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First Impressions // Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits in Dolce K & Candy K

Whilst I would say I was a moderate fan of the Kardashians, I wouldn't buy everything they endorsed, promoted or put their name to. When I first heard that Kylie Jenner was bringing out her own cosmetics line I wasn't too fussed. I thought it would be some brand bringing out new products with Kylie just putting her name to it but I couldn't be more wrong.

If you follow Kylie on Snapchat then you will see she is often at the Kylie Lip Kit factory over-seeing production, tweaking the products slightly (for instance, she recently changed the applicator as it wasn't fluffy enough for application) and coming up with new shades. Whilst I don't believe she is single handedly doing all of this herself, it does seem that she has a real interest in it which is nice to see. 

It is only up until recently that I have wanted to try out a few shades of the Kylie Lip Kits and fortunately, I have managed to purchase a couple of shades during a recent re-stocking. I know it is hard to get hold of them as they sell out so quickly and sadly I think it is just down to luck in managing to purchase them. I put Dolce K, Candy K, Posie K and Koko K in my basket after constantly refreshing the website waiting for them to go live and within about a minute and a half Koko K and Posie K had sold out completely, just by the time I had managed to add them to my basket. I have since then managed to buy Kourt K on its release date so I am very (im)patiently waiting for that to turn up too. If you are interested in them then they get restocked every Monday at about 11pm UK time so keep refreshing that website!

I have heard that some people have been charged at customs for their Kylie Lip Kits but luckily that hasn't happened to me yet - although that may be down to the mis-information on the labelling on the front of the box. I won't lie to you and I will say that the shipping of the Lip Kits is expensive. If I buy something from Missguided, for example, I am very reluctant to spend £3.99 on postage so imagine my reluctance when I have to pay £10.47 ($14.95) to get my order sent to the UK. And I paid it twice. Spending £20 on postage really hurts me so I would definitely be miffed if I then had to pay customs charges on top of that. All said though, my order did come within about a week and it was packaged really well so I guess if I have to pay £4 to get a package shipped from a city a couple of hours away then I should be happy to pay £10 to get a package shipped from the other side of the world.

I don't want to go into too much detail about the products themselves, purely because they will be reviewed each individually but I am so utterly over the moon with the Kylie Lip Kits. After I first purchased them I did have second thoughts regarding the price of them but now I couldn't be less bothered about the price. When the kind post man knocked on my door to hand me this parcel, I actually squealed with delight. I have never been so excited to receive a parcel before!

I am sure you have all seen the packaging by now - the dripping lips, the twist up tubes with a doe-foot applicator, the dreamy matte formula.. I don't usually wear lip liners so they weren't my first attraction but they appear really creamy in formula without being drying. I do wonder how easy they will be to sharpen though.. Also, the lids of the lip liners snap shut with a click which I really like as you know it won't go everywhere and get ruined in your make-up bag.

The liquid lipsticks are an utter dream. You can visibly see in the tube that the product is filled all the way to the top so you definitely aren't being short changed in that aspect. They do have a funny smell to them - when they first came out I watched a few Youtube videos about them and people said they smelt very sickly sweet, something which I can't stand. Whilst the scent has been changed since then, they still have a noticeable smell to them although I wouldn't say it were too unpleasant. Both shades are incredibly pigmented and most definitely matte. Dolce K is described as being a medium beige nude and Candy K is described as being a soft, warm nude. From first impressions I would say I prefer the look of Candy K as Dolce K looks pretty dark on my skintone but time will tell when I put them into practice.

From first impressions I am really excited about the Kylie Lip Kits. They are incredibly pigmented, creamy and matte and the lip liners appear to be just the same as the main product. Whilst they are hard to get hold of and shipping is pricey, I don't regret buying them and I can't wait for Kourt K to arrive! If you are interested in buying one then get onto the website about 11pm UK time every Monday as that is usually when they are re-stocked but make sure you have your card to hand as they sell out within minutes. For two Lip Kits and shipping, I paid $72.95 which is £51.12 so bear that in mind if you were planning on making a purchase. Keep checking back as I will be reviewing both really soon! 

(excluding tax)



  1. Candy K looks stunning and packaging is just to die for! And they weren't such a bargain in the end. Still looking forward to reviews :)


  2. I have been dying for one of these! So annoying that they are constantly sold out! I love Candy K xx


  3. I've been loving all the shades, sadly I haven't tried anyone yet but I definitely want to


  4. I love the Kylie Lip Kits! I have Koko K and I am obsessed!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  5. I love my lip kits! I have Dolce and Candy! Candy looks near enough the same as dolce on me though ��

  6. Lucky you managed to get your hands on these two! That's a bit excessive for postage.. so expensive thats like almos buying another lip kit just on packaging.. glad that the liquid lipsticks is a good product though.. Candy K is so pretty xx


  7. These sound brilliant. I'm obsessed with liquid lipsticks at the moment so i really need to get my hands on some. I love the shades you picked :) xx