wide which causes a messy application.

The shades I purchased were Nude Flush, which is a very pretty and wearable pinky nude and Electric Pink, which is a very bright pink. It is actually brighter in real life than in the photos above so yep, it certainly is electric! I think as pretty as both shades are, they aren't particularly shades which are unique to my ever-expanding make-up collection. I think it would be great to have each of my matte liquid lipsticks swatched against each other as I imagine I have a few dupes in there for the more expensive and pricier matte lipsticks, ie, the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks and the Kylie Lip Kits.

I am really looking forward to trying these lipsticks out properly and to see how they translate onto the lips as when swatched above, I didn't find them to be very matte at all. In fact, they look a lot like pigmented lip gloss rather than matte lipstick and even after waiting around for the swatches to dry, I didn't find Electric Pink to dry matte at all. This is just a first impressions post so hopefully in a few days I will have some positive things to say about them!


Other // A Small, Insignificant Maybelline Haul

I really didn't want to call this post a haul as I only have three items to share with you. I could have quite easily bought more, especially as make-up in Boots is currently 3-for-2 which does persuade me to buy more than I initially wanted, which I guess is the whole point so well done Boots, your little ways of making me spend more money really works! In fact, I only went into Boots to buy some hayfever tablets. I ended up walking out with two lipsticks and a contour stick and strangely, no hayfever tablets. I must have got carried away browsing the make-up aisle although let's face it, it is easy done.

Everything I bought was from Maybelline which surprised me as I really can't remember the last time I bought anything from them. I can't recall actually owning any Maybelline make-up which is really strange considering I seem to buy everything every other brand has to offer! 

The first two items I bought were the Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Nude Flush and Electric Pink. I first saw these in America back in February and I remember I was really unsure about them. I swatched them all on my hand in the store but I didn't see a shade I particularly liked so I didn't bother buying any but now I am really on that liquid lipstick hype so I am looking forward to seeing how they fare between all of the various other matte liquid lipsticks I own. And I own a lot. 

Finally I bought the Maybelline Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick. It looks pretty scary and intimidating in its little stick with one side being the contour and the other being the highlight side so it will be interesting to see how it translates onto the skin. I bought the lightest shade they offer but you can get a darker shade if you would prefer. I'm not too sure how I am going to blend this out yet. The directions say to blend in with your fingers but I'm not sure if a Beauty Blender would suit the job better. Any tips greatly welcomed!


Review // The Body Shop Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops

Have I ever mentioned that I have really pale skin and often find it hard to find a foundation that matches my delicate skintone? Only all the time? Oh, alright then. But seriously, the struggle is really there. It is hard. Every foundation seems to be orange toned, even the paler shades appear too dark for me. Before now there was nothing that could be done about it other than blend blend blend but The Body Shop have just released a product which has changed my make-up routine for ever, as well as me as a person. (Maybe). If you have pale skin and find foundations a struggle to get right, then you may want to run along to the shops and purchase The Body Shop Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops as they may just be the answer to all of your make-up related struggles.

About The Body Shop Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops:
"You wouldn’t settle for Mr. “Almost right” so why do it with your foundation? Our Shade Adjusting Drops help turn an almost there shade into the perfect one. If you have light to medium skin you may find your foundation looks too dark or orange. A concentration of white and pink pigments in our Lightening Drops helps neutralise yellowness while lightening. Simply add a drop to lighten light to medium shades. For use with light to medium foundation shades. Transform an “almost right” foundation shade into the perfect one.1 drop = ½ a shade lighter. Works with most liquid foundations"

When I first found out about these Body Shop Lightening Drops I was so excited, especially as I seem to be getting paler as I get older. They sounded like the answer to my problems. And everyone else's, it would seem. This little bottle was so hard to get hold of. They were sold out online and in store for weeks. In the end I signed up to the email alerts to be notified when they came back into stock - yes, I really was that serious about getting it! 

The Body Shop Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops come housed in a little 15ml glass bottle which has a dropper applicator disguised as the lid. The dropper function is really easy to use, although my only complaint is that the hole at the top of the bottle is really wide, as is the dropper, so it can get a bit messy when pulling the dropper in and out of the bottle. It isn't a really issue, but you do have to be careful not to waste the product when you pull it out.

I was so excited to try this out with all of my foundations to see what the difference would be and I can honestly say that I can't believe I used to apply my foundation without it. You only need the smallest, tiniest amount of the lightening drops to lighten up your foundation by half a shade. I apply a dollop of my foundation to the back of my hand, add a really small drop of the Shade Adjusting Drops then mix it together with an old, small make-up brush. I then dot it all over my face then blend in with a Beauty Blender. It doesn't add loads of time onto your make-up regime either and if you were really prepared, you could make up a whole load of toned-down foundation then decant it into a little pot or a squeezy tube. 

