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Review // Essie Nail Polish in Mod Square

When I find a nail varnish that I fall in love with I will wear it weeks on end - which is exactly where you will have found Mod Square by Essie recently. I am honest when I say I have far too many nail varnishes, so much so that I hardly ever wear the same nail varnish twice. Whenever I go and choose a nail varnish from my collection, it is just like going shopping. I discover items I never knew I had or existed. It's great.

Whilst I am a girlie girl, I'm not a bubblegum pink fan. I own one pink item of clothing which is only to be worn during the summer period - the rest of the time you will find me in grey, dark grey and, er, black. To find a pink nail varnish on my nails is fairly rare but I fancied a change of the usual dark or nude tones. Mod Square is a fairly deep, muted bubblegum pink. It isn't too vibrant or in your face but it is still pink although it is nowhere near as bad as Flip Flop Fantasy by China Glaze which is definitely the most vibrant nail varnish shade I have ever seen.

Mod Square is fairly middle of the road when it comes to consistency and you need a good few layers to get a fully opaque colour on the nails. I applied a base coat beforehand (as always) but I didn't apply a top coat as I wanted to see how long lasting it was and I was really surprised. It lasted nearly a week without chipping which is pretty remarkable, especially considering it doesn't have 'chip-resistant' or 'long-lasting' splashed all over the bottle like most brands try to claim when in reality they chip within 2 hours. We've all been there.

I have a few Essie nail varnishes now and I definitely want to get a few more. I love Mod Square and have worn it for about four weeks now. More importantly, the best bit? I have only had to re-apply it twice!



  1. Oh I love this shade of pink, which happens to be my favourite colour. Plus Essie nail polishes are amazing so it's a win win. I haven't bought a new nail polish in a long time, I might go for a little browse this weekend.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  2. Essie polishes are the best. I own way to many. I don't have this shade though. It looks lovely, its been added to my list :) xx