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Review // Sephora Lotus Sleeping Mask

I know I keep going on about it but my skin is really horribly dry at the moment. I usually have oily skin but for some reason it is like all of the moisture and oils from my face have been sucked out and I am left with dry and dehydrated looking skin. I have tried so many moisturisers, masks, creams.. none of which have made a drastic improvement.

 Back in February I went to America which obviously included a trip, or five, to Sephora where I was sucked in to the skincare stands like a moth to a flame. I really wanted to try out a sheet mask as I haven't tried them before but I guess they are so popular at the moment that they sell out really quickly as whenever I went to buy a few, they were all out of stock! Instead, I decided to try a sleeping mask. With 11 different varieties to chose from, with each mask promising something different in terms of results, I decided to go for the Sephora Lotus Sleeping Mask.

About the Sephora Sleeping Masks:
"A line of rich cream-gel textured sleeping masks, each with a skin refreshing benefit. Each of these masks is infused with a different active ingredient for relaxing the skin and achieving a brighter, more revitalized complexion. The luxurious cream-gel texture melts into skin for penetration of the active ingredients while you sleep."

I really wanted to buy the Honey Sleeping Mask as it promises to nourish and relieve dry skin instantly for softened, balanced skin but it was all sold out so I bought the Lotus Sleeping Mask which promises to lock in water and reduces signs of fatigue for the appearance of plumper, more rested skin whilst claiming to moisturise. I actually really like the sound of each sleeping mask within the range and would love to try the Pearl Sleeping Mask out in the future as it claims to evens and help minimizes irregularities for a skintone which is even, fresher and brighter. 

Each Sephora Sleeping Mask comes packaged in a little 8ml pot which has a peel-back lid, making it single use. This is a real problem for me as there is so much product within the little pot that you can really easily get a few uses out of it but due to the packaging, it isn't something very easy to do so as it isn't packaged in a reuseable way. I ended up tranferring the rest of the product into a little pot myself to store it in as it seemed wasteful to throw it all away.

The mask itself is gel-like in texture which is pink in colour. It smells very light, florally and pleasant, although I can't say I noticed the smell too much when I applied the product to the skin. I washed and cleansed my face then patted it dry before applying about 1/3 of the product all over my face just before bedtime. When applied to the skin, the mask completely dissolves in colour so it applies clear. At first it makes your skin look super shiny/greasy but it soaks into the skin fairly quickly. The directions say to wipe off any excess the following morning but when I woke up the next day it had completely soaked into the skin and was not detectable in the slightest. 

Results wise, my skin was certainly left looking fresher and perkier than before whilst softening it slightly but I did find my skin was still quite dry. Perhaps if I had applied the whole pot of product rather than just 1/3 of it I might have received different results, which is why I then applied it again the following evening and repeated the process. The next morning my skin was again softer and brighter but they aren't a permanent fix. In order to get real results you would need to apply them regularly and as each pot is considered as single-use, you would need to buy quite a few. I think if they were to come in a big pot/jar which offered you more product which were reusable then they would be more worth your time.

As fun and novel as these Sephora Sleeping Masks are, they are in no way a permanent solution to your skincare woes. It is nice to apply them before bedtime and wake up with softer skin but in order for them to be more worth your time then they should ideally be in a bigger, reusable pot. For travelling these sleeping masks are ideal but for everyday life? Probably not.


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  1. I use several of these and loved them. They aren't permanent fixes but because my skin isn't like a dessert, I can use the mask pots one per week. :)

    S .x S .x http://ramblingsofayoungprgirl.blogspot.com/