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Review // Victoria's Secret Mango Temptation Fragrance Mist

As much as I love perfume and own many a bottle, there is something about body sprays/fragrance mists which makes me always go back to them. That said, I do believe my Charlie Red and Impulse body sprays are perhaps behind me!

If I'm not wearing a perfume then I will be wearing a Victoria's Secret fragrance mist. I have dedicated a whole blog post to my love for them, as well as the Victoria's Secret Bombshell Perfume which I utterly adore. I know the first thought when you hear VS is underwear, swimwear or pajamas but they do have a wonderful, vast range of body care products which work incredibly well and are made of a high quality.

The most recent addition to my never-ending collection in Victoria's Secret fragrances is the Mango Temptation Fragrance Mist. Described as a floral and fruity scent, Mango Temptation features notes of mango nectar and hibiscus with aloe vera and chamomile extracts used for skin softening. It is a sweet, fruity scent which smells more like a mixture of tropical fruits rolled into one rather than mango on its own. I am not a massive tropical fruits fan but I really love this smell. You all know how I feel about sickly sweet scents and whilst yes, this is sweet, it isn't sickly sweet nor is it nauseating. Some people have said Mango Temptation smells quite sour or tart but for me, this is just perfect.

If you were after an everyday, fruity scent then this will be perfect for you. I have lots of the Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists and so far, I think Mango Temptation is my favourite. You get a rather generous 250ml for your money which is certain to last you a very long time indeed. I found a good few spritz on the body is plenty and whilst it isn't as long lasting as perfume, it does last a couple of hours on the skin which is about right for a body mist.

You can now purchase Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists at Superdrug which I think is rather handy to know - saves the trip to either America or one of the few Victoria's Secret stores in the UK, although more do seem to be popping up.



  1. I've got this at home, I remember going through a phase where I was completely obsessed with VS Mists! I think my favourite would have to be Coconut Passion though but they're all so good!

    Sally - DiagonSally

  2. I love this scent from VS! Their body splashes smell amazing!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  3. Been on the lookout for a body mist to try and I bet this smells amazing! Definitely going to pick one up :)

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Funny how hard they are for you to get in the UK. We stumble over VS shops in the US as they are in every mall, and sometimes multiples!

  5. I love the VS mists! Their scents are so unique! :)


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