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Review // Tweezerman Rose Gold Pro Curl Lash Curler

When I was in Sephora recently I bought these eyelash curlers purely because they were incredibly aesthetically pleasing. I have never used eyelash curlers before. Well, unless you include the crappy set I got free with a magazine as a kid which pulled half of my eyelashes out whenever I used them. So yep, complete eyelash curler novice over here. 

The reason why I have never used eyelash curlers before is because I didn't think it was a necessary item to have. I have survived 22 years without them but was I missing out? Yes, I damn well was!

About the Tweezerman Rose Gold Pro Curl Lash Curler:
"Expertly define and enhance your lashes with the Tweezerman Pro Curl Lash Curler in rose gold. With an extra-wide opening and narrow top bar designed to comfortably fit most eye shapes, the innovative tool reaches every lash from the root and its hypoallergenic black pads prevent lashes from pinching and crimping."

As I have never really used eyelash curlers before I wasn't too sure what to look out for or to expect. Within the pack of the Tweezerman Rose Gold Pro Curl Lash Curler box you get a few replacement pads which are thick and hypoallergenic. The curlers themselves are very lightweight. I expected them to be fairly weighty or at least have some weight to them but they are light like plastic. Obviously they are not made out of real gold (or plastic!) but of metal which does contain nickle so that is something to be aware of if you have an allergy.

The set of eyelash curlers are most suited for round eyes, something which I don't have, but they work just as well for me too. My eyelashes are very straight and I found that within just one 10-second use my eyelashes were curled wonderfully. I didn't experience the dreaded crimped eyelashes, nor did I experience pinching or half of my eyelashes falling out either which is a real bonus.

I found this eyelash curler really easy to use and I loved the immediate results it achieves. I have used this tool every day since buying it and I am still loving it as much on day 35 as I was on day 1. They are really easy to wipe clean too as I have managed to get mascara on them every now and again. Overall, I am really impressed with my first set of eyelash curlers! They are comfortable and easy to use whilst delivering on results almost immediately. Oh, and they look pretty damn good in a flat-lay too!



  1. Great review! Glad they have worked well, I struggle to find a decent pair so I might need to look into these! I also adore the colour too :)


  2. I love this rose gold colour at the moment so these are perfect for my first eye lash curler great post x