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Other // Case-Mate Rose Gold Karat Phone Case

Important news: I have finally entered the 21st century. So to speak. After years of using my sisters old hand-me-down phones, my credit card has finally seen light of day and I spent an eye-watering amount on a new phone recently. Of course, I am only human and immediately went for the rose gold version. I purchased the iPhone 6s at Duty Free in Heathrow Airport on a bit of a whim. I knew I wanted a new phone - god knows I have needed a new one for a while - and before I knew it I had accosted a salesman and told him I would buy one but could he be quick about it before I changed my mind?

I really wanted a cute phone case to match my new phone but I didn't want to completely hide the rose gold casing. There is no point in buying a pretty phone if you hide it all away, is there? When I was on holiday in America I went into Best Buy to try and find a pretty phone case and I did, straight away. Say hello to the Case-Mate Rose Gold Karat Phone Case. Look how beautiful. Yes, I really am bigging up a phone case!

I actually ended up buying this from Amazon as it was cheaper than buying it in the US so I had to wait until I got home to see it in all it's glory and I am so pleased with it. I have forced it in everyone's face since being home and everyone has told me how lovely it is, although I would say it were more copper than rose gold, not that it matters too much. 

I paid £29.99 for the phone case which I guess is fairly pricey when you consider you can buy one for a couple of pounds from eBay but I liked it and I was in holiday mode so I were definitely more relaxed when it came to spending money. Usually my debit card doesn't see light of day! 

Case-Mate do lots of other phone cases for a whole variety of smart phones so if you are after a pretty, sturdy phone case then look no further. I have found about 5 other cases that I absolutely love so who knows, maybe once I have paid the phone off I can get another!



  1. It's so pretty! Enjoy your new phone and case!

  2. omg! that's just so pretty! i'm in love =)


  3. Oh my, this phone case is goals! Beautiful <3


  4. i think i'm in love with that phone case! i have the rose gold version as well not a big fan of the white so don't wanna hide all the rose gold.. i need this case or something similar xx


  5. That is SO pretty! I'm desperate for an iphone 6 but have to wait for my contract to run out.. when I do, I might have to copy you xx

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