I did wonder how my matte foundations would react with the Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops mixed in. Would it lose its matte finish? Surprisingly no! Because you are only adding a very minute amount of the shade adjusting drops into the foundation, it keeps hold of its matte finish whilst toning down the foundation shade.

I really do not have a bad word to say about this product. It does exactly what it claims to and it really tones down foundations which are too dark for your skintone. You only need a very small drop to add to your foundation so the small 15ml bottle will last you a very long time. This £10 bottle has saved me from throwing away so many foundations which are too dark for me and for that, I think it is well worth a purchase!


First Impressions // Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits in Koko K & Posie K + More About Customs Charges

I'm ever so sorry I keep going on about the Kylie Lip Kits. Perhaps the name of this blog should change to 'Kylie Lip Kit hoarder?' All I talk about at the moment is liquid lipsticks - so much so that I find it difficult to write about any other topic. The phase will soon pass and I will get hooked onto some other expensive beauty trend but for now, bear with me.

I would hate to know how much I have spent on the Kylie Lip Kits. When I watch Kylie Jenner's Snapchats and see her driving yet another new car, I do wonder if that is what my money has paid for. Have I paid for the seat belt, perhaps? Probably. If it were an expensive seat belt. I really wouldn't want to add up the amount of my (fairly) hard earned money I have spent on her lipsticks as I imagine I would feel sick at the final number. Because let's not just think about the cost of the Lip Kits themselves, you have to take the shipping rates and customs into consideration too. And boy, have I paid a lot in customs charges.

My Kylie Lip Kit obsession started off with Candy K and Dolce K and I was very lucky not to get charged with customs fees, although with my next order of just Kourt K, I was charged over £12 when it entered the UK. With my third order, which is this one, I was charged over £16 and boy, does that hurt when recieve the little grey card through the post. You will know that you have been charged for customs fees when you check your tracking number within the order dispatch email. It will state that it has been delivered to you when in fact, it has just been dropped off at Royal Mail and it can go no further until you cough up. I will also break down the customs charges for you - you are charged £4 per Lip Kit then Royal Mail kindly add £8 on top as a handling fee. Which, ooooh, makes my blood boil. I didn't ask you to handle it for me so why charge me more on top? I only live around the corner, give me a call and I will handle it myself!

Because of their price and all of the additional fees that come with them, I am unsure if I will be making another Kylie Lip Kit order. I love them, I do. They are so pigmented and last all day long but I have just made a ColourPop order so I am hoping they will be the cheaper replacements for Kylie and her little pals. Anyway, it's not me to tell Kylie how to spend her money but Von Dutch caps?? Really??! 

The newest additions to my Kylie Lip Kit family is Koko K and Posie K. I really wanted the new shade, Exposed, but by the time I had uhhmed and ahhed over it in my basket, it had completely sold out. So I bought Koko and Posie instead. I have really wanted Koko K ever since Kylie first launched them so I'm glad I finally managed to get one. Koko K is described as a pale, pinky nude on the Kylie Cosmetics website and I agree, although as I am quite pale I think this may look fairly mid-toned on my skin. 

Posie K is described as a dusty, mauve pink. I absolutely love this on Kylie when she wears it so I am really looking forward to trying it out for myself. I think this may look like a dark mauve on me rather than what it appears in my photo above but again, I am looking forward to seeing what it looks like on! 

I have 5 Kylie Lip Kits now so I might have to do a side-by-side comparison between all of them as they do look fairly similar to Dolce K and Candy K but I think that is down to the lighting in my photos. I would say I would try and limit the amount of liquid lipsticks I feature on this blog in the near future but I have a big ColourPop order on its way to me and I may have bought more than a few more them... Oh, and a Candy K dupe to giveaway..

Overall, I am still just as in love with the Kylie Lip Kits and I am really looking forward to trying out Koko K and Posie K, as long as they aren't similar to Kourt K in formula then I am sure we will get on just fine!


Other // My Favourite Drugstore Products

I love going into Boots and could quite happily make a day of it. Day out to Boots? Oh go on then. Ha ha, I'm just kidding but I do really like going in and walking up and down the aisles just to look at what there is. Which is probably why I get the majority of my make-up from Boots. I hardly ever buy my make-up online, well, with the exception of the Kylie Lip Kits. The reason of this is because I like to see what I am buying in person rather than wondering what it looks like in the 10 days it takes for it to get to my door. These are a few of my favourite drugstore products, products I would repurchase again and again. 

