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Review // Urban Tan Glamour Grit Salt Scrub

Spring is here! Hooray! This means Summer is just around the corner which makes me believe there is light at the end of the tunnel although it is hard to believe as I sit here shivering into a blanket at the end of April. I would say that when Summer comes it brings blazing heat and sunshine but as I live in the UK I do believe that is mild optimism. Anyway, whether in the UK or on some exotic island in the Caribbean, it is guaranteed that I will burn this summer because, as I say, it isn't Summer until you get sunburnt, right? (I don't actually say that, FYI.)

With every sore cycle of sunburn comes the horrible skin-peeling process. I have dry skin throughout the year regardless of sunburn or not so exfoliators are a real necessity when it comes to shifting dead skin cells to ensure skin is looking, and feeling, healthy. I will be honest and say I look after my skin more during the summer, purely because more flesh is on show than in Winter. Come June I will be moisturising, body-buttering, exfoliating, gradual tanning.. I have never faked tanned before but this summer I will definitely be giving it a go, especially as the furthest I will be travelling to is probably Barry Island in Wales. 

Urban Tan have released a product which is focused on prepping the skin before fake tanning which exfoliates and buffs away any dead and dry skin cells. Not only does it work an utter dream but it is also full of vitamins and anti-oxidants whilst being cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. Say hello to the product you will be needing this summer - the Urban Tan Glamour Grit Salt Scrub*.

About the Urban Tan Glamour Grit Salt Scrub:
"Glamour Grit is an oil-free salt scrub that will buff up your rough side and gently exfoliate to reveal smoother skin. The White Barbados Grapefruit scent will invigorate your senses. It contains the wonderful ingredients Sea Kelp and Algae to condition your skin, as well as anti-oxidant vitamin E to fight free radical damage for skin rejuvenation."

For £14.99 you get a massive 320g pot of product which comes in a twist-up tub. Inside is a foil lid which is welcoming as you know the product has been kept fresh whilst it has been sat in the pot. Also in the pot is a little wooden spatula to help scoop the product up with which I find very useful. As soon as you peel back that foil you are hit by the most wonderful, fresh and fruity scent of grapefruit. It smells so, so lovely. It literally smells like summer in a pot, it is heavenly! 

The texture of the Urban Tan Glamour Grit Salt Scrub is one that completely stands out and beats every other scrub I have tried. I have always said that I am yet to find an exfoliant which is as harsh as I would like. If I want to exfoliate then I don't want to use a product with little particles which hardly touch the surface - I want harsh scrubby bits which attack the dead skin cells instantly. Luckily, I have found my saviour! You have to mix the product up a bit with the little spatula to get it started and once you do so you will find that the orange layer on top will dissolve, revealing the white salt scrub underneath. The texture is that of the grit you would lay on the floor during winter to ensure you don't fall and break your neck. It is thick, it is harsh and it is wonderful. 

I apply a very small amount to my hands using the spatula included then I rub my hands together slightly, just to break the product down a little. I had some dry patches on my legs recently and within one use of the Urban Tan Glamour Grit Salt Scrub I noticed a massive difference. You get immediate results. The salt scrub immediately buffs away dead and dry skin cells with utter ease and I really cannot fault it. A little goes a long way and I can see myself using this pot all year round. 

If you are looking for a salt scrub to buff away dead and dry skin cells pretty much instantly then look no further. It smells absolutely divine and it does the job it claims to and it does it very, very well. The texture is very gritty which gives a rather harsh exfoliating experience but I quite like that. I am fed up with exfoliators not doing their job properly or trying to fob me off with dreaded microbeads. The Urban Tan Glamour Grit Salt Scrub is harsh but not uncomfortable and it leaves the skin smelling of grapefruit which is more than welcome in my eyes. I hate to gush about a product but I really, really like this and it is just the product I have been after!

(PR Sample but thoughts entirely my own - I really do love it as much as I claim!!)



  1. That sounds absolutely wonderful! I have dry skin AND sunburn too so this sounds right up my street. Plus the price is amazing for such a nice sized tub of exfoliator

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    1. It really does work wonders for the skin and it smells incredible too! x