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Review // Miss Sporty Insta Glow Primer

Quite a while ago now I went into Boots to buy some vitamin tablets and ended up leaving with a nice big bag full of make-up instead. I bought quite a lot but the first thing I want to show you is the Miss Sporty Insta Glow Primer. Now, I am in no way a make-up snob. I don't believe you have to spend a lot of money to get good make-up which is rich in colour as well as having excellent longevity but that said, I never buy anything from Miss Sporty. In fact, I probably haven't bought anything from Miss Sporty since I was about 13. 

I thought I would have a look at the Miss Sporty stand for a change, rather than walk straight past it like usual. I ended up buying the Miss Sporty Insta Glow Primer, as well as the foundation. I didn't know anything about it or what either product was like as I hadn't read or heard anything about either product before but as each product is so cheap, I didn't mind finding out.

About the Miss Sporty Insta Glow Primer:
"Perfection is not enough? Need to light up your skin and boost your glow? Add Insta Glow Primer into your routine for the perfect complexion which preps and primes the skin whilst boosting glow."

The product comes in a little squeezy tube and whilst I don't often talk about the packaging of things (I believe if you can see it then there is no need for me to comment on it) but I quite like the look of this product. Obviously it doesn't ooze luxury and high end but it looks nice and that is good enough for me!

The primer is pearlescent pink in colour which is fairly light in consistency. It isn't thick or creamy, nor is watery or thin - it's just about in between all four of those statements whilst feeling breathable on the skin. It doesn't have a very noticeable scent, nor does it feel greasy either. When rubbed into the face it leaves a really subtle boost. It very subtly perks the skin up - in fact it is so subtle that you really have to look close enough to see it has been applied. I only used a tiny squeeze to cover my entire face, although if you wanted more coverage then you could apply more.

I found that this primer soaked into the skin really quickly and makes the face look a bit more healthier and radiant than before. Even under foundation it still lifts the skin and makes it appear perkier and brighter, although I wouldn't say it made my foundation last any longer on the skin than if I were to not apply it. The Miss Sporty Insta Glow Primer also works wonderfully well as a highlight on top of foundation. Due to its very subtle pearlescent sheen it makes for a lovely highlight along the cheekbones when patted in gently.

I think if you were after a budget primer then this is one definitely to try, It is subtle, and lightweight whilst leaving the skin looking brighter and perkier than before. For £3.49 I think it is definitely worth a try next time you walk past a Miss Sporty stand.



  1. Oooo something new to try, I really love finding drugstore primers, and I am almost out of my Bourjois one! So may just have to go for this one next :)


  2. This sound intriguing. I've heard good things about miss sporty - i think they've up their game a bit xx


  3. This looks amazing!
    Jabeen x

  4. This sounds amazing and so cheap too!

    Parie x