The MUA Undress Me Too Eyeshadow Palette - £4.00
I have never tried an Urban Decay Naked Palette before and I have never felt the need to since I have owned the MUA Heaven & Earth and Undress Me Too Eyeshadow Palettes. For £4 you get 12 different shades and finishes which vary within the palette and when used with a primer underneath, they last all day long. They are easy to apply, have very minimal fallout and I haven't felt the need to  purchase a pricier palette since this does the job well enough at a very inexpensive price. 

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights -  £3.00
Everyone is all about the glow at the moment and with the Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights, you will be positively glowing. At £3, you get a massive amount of product for your money which is incredibly pigmented and soft in formula. One swipe across the cheekbones gives the loveliest of champagne-coloured glows and it lasts all day long on the face. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams - £5.50
I have tried a few brands offering matte liquid lipsticks now and the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are definitely the best the drugstore has to offer. Available in 26 different shades, there is definitely a shade for everyone! The shades I have tried have been fairly pigmented and are comfortable to wear on the lips. They aren't the most long-lasting but they are definitely worth considering when on a hunt for a new lipstick in Boots. 

L'oreal Infallible 24 HR Foundation - £9.99
A while ago now I purchased both of the L'oreal Infallible Foundations on offer - this version and the matte version. I am absolutely in love with both. They are pale enough for my skintone without being too orange and they are very long-lasting on the skin as well as offering a medium coverage. I apply both using the Beauty Blender and it applies flawlessly without being patchy or clinging to dry areas on the face. If you are after a very inexpensive foundation then I definitely recommend this range!

L'oreal Mega Volume Collagen Mascara
Don't you hate it when you finally find a mascara you really enjoy using and then find out it's been discontinued? I am yet to find a mascara which has been something to write home about but I really enjoy this mascara, so much so that I have a few more tubes stocked up waiting to be put into use. It really volumised my eyelashes and made them appear much longer and fuller. I really like L'oreal mascaras so I'm sure another mascara from their range will slip into the Mega Volume Collagen Mascara's boots.

Soap and Glory Supercat Liquid Eyeliner - £6.00
I loved this eyeliner so much that I have 5 more sat waiting to be used in my bedroom. When I find a product that I really like, I stock up out of fear of it being discontinued. The Soap and Glory Supercat Liquid Eyeliner is a really pigmented black liner which is easy to apply and stays put all day long when used on top of a primer. I have forgotten this eyeliner in recent months to the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper but I'm sure the Soap and Glory Eyeliner will be put back into use within my make-up bag soon!

Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer - £4.99
I was after a new daily moisturiser and came across the Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer in Superdrug for around £2 when it was on offer. At the time I had really dry skin on my cheeks and literally nothing was shifting it so I purchased this product for dry & sensitive skin. It promises to moisturise skin as well as providing an even base for foundation which is supposed to prolong the longevity of your make-up. And it works. It really, really works! Since using this product the general wear of my make-up which I used to get over the course of the day has completely stopped, leaving my make-up looking perfect at the end of the day without moving an inch. The dry skin I had has gone and now my skin is looking more hydrated and in a much better condition than before. If I could recommend one product out of everything in this post then it would be this. It's amazing.

Those are my (current!) favourite drugstore products - what are yours?


Review // Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair

I've never really found the need to use concealer before. I am quite lucky in that I very rarely get spots or blemishes and if I do get them then they cover really well with foundation so I have never had the need to go out and buy another product to help do the job. Whilst this case hasn't changed, if I don't get a good nights sleep then unfortunately my eyes show it in the form of dark circles. I decided to try and see if a concealer would help in that department and I set out to find the very popular Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and boy, is it hard to get hold of. I had to visit so many different Boots and Superdrug stores to find the lightest shade in the range and because it is such a popular product, it took me quite a while to track it down. 

About the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer:
"Conceals flaws, imperfections and blemishes for up to 16 hours. Water-resistant and transfer proof. Use with Lasting Perfection Foundation and Powder for the ultimate in long-lasting wear."

I've probably mentioned it once or twice on here before but I am very pale and often find it hard to get a product to match my skintone perfectly as it is often always too dark and orange for me. I bought the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in the lightest shade they offer, Fair, and I really wasn't expecting it to match my skintone as no product ever does but this product is definitely the exception! It is the perfect match for me and my pale skin, which already makes it a winner in my eyes.

The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer comes housed in a clear tube which has a doe-foot applicator within the twist-up lid. The formula is very creamy which makes it a dream to blend with a Beauty Blender. I apply this concealer under my eyes and I find I don't need too much product to cover the dark circles, nor does it crease either. Once applied and blended out, it does its job wonderfully well and hides all dark areas and blemishes whilst staying put all day long.

I can really see why it took so long for me to find this product. It really does deserve its holy-grail status and the next time I find another tube or two of this concealer in Fair, I will definitely be stocking up!!