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Haul // A Bath and Body Works Haul

When I think about going to America I immediately think of three things - Sephora, peanut butter confectionery and Bath and Body Works. My love for Bath and Body Works is ever-lasting. If I could open up my own store in the UK then I sure as hell would do. I feel like everyone should get the opportunity to try out the never-ending hand sanitizer scents, as well as the numerous hand creams, candles and body lotions available - oh, and don't get me started on the holiday products!

On my first day of being in Washington DC, I had one main aim and that was to go to Bath and Body Works. I'm not shy when I say I have a massive problem when it comes to hand sanitizer. When I say problem, I mean I am addicted. I apply it countless times a day, to the point where my hands actually bleed. But this post isn't about that. It's about the fact that I bought twenty more. Yes, twenty. To be fair though, Bath and Body Works do have around 60 varities of their PocketBac Hand Sanitizer, all varying in colour and scents so I did restrain myself quite well in only buying twenty!

Because my hands were so dry due to the combination of the dryness of the 8 hour flight there, the wintery cold weather outside and my constant application of hand sanitizer, my hands were terribly rough and dry. I was in desperate need of a very thick, ultra moisturising hand cream to soothe my sore hands so I bought the Hydrating Ultra Shea Body Cream in A Thousand Wishes and Limoncello. I decided to go for the body cream over the body lotion or the hand cream purely because the consistency was so much thicker and creamier. Within a couple of uses my hands were back to normal which was remarkable considering they were in such a state.

Finally I raided the candle section and stumbled across their selection of candles which were inspired by cities. I picked up the London candle which apparently smells like tea and lemon.. Right. I decided to look past the names of the cities and just smell the candles so I ended up purchasing the 3-Wick Candle in New York, which smells like apple, daisies and pink peonies. It is a really fresh, light scent which I thought would be great to burn during spring/summer. I could have bought a few more candles as they all smelt utterly divine and unique but I had to remind myself that I had to get them all home and with only 23kg of baggage allowance, I didn't want to chance my luck. Next time I go back I will definitely be taking an empty suitcase, just for hand sanitizer alone!



  1. Oh my those look sooo cute! Now I definitely gotta try their products <3


  2. You can courier items to the UK too, it's just a shame candles would cost as much as a plane ticket because they're so bulky! :( Those hand gels look like they smell amaaaazing!

    Natasha Kendall

  3. I only heard about this shop a couple of years ago but since I did, i've wanted to try out their products especially the hand sanitisers! I bet that candle will smell really good when you use it, you don't really see apple and daisy scents (whatever a daisy smells like?!) in a candle but it just brings about lovely images of spring, summer and grass! x
    Amy at Amy